Monday, April 1, 2013

Landscape Oil Paintings for Sale

Landscape oil painting display tangible view of land in an artistic and awe-inspiring style that fulfills man search for natural beauty and his aesthetic sense. Just like other makes of paintings, landscape paintings, mostly in the form of oil paintings, are derived from a number of landscape scenes including mainly physical, living, fleeting and manmade elements that are all visible and full of colours. The subjects as well as themes of such paintings similarly have a wide variety; even variation is meaningful and a conscious person can easily point out the backdrop of the electrician just by looking at the scenery on the canvas. Physical elements include trees, valleys, hills, waters, lakes and forested acres; by fleeting we mean transitory scenes of day and night, light and dark, winter and summer, spring and fall; and manmade elements correspond to man activities on the earth that have left an amazing sign of his mental and physical skills.

Though manmade elements of Landscape Oil Painting, like buildings and structures, are of real importance, physical and fleeting elements have always been major source of interest for the painters. What landscape oil paintings, then, represent is the lying beauty all around human beings and mentioning their importance with regard to human-aesthetic sense. One of the most important features of landscape paintings is harmony. The objects of nature are in harmony with each other and until this arrangement remains unrevised, life goes on in a smooth order. Nevertheless, as soon as this order reverses or is upset by mankind, it heralds devastation, destruction and even annihilation. The same is easily and thoroughly applicable to each and every act of us in our daily life. Harmony brings satisfaction, sense of fulfillment and accomplishment whereas disharmony is the sign of war, animosity, treachery and brutality.

In this context it will be well justified to relate every feature of areas with that of human life. Bicycles of landscape paintings extends back to the fifteenth century with Roman and Chinese artists copying informative as well as fictional areas in their oil paintings. Waterfall was the main ingredient of the former while the latter included flowing waters and lakes in the oil paintings. Later on in Europe, the painters started portraying spiritual themes in their landscape paintings. Most important themes were the rest on the Flight into Egypt, the Journey of the Magi and St . Jerome in the Desert. Artists belonging to France, Netherland and The united kingdom contributed a great deal for introducing this particular kind of painting in Europe. Now in the twenty closed fist century East Asian and African-american countries have also made their mark in this field and earned great fame for setting their own painting traditions.

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