Wednesday, October 20, 2010

3 kinds of which the most effective weight-loss diet

MM weight loss has always been a top plan many beauty, how to create the perfect body? So many MM has struggled to find ways to lose weight fast. Many and complex ways to lose weight, for some way to lose weight how much do you know? May have heard, but do not know whether it is worth a try, whether there is any effect. Iraq Body Network Xiaobian will now show the 5 common ways to lose weight, for everyone to be a simple comparison to see which is better, so everyone would know what kind of diet selection methods.

1, off to eat

Efficiency: ★ ★ ★ ★

Easy sex: ★

Economy: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Health of: ★

Risk: ★ ★ ★ ★

Disadvantages: Because not eat, can not load caused by the body, affecting the body.

Xiao Bian reminder: Fresh off the most desirable method that is often because a lot of the material can not add nutrients to the body unharmed, in the weight loss process, it will arrive after a certain number of days as perseverance, hindering at the outset to develop a good weight loss plan halted, but more frightening is that as long as you eat, immediately regain 3 kg or more.
2, sugar-free law

Efficiency: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Easy sex: ★ ★ ★

Economy: ★ ★ ★ ★

Health of: ★ ★ ★

Risk: ★ ★

Disadvantages: This is a very good diet

Xiao Bian reminder: this diet is not a little sugar foods (rice starch, and milk etc.), meat, whatever you eat with the number of vegetable species is the beginning will be off to eat to lose weight with the same speed is faster, but can not stand half-way to lose weight, you will not know how to do, the biggest problem is: as long as eating out would be very difficult to control, easy to eat should not eat the food.

3. Food Control Act

Efficiency: ★

Easy sex: ★ ★ ★

Economy: ★ ★ ★

Health of: ★ ★ ★

Risk: ★ ★

Disadvantages: Although the control diet, but the food is always very big temptation.

Xiao Bian reminder: We all feel that eating less will be thin, so most people will choose this method, but in fact this method is very slow thin, what you eat What to eat in the end, when the appetite comes you will forget the light . And is likely to cause chronic malnutrition! Again this diet, there is no system, so often unknowingly give up. The biggest problem is food present, almost everyone will want to "eat less and then the next meal," and destroyed the most important self-control weight loss, less a hundred years will not thin!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The highest rebound rate in the six weight loss methods

After successful weight loss, there are also many issues are worrying! Jms always afraid of a lot of rebound. This reflects the fact you choose to lose weight in the end is not correct. Only the election of the most effective weight loss methods to solve the obesity problem, then what the easiest way to lose weight after weight loss rebound it? Their bounce rate is how much? They have what solution?

Chijianfeiyao diet

Bounce rate: 50% of the diet pills too lazy to spend time for many and various methods of weight loss sustained mm, it can be said to be the best way to save trouble. And Chijianfeiyao the same time, you can not exercise, less temptation to go on a diet ... ... really do. In general, the weight-loss drug is usually used to burn fat suppress appetite and speed up approach to the thin, once the withdrawal, but also slow up fat metabolism, appetite in the recovery, of course, very easy to regain. If you eat a bad diet and drugs, not just thin down so simple, even health can be now lost.

Fight rebound method: Stick to sports is not all sports require Sweating for them by Chijianfeiyao mm thin, the right to do some simple body movements can be perfectly preserved Oh. If you have time to look at some books on traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight, which the method is also worth learning oh.

Do not eat rice diet

Bounce rate: 35% Congratulations to successful weight loss do not eat rice mm who know do not eat rice in many weight-loss method in the low rate of recovery of the fat. Rice, bread and other carbohydrates, excessive intake of fat people is really the reason. But they are also a necessary component of fat burning, if not to the carbohydrate intake of the vitamin b in the group, it is difficult to truly become a lean physique. Because long-term intake of carbohydrates is not the case, the body easily fatigued.

Fight rebound method: eat a good breakfast if you want to continue to maintain lean body, the best time to eat rice for dinner, and breakfast will have enough to eat some. Ol for the office for lunch is also critical, the best choice of vegetables and fish to digest food, and every afternoon for their own plus a fruit is also essential.

Single-food diet

Bounce rate: 95% many girls eat a lot of cucumbers and tomatoes to thin, can indeed begin to see the good in the most effective. Unfortunately, however, a single food is the highest rate of fat recovery. Single foods or simply usually only a few nutrients, the body's metabolism because of the nutritional intake of less than a reasonable and complete, and the gradual degradation of the body of the function can gradually become bad. Prolonged use of this method to lose weight girls, the physiological effects will receive. And because the body's uptake has been disturbance, light to eat a little something else to easily gain weight.

Fight rebound method: balanced nutrition healthy and thin is the most important? Presumably everyone will choose the former. Faced with such a high bounce rate, it is recommended that intake of mm, or to try some other foods, such as fish, mushrooms, green vegetables are good food to stay fit, but remember that as long as the intake of fat and more, the method is not only a thin cucumber Oh, and tomato.

Low-calorie foods diet

Bounce rate: 70% of the summer to lose weight, the biggest enemy is a high-calorie. Therefore, some low-calorie foods, such as mushrooms, tofu is very popular. While the food is really good for the body, but the same as the single food diet, the body will be completely can not stand this severe torture. Once the balance of nutrition the body is broken, complex fat will go hand in hand. Moreover, some have emphasized that although the beverage is a zero calorie, sugar which can not be ignored.

Fight rebound method: control calorie intake of sugar is only representative of the heat, the more cold weather, keep the body heat must be very important. So, to keep fit, control sugar intake is very important. For some drinks, fruits and other foods with high sugar turn away from it as possible.

Intense exercise diet

Bounce rate: 30% of the weight is not difficult to see some girls in the gym to sweat. But after doing intense exercise, the body's fatigue and powerlessness are very strong. And usually after intense exercise, in order to heal fatigue, hungry mm We will not eat the large quantities of food to add strength. At the same time, because fierce campaign to make it so hard, often will not last, of course, no determination of the weight regain it quickly.

Fight rebound method: the original intention of aerobic exercise to lose weight is not wrong, just need to adhere to the word. So people want to exercise to keep fit thin need a reasonable diet and moderate exercise, this golden rule of thin yes yes. Moderate aerobic exercise can not only help lose weight, more sculptural curves of the body, so that both the original baggy fleshy become tight again.

Do not eat oil diet

Bounce rate: 90% of all nutrients, the fat calories is indeed the highest, and most people get fat, so weight loss has been regarded as the enemy. However, intake of fat can not be completely, or will become dry skin and hair, nails are easy to break, even if the result is light weight, they would have a good rosy color.

Fight rebound method: replacement of oil really mind if the grease, but want an effective weight-loss, then try not to select the animal oils and fats, you can choose a number of unsaturated fatty acids in olive oil. The ingredients in, for example, do not eat chicken skin, pork into thin, etc., so in order to get beautiful from the inside out thin, thin healthy.

Of course, nothing to worry if you eat and drink after weight loss, no matter what you lose weight it is certainly rebound. Therefore, after successful weight loss must pay attention to exercise and diet control.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

4 amazing and effective weight-loss remedies

4 amazing and effective weight-loss remedies, one to satisfy your desire to lose weight.

1 stick of banana honey weight loss recipe

Bananas are rich in dietary fiber, can stimulate the gastrointestinal motility and help excretion. If you eat nothing, only bananas honey dip, low-calorie meals than, naturally slim down. However, rapid weight loss in such a manner, the body often do not adjust because of the adverse reactions. Depend on bananas for a living if the long-term, the body is deficient in protein, minerals and other nutrients, and slowly your body will issue hazard warnings.

2, the grapefruit diet recipe

Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, sugar is not high, if eating a grapefruit instead of a meal, low calorie, of course, if other meals also control the heat properly, lose weight naturally after a period of time. But if your body is weak, eat a few slices of the best high-fiber crackers, because fasting may not stand against the acidity of the stomach caused by pain.

3, the weight of lemon vinegar recipe

Lemon Vinegar: an edible vinegar, with a weight-loss efficacy of skincare. Lemon durable easy to preserve, rich in vitamin C, can prevent bleeding gums red and swollen, and can reduce dark spots, freckles probability of occurrence, and some whitening effect. Lemon peel is also rich in calcium, so in order to achieve the desired results, the best or the most nutritious juice with skin. Lemon and vinegar also has the effect of the decomposition of fat little drink after a meal to make themselves more beautiful slim indeed. However, the acidity of lemon and vinegar have a high fasting or drinking too much to drink will Shang Wei.

4, the Apple menu weight loss recipe

Apple is a low-calorie high-nutrition fruits, because of this, many people used as a weight loss meal. You know, Apple and general meals compared to the heat are much lower, of course, slim down, but over time, nutritional imbalance will make the body too much, and once stopped, weight will slowly rise.

Eat only apples for three days, do not eat fruits and other foods; can eat the apple by the time three meals a day, or hungry, eat, eat up; no matter what kind of apple can be, but, preferably red apple.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Five reasons women do not thin

1, lack of sleep?

A lack of sleep can reduce body fat regulation of protein - lean protein levels, and increased a hunger for growth hormone (ghrelin) levels of the hormone to stimulate food intake. What is more, it enhances your hunger and appetite. If you think that the longer the time awake, burning more calories, you have to change their views. In fact, 65% of the calories in our body at rest is consumed. Over the past 50 years, we average nightly sleep time decreased from 9 hours to about 7 hours; in the same period, the average weight is increasing steadily.

Solution: night sleep. Goal is to sleep for eight hours, and efforts to become law. So, you go to bed every night about the same time every morning to wake up in a similar time, so that your hormones will be less affected by interference.

2, is too warm?

When cold, our bodies use the calories to keep warm. Therefore, there is central heating and air-conditioned places, consume less calories, weight easy to increase. For example, in the past 30 years, the British people, the average temperature increased from 13 ℃ 28 ℃.

Solution: the controlled use of central heating equipment. If you feel cold, try to use sports to make their own warm up.

3, whether contraception before?

A study on oral contraceptives found that those taking the weight will be increased. Antidepressants, β blockers, and antihistamines also make weight.

Solution: Do not be easily ... ...

4, whether to a 35-year-old?

Women after the age of 35 is easy to increase body weight, from the beginning of menopause hormones and metabolism can be changed. U.S. scientists noted that developed countries such as Britain and the United States population is now older than 30 years ago, weight gain some of the problems with this relationship.

Solution: Your body's caloric needs will increase as your age changes. If you drink more than before, to reduction. Not only that it will not gain weight, it will reduce your willpower to resist the snacks.

5, is because you are born obese it?

Really could be! Studies have shown that body mass index (BMI) may have a great relationship with the genetic. With both men and women tend to marry someone similar to their own body, does this mean? If your mother overweight, you still may have an overweight father.

Solution: Zuipa Tiansheng obese people are experiencing, any effective way to often these Tiansheng body fat will do nothing, of course, modern research has also been developed to a considerable height, such as the United States in 98 years scientists have proposed for Chaoji suck big fat belly Pier therapy, and the Korean constitution commission for Asian women "balanced cycle of weight loss," are known as the revolutionary epoch-making initiative, especially the latter, said to just follow a balanced approach to skim In theory any more fat people can become a perfect curve.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The eight body posture exercise to lose weight

1. posture: her hands and pull the rubber band fixed (or held 1-2 kg dumbbells) set chest, supine

2. supine: Home side of the body with both hands. Straight legs held at right angles with the upper body, and then smooth down; or leg raise Taitun, try to reach top of the head with toes

3. standing position: hands crossed behind home, his legs do not move, rotate around the body as much as possible

4. Standing: gymnastics club holding hands and set aside, and legs straight, upper body lean backwards.

5. standing: her hands on his hips, straight legs, upper body slightly forward, to the waist axis turning left and right.

6. prone position: hands crossed behind home, raised his head and upper body as far as possible

7. Standing: gymnastics club holding hands and set aside, and chest squat 10-15 times. Gymnastics club can also hang a small dumbbells and other heavy objects at both ends, increasing the load

8. standing: her hands on her hips, eyes flat as the front of the toes again.