Friday, April 30, 2010

Diet to loss weight

Fast weight loss over time, completely into the food, only drink water, diet is known as the fastest and best method. According to legend, fast and semi-starvation with weight loss method has been extended for centuries.

NFAM "NFAM weight loss" is to one day diet is divided into breakfast and lunch 2 times - eat breakfast, eat lunch. After lunch, not eating, but you can drink water, tea, coffee and low-energy drinks.

Truth decryption

This approach is often suited to young people who love shortcuts. Because young, so have the capital to risk; because beauty eager, so also are willing to suffer hunger.

After a long evolution of human body become very smart and able to cope with a variety of different situations. It will be time enough storage of food energy, and in time to save energy hungry. When hunger strikes, your body will think that famine came, this time it will save energy as much as possible, down to the level of metabolism, to ensure your case in the absence of food to survive.

If the over-control of food intake, eating poorly, or not eat, of course, reduce your weight, but the reduction is more muscle, not fat. And you will feel do not want to move, depressed, just want to rest. This is also the physical instinct to let you reduce energy consumption, to ensure your case in the absence of food to survive. But you would not insist on too long, intense hunger, appetite, and will gradually resolve more than you lose weight. To that moment, you began the original eating habits, or weight-loss program since that successful treat yourself, leading to rapid weight recovery, even more than the original weight.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two simple weight-loss tips

Lift the leg against the wall

Again we all know the wall is SLR. I will finish just after the movement. Body and legs against the wall at 90 degrees 30 minutes, had seen a doctor that long down the calves can be thin 1-2 cm, this action is simple, but perseverance is not easy, as bedtime can keep sleep accompany activities. And girls are often the varicose veins can be prevented.

Slip of the hands campaign

I also like the use of fragmented time to exercise, whether watching TV or using the toilet came out from the toilet, idle hands can do, it is a simple slip of the hands movement. I had seen on television practitioners recommend this simple exercise, we have seen the Vice President Vincent Siew recommended before, so I used to do it.

Is standing, and then fingers of both hands close together, the tiger's mouth open, when the aim is to walk away Do not let there fingers dangling wrist rejection chaos, bad joints. Whole arm straight, while subsequent rejection hard, can not remember the elbow bend! Later, the body will be felt very comfortable (winter, warm the body can do.) Can consume excess calories, they do not find another venue and time to do, watching television can do.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What foods can contribute to weight loss

1, lettuce - to replace lost fat weight loss fiber

Common market spherical package lettuce, butter lettuce folds, there are lettuce, can be regarded as a kind of lettuce. And other than a common vegetable cabbage, lettuce fiber content more, the role of elimination of excess fat is a very good diet food. In addition, because students with lettuce leaves of factors, as well as hypnotic analgesia, lower cholesterol, treat nervous exhaustion and other effects.

Nutrition Highlights: cellulose-rich meat diet to supplement the deficiency in the fiber. Containing 100 grams of lettuce on a 1.52 g of dietary fiber.

Additional recommendations: In addition to producing common lettuce salad, you can also store in the refrigerator, clean stripping of some good lettuce, the meal time or when you want to eat that food can come up at any time to add.

2, asparagus - a low-carbohydrate weight-loss were to increase the vitamin and trace elements

However, the aristocratic asparagus vegetables: While the price a little expensive than other vegetables, but taste really delicious fragrance. And vegetables in general compared to asparagus vegetables contain fiber soft and delicious, but also contain more vitamins and trace elements. In addition, asparagus is rich in folic acid, about 5 asparagus to contain more than 100 micrograms daily demand has reached a person 1 / 4.

Nutrition Highlights: eat a plate of asparagus, rich in vitamins and trace elements that can add your friends regret vitamin deficiencies.

Additional recommendations: First, the asparagus is best cooked the entire root, so to the maximum extent possible to maintain nutrition; In addition, nutrition and more at the tip asparagus, the best to cook asparagus tied up by the wrists to maintain nutrition.

3, summer squash - clear yellowish complexion after weight loss

This bland and cheap vegetables, their nutritional value but no less significant. Pumpkin contains more vitamin C, glucose and other nutrients, especially calcium high. Moreover, the squash is rich in water, with moist skin.

Nutrition Highlights: No matter what diet to follow, people who lose weight often feel that they pale yellow, skin relaxation. Pumpkin is rich in water can help you lose weight after the yellowish clear, but also your fair complexion.

Additional recommendations: Zucchini should not be eaten raw, cooking time should not be burned suck, so as to avoid loss of nutrition. In addition, the squash is cold, stomach Deficiency people should eat less or eat carefully.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Loss weight with bread

For people who lose weight, bread has always been kept out. In fact, you need not so. As long as you skillfully bread, month by 10 pounds, there may.

1, bread and bread to eat enough to lose weight is the principle carbohydrate eating enough food, because carbohydrates can raise serotonin levels, so that you feel satiety, and may enhance the energy. This time the role of carbohydrates is extremely important because it directly affects your weight loss ratio.

2, frequent meals a day every 3-4 hours to eat a carbohydrate food, it can prevent the reduction in the level of serotonin and coexistence of the weight loss will occur in the physiological phenomenon.

For example, `sleepy hungry eat sweets` `fatigue` bad `angry` emotional distraught, because there are likely to damage any of your weight loss plan. More meals per day snack can also make your serotonin levels are maintained at a high level all day, which can also be maintained at a low level of insulin, the results you do not feel hungry, but also effectively make the body consumes energy.

3, drinking enough fluids is 60% of the body of water, so fluid on the metabolism is extremely important. Drinking enough water can cause that Baodu while they can prevent water shortages.

4, do regular exercise, while making bread, diet, exercise is certainly not small. Such as walking, cycling can consume extra calories and when blood sugar is `low fat and low insulin, it can promote metabolism, promoting fat decomposition.

5, eating the right food aid both men and women, have suggested that eating a variety of vitamins and calcium in food aid, do you have to absorb adequate nutrition.

Bread diet menu for the week of the first stage, the stage of mainly fast lose the main body of little use system Mole sauces or ingredients of sliced bread. The second stage, open-time, there is more food available. When weight loss slows, it can repeat the process a stage of eating.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Two Legs Tips for a more perfect thighs

Thigh cellulite can not be eliminated, if you always unbearable anguish. 8 thin legs tips, help you easily lose the excess fat on the thigh. No Chijianfeiyao, do not have to do bariatric surgery, easy transfiguration legs beautiful woman.

1. To do high-SLR

Wake up every day, you can do in the living room or the room five high-raising, each for one minute, each done a rest for a while. High leg lift is a good thin thigh movement, it is a good exercise to the thigh muscle, and promote fat burning legs. Beauty of the mm who did not want the elephant leg has to follow you, want to wear short skirts, that let us get up every day thigh exercise a bit and let their own slender legs slender.

2. After dinner stop for a while or take a walk

Do meal directly sit still, so will let you accumulate fat to your thighs and buttocks. To wash dishes, tidy the kitchen is very good, so you can stop for a while. You know? Stand for half an hour after a meal can prevent fat accumulation in your lower body. If you have time, you can go out for a walk after dinner. "After dinner walk, live to 99", get out to see to move to the thigh muscle, the heat consumption of inhalation, to achieve the purpose of thin thighs, and allow yourself to become healthier.

Friday, April 23, 2010

What soup do not drink in the evening

Some people say that light can not eat soup diet, so many people choose to work after dinner, with a pot of steaming Treat yourself to delicious fresh soup, but the experts recommend to eat light dinner should be more appropriate, not at night to drink some soup.

Meat soup than oil, high-calorie

Experts advise, meat soup than oil, high-calorie, not suitable for food at night, choose to eat in the morning or afternoon is better.

Rib Soup anti-aging

Soup of special nutrients and collagen can promote micro-circulation, 50-59 years old 10 years, human microcirculation from prosperity to decline the turning point of bone aging fast, drink soup bones can be difficult to achieve the efficacy of drugs received .

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A long time without eating to lose weight coup

As long as less than people who say fat diet is difficult, in fact, as long as you find ways to lose weight can become easy. In our daily life, there are many eating habits affect my weight loss results. As long as you adjust, but also make you lose weight fast.

A long time without eating to lose weight coup

Not meal time should not exceed 4 hours. If a long time without eating, the body will release more insulin, which leads to hunger very quickly and eventually forget about food taboos, open stomach overeating, but more fat.

The right diet recipes recommend:


A cup of skim milk, two slices of bread.


Eat only vegetables, vitamin supplements regularly (most often eat the bell pepper).


Generally do not eat, drink occasionally porridge. Do not drink sugary drinks Coke, definitely do not eat four hours before going to bed anything.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The merits of "Meat diet weight loss"

Meat eating diet, often referred to as A in the international gold diet (atkins diet), also known as low-carbohydrate diet (low-carbo diet). Atkins diet method is the 70's in the 20th century by - an American physician (Robert C. Atkins) argument. The theory is characterized by: the adjusted diet very low in carbohydrates, in the introduction of this diet to lose weight before - a phase, carbohydrate intake can not be more than 20 grams per day, two weeks later, the body into the weight maintenance phase, carbohydrate intake can be increased to 40 grams per day, meaning to say, as long as the meat on the right of the

Currently, Britain has three million people to eat meat in the diet to lose weight. This method to lose weight, obese people make faster time in less weight, but, due to the meat-eating, not only prone to hunger, but also to satisfy their appetites, weight loss for dieters, it seems that - pieces of nothing better.

From the nutritional point of view, the merits of this diet is that:

1. It advocates try to eat high carbohydrate foods such as sugar foods, white bread, pasta, because these foods make blood glucose rise rapidly, but also stimulate your appetite, unconsciously eat more food. For example, you eat in the morning is the jam and bread, then before lunch, so hungry you will not only fast, but strong appetite than usual.

2. It advocates eating more animal protein. This can well avoid a lot of food caused by hunger, the body breaks down fats and carbohydrates needed daily activities generate heat, and often the law is the first decomposition of carbohydrates, so - once cut off the intake of carbohydrates, the body will break down fat to obtain energy; In addition, from meat, eggs, butter and other food fish and a lot of energy intake of protein, the protein can promote the body's metabolism, which can speed up the body to burn more fat.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Expert weight loss meal two weeks by the Model 10 kg

In this intervention, the dietitian circumstances of each person's blood lipid out a different prescription, provided the day's total calorie intake of food for the 1200 to 1800 calories, and asked everyone not to eat food other than recipe.

Their recipe is:

Breakfast: a small bag of coarse grains (100 grams), an egg, a bowl of milk, a small amount of vegetables.

Lunch and dinner: meat and vegetarian dishes with a view to lean meat, tofu, vegetables, rice is limited to 50 ~ 100 grams.

At first, many people can not adapt after a few days, you generally 1 to 2 kg weight loss, most of the day by 3 kg, two weeks down, everyone found waistband with both loose a lot.

One day the oil on a small spoon to eat

Weight loss meal per tonne to the fuel consumption model only 5 grams of total fuel consumption a day on a small spoon. Cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, lean meats are all cooked and then mixed with a little olive oil, and only this way of eating fat will not exceed the standard. At present, China's average urban per capita consumption of oil a day for almost 50 grams, the World Health Organization recommended amount (25 grams) 2 times. It is noteworthy that, vegetable oil can not eat too much, but also guard against invisible fat diet, such as dirty soup, dried fruit, milk and dairy products, baked food.

Vegetable tofu are also very important

The health of people depends largely on what to eat, how much to eat, what to eat. Such folk often say that "vegetable tofu security and peace", while spicy bean curd, braised vegetarian chicken are all soaked in oil, so eat more soy products, will be excess lipids. Although fish is low-fat food, but often in the pot to pour all kinds of seasoning sauce, the results would be used by high-fat foods. Many elderly people in order to "clean up" leftovers, eaten, we should also Tangtangshuishui drink you'll feel great cause stomach Yuehe Yue.

Eating more fruits and meat still president

Apples, pears are low calorie fruit though, but if a pear nearly half a catty weight may be excessive unwittingly. Summer, do not eat a lot of people who hold a watermelon, watermelon weighing 10 kg about 1,000 calories, the equivalent of more than half a catty of rice, the average woman can easily eat half a watermelon, so how can we reduce the weight of it? Nuts inside the fat Many, walnut, pistachio, Gua Ziren eating handfuls to accidentally overdose of.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Teach you to create weight loss recipes

Turning to diet to lose weight, you will say to choose low-card diet food, so know which is a low-card diet food? Today, we have identified a health Xiaobian give low-card diet food, and teach you a few tasty recipes thin, so you enjoy every day, "thin"!


Characteristics: low calorie, high nutritional value

Green vegetables, like sweet potato leaves, spinach, cauliflower and cabbage, are low-calorie food. These vegetables are very low-calorie tea food, on average every 100 grams contain only 25 calories, also contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients essential to human body; and vegetables rich in fiber, not only can increase satiety sense, can promote gastrointestinal motility, to assist defecation. If you want fewer calories but eat healthy, cooking vegetables or boil for a short time is best to use boiling hot method, note that the heating time should not be too long, so as not to undermine the vegetables in the vitamin. Oil for stir-fried or thicken with minimal way of conditioning vegetables, avoid excessive consumption of fat. For example, the hot eggplant 100 grams of about 25 energy cards, and replaced with the same amount of fried eggplant and heat to 200 cards at once increased; mushrooms zero calories, made a deep-fried mushrooms have 25 calories ! If not pay attention to the way of cooking, eat three meals a day for cooking green vegetables will also be improper way too many calories intake.

In addition, the simple and convenient low card vegetable salad is also a good choice of food. Daily life can make use of tomatoes, celery, cucumber, carrots, asparagus, corn or green pepper and other various colors, nutrient-rich vegetables, select one of a few samples with each other, so use with low heat to make the dish. If you do not want to eat too cold salads, you can also use a variety of vegetable soup, with several flower fresh mushrooms seasoning, cook a pot of fresh mushroom vegetable soup, tasty and nutritious.

Ralated imformation: weight loss tips

Monday, April 12, 2010

2 Weight loss recipe

Weight loss recipe 1: Egg weight loss

Eggs can also make high-density lipoprotein in the blood increased to protect against hardening of blood vessels. Egg diet is very useful, when your weight is up to standard, then to balance calories consumed with calories, you can make a lasting weight loss.

Eggs, eat to lose weight:

Consecutive two weeks is to eat boiled, grapefruit and a few vegetables in the diet. 5 to 9 a day to eat eggs, eat in three installments. Intake per day is about 1000 kcal or so.

Weight loss recipe 2: watermelon diet

Amine in watermelon, a diuretic function, but not urinary frequency, but to help you reduce the number of peeing water, the body of toxins can be discharged smoothly, metabolism naturally good for drinking caused dizziness, fatigue, its effects are also very good solution drunk. Thin 10 a month can be several kilograms!

Eat watermelon diet:

Take the red flesh of watermelon rind Shaodai to remove the outermost crust, cut into small pieces, then according to your taste, sugar, salt, various spices can be not only refreshing, but it has slimming beauty. Note that after nine at night should not eat watermelon, easy long belly and Xiao Duzi.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Most do not fly weight loss tips

The following is from "Time" magazine's Top 5 do not fly weight loss tips, weight loss of 5 to expose the lie about.

1. Can eat after 8 pm

In fact the day when you eat is not important, you can be of any suitable bingeing. Dietary energy consumption is on your day of sports-related, the relationship between them determine your flesh or out today is the meat. No matter what you eat, your body will store extra calories and fat. If you want to eat the snack before bed, but also without too hesitant, just think about how many calories you eat today, compared with about enough.

2. Is simply not a negative calorie food

You may have heard of some food, because they very difficult to digest, can make you lose weight. In recent years, some foods labeled as negative calorie foods to lose weight by the majority of fans of all ages, such as apples, citrus fruits, and celery. The problem is this is not true. These foods digest in the body of calories when compared to deplete the food itself is simply carried negligible calories. For example, chewing celery seem big mouth is a very demanding action, but it is like on the calorie burning program in the grasslands as useless light a little match.

3. Liquids have calories

You calculate your daily calorie beverages you drink? Many people in controlling appetite, but the drinks on laissez-faire itself again. For example, a glass of soda calories as a piece of fruit and a piece of toast bread, about 150 calories. Smoothie juice can bring 500 to 1,000 calories, 453 grams of coffee + milk can bring 260 calories. More importantly, our brains tend to not drink the signal for a halt in consumption. If you just want to increase your daily calories from 1200 to 1500, then used them to eat on.

4. No calorie drinks will gain weight

Zero-calorie cola you can not gain weight? No, here we propose to pure water. A study from the University of Texas showed that people who drink diet soda and no significant weight loss. This is not the exact reason, some scientists believe that this may be caused by industrial sweeteners, the brain disorder.

Five. Dessert instead of dinner can be

Occasionally eat a piece of ice cream or a cake instead of dinner, in fact no problem, as long as no habit. Do not deliberately restrain their desire for delicious food, and occasionally eat a food that tempts their most, in fact, indulge in binge eating will reduce your chances. This can also help you to better control their own long-term weight.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Aerobic + anaerobic weight loss super efficient

This diet allows you more with less. Follow this weight loss method, you can more easily cut!

Weight loss is most important is perseverance and determination to lose weight before to find a power source of its own, can you like the opposite sex or favorite idol, you want to: lose weight I can marrying you! At this point, you have succeeded half.

Weight loss tips is simple: aerobic exercise + anaerobic exercise

The first is aerobic exercise, I recommend that the rope. Can jump start the next 300, then increased to 500 the next, and then to 1000, during the jump can rest, but not more than one minute, the meat if they want to burn stomach more, you can pack a layer of towels in the stomach, will find all dance through sweat. Now every time I jump all of 2000, will not be strenuous.

Many people, especially beautiful MM, I am worried that after skipping the beautiful slender legs are not too dark like a tumor ah!? Here to teach you a way to stretch before and after skipping about leg muscles, you can shaping the , pay attention to the "front" will not be long muscles. Aerobic exercise is mainly to help you lose body fat on, and burn fat and very effective! My face is the site of the first to lose weight, I would like to have a direct bearing skip rope.

Followed by anaerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise is the dumbbell I choose, sit-ups.

Aerobic exercise to lose weight is to add anaerobic exercise at the same time to achieve the best results, more with less! Aerobic anaerobic exercise before and after the order varies.

Diet: avoid overeating! Not greedy!

Usually eat more white meat (poultry fish) and with protein-rich milk. There is, eat more fruits and vegetables, and thus produce the soreness after exercise can alleviate the sense of the role. Do not over-diet, the body is very negative!

Doubts arising from the movement

Many people will feel after exercise local or general soreness, in fact, this is normal. When you exercise, the body produces a lot of lactic acid, the solution is simple, a hot bath (lactic acid through the thermal decomposition of carbon dioxide and water excreted bit), there is to eat fruits and vegetables.

More breakfast and weight loss

While all know that breakfast is conducive to health and nutrition of a balanced, but there are still many people do not eat breakfast, one for work time constraints, and second, do not eat breakfast that can reduce energy consumption, as more conducive to weight loss. But studies show that breakfast plays an important role for successful weight loss.

Breakfast than those who do not eat breakfast to lose weight more easily. Studies have shown that compared to those who eat breakfast, those who do not eat breakfast tend to eat in a day more food calories, weight gain is a matter of course. The reason may be due to hunger caused by overeating, especially later in the day easier for high-energy food intake as a psychological compensation. So, eat breakfast for a whole day to control appetite, reduce over-eating and effective ways.

Breakfast can be long-term sustained weight loss. From the National Weight Control Registry Centre informed than those who successfully lose weight 14 kg, and maintained for one year or longer, often to eat breakfast as they lose weight and keep one important means. National Weight Control Center, another survey data more convincing, by 2959 participants in the survey, 78% eat breakfast every day, only 4% said they never eat breakfast. The researchers claimed that breakfast can reduce hunger later in the day, is conducive to sustained weight loss, while providing key nutritional substances that help to improve metabolism.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What is the weight loss plateau?

What is the weight loss plateau? Weight loss weight loss plateau is reached a certain stage, no matter how hard you try, no effect of weight loss that is suffered in the plateau.

Plateau refers to the process of people lose weight, the body to maintain basic metabolism, avoiding the energy is completely consumed, when the body's energy is consumed to a certain extent, the body will naturally produce a protective inhibition. In the weight loss process if the method used is too aggressive, or has the body to stimulate, the body has adapted to this stimulus, would also speed up the platform for the coming period. How to break through weight loss plateau?

Weight loss plateau is normal, everyone will experience weight loss during this plateau, the length of time it is, some people will for months, but some people just a few weeks. If weight loss has been insisting in the end, breaking the plateau, the weight will naturally continue to decline. However, after entering the plateau, due to body fat has been reduced, then the rate of weight loss will be reduced.

Period is to lose weight weight loss platform in the process of an important period, if the method did not master, not through the weight loss plateau and give up the diet. Weight loss results not only in the past did not keep, but will also lead to a backlash. If then you are on hold on the platform, then you are losing weight can be considered successful. In short, "the platform of not rebound, that is progress!"