Friday, December 4, 2009

The most popular weight-loss coup

The most rapid weight loss method: Beverly weight-loss techniques

Beverly uses a two-week weight-loss method can reduce the body weight of about 4kg.

Enjoy the first week of eating low-fat milk, yoghurt, cheese and other dairy products and vegetables and fruit.

Increase in the second week of rice, noodles, cakes, cold noodles, the mass of noodles, buckwheat and other carbohydrates and freezing rot, Douhua soup, miso soup and other vegetable protein. Absolutely can not eat during the thin meat, fish, butter and other oily foods and animal protein.

You can use the food: cheese, green tea, black tea, black coffee, vegetables, fruits, rice, cakes, noodles, potatoes, sweet potatoes, low-fat milk, yoghurt, low-fat

Can not be used in foods: beef, pork, chicken, hamburgers, sausages, bacon, butter cream cake, cake, fish, shrimp, squid.

The most nutritious diet: the healthy food of high quality protein weight-loss methods

Tofu are high-quality protein foods, and calories per 100 grams is only about 91 calories while the oft-loved. Tofu is rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, potassium and other alkaline food ingredients.

The same way as with other weight loss is the use of tofu alternative method of three meals a day. Suitable period of a week or so. Tofu can boil water, dip in sauce after the food, or blend with the seaweed salad or vegetable, after consumption.

You can also use lemon juice or vinegar dipping sauce and seasoning food production. Tonne block of tofu consumption 1/2-1 better.

Most malnutrition diet: popcorn weight-loss techniques

Eating popcorn, corn, dry cakes, and then drink plenty of water, if not eating, not hungry!

Try to eat breakfast. Lunch eating popcorn. To eat popcorn when drinking enough water. In this way, perhaps the belly of popcorn bubble big, feels the same as eating bread. Dinner food can be as simple as possible.

Into a light dinner dishes to produce meat, fish, seaweed is better. At this time focused on the middle do not eat snacks. Development of early, middle and dinner time, according to a certain time, eat.

Been so insistent about a month to lose weight about 3 kg.

Method of eating popcorn is not eating, take full advantage of popcorn and water weight-loss method. Every time when you feel hungry, eat popcorn and water. It is worth noting that if the rampant consumption, but increase the appetite, there are likely to eat too much other food items. And there may be a result of nutritional imbalance in the body abnormal situation, so a long time compared with using this method, the time set at 1 weeks better. Period of time can be thin, but from the start of every week of the menstrual end of the day, adhere to three months, it will be 4 kg weight loss results.
Cheapest diet: fasting to drink spring water

Often drink water during meals. Water played a role in purifying the body of wastewater, so it can relieve constipation, but also allows the skin to keep moist.

And non-consumption of other foods, drink only water weight-loss method is different from the introduction of water weight-loss method is to drink 1-2 glasses of water before a meal. In addition, in the dining process, each eating a meal, they drink of water method. In this way, due to drink plenty of water, a natural appetite has started to decrease, appetite poor, but also can be corrected quickly eating habits.

In the weight-loss, the main drink spring water, but beyond that, as long as is consistent with their own water, whether barley tea or lemon tea does not matter.

In the weight-loss process, that there is a strange odor rather than spring water, then placed in the springs of lemon or strawberry and other fruits, then the water will become more interesting.

Breakfast must be consumed staple food (rice or bread) and milk, and a small amount of animal protein intake. Water weight-loss method is not as usual, by eating, eating, and then the order of eating dinner, but no matter what to eat, each time to eat a thing, followed by drinking a saliva.

Of the most greedy of the diet: chocolate thin

Is very much like to eat snacks may be good news for weight-loss methods. Usually a reference to chocolate, chocolate is a dream would be that it can not think of the weight-loss food.

Take a day of plain chocolate 1 / 2, minutes early, middle and late meals for consumption, fasting fasting food, if the feeling of saturated and began to eat. In this way, loss of appetite, a natural appetite also decreased, thus to be slimming effect.

Will be chocolate, when eaten as a snack, according to common sense in the body to absorb less calories consumed after a meal, but the weight-loss method used when the chocolate is absolutely undesirable. Be sure to eat before a meal when you feel hungry.

In particular, as a night snack of chocolate after dinner in the body directly into fat, it should absolutely be avoided. Weight-loss method used chocolate intake of water when full.

The most economical diet: Fasting France

Efficiency: ★ ★ ★ ★

Easy sex: ★

Economy: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Sexual Health: ★

Risk: ★ ★ ★ ★

Disadvantages: not a few days your body will not load, and the card has reached a certain number of days it will not stay off thin, the most frightening thing is, if you eat one as soon as more than 3 kilograms of fat again.

The most effective measure diet: sugar-free method

Efficiency: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Easy sex: ★ ★ ★

Economy: ★ ★ ★ ★

Sexual Health: ★ ★ ★

Risk: ★ ★

Disadvantages: This is a very good diet, that is not sugar foods (rice types such as starch, and milk), meat lightly with the Plastic Packaging is how much you eat. At first, almost with the speed of breaking fast food, but the one card off, you do not know how to do. The biggest problem is, as long as eating out would be difficult to control.
The most healthy weight-Law: Sports Law

Efficiency: ★ ★ ★

Easy sex: ★

Economy: ★ ★ ★

Sexual Health: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Risk: ★

Disadvantages: This weight loss is the most painful diet. To discharge itinerary movement, it is very difficult to do consistently, and a great hunger after exercise, often in vain efforts, a card off, but there will be a major setback, he felt desperately for what the movement. Sports law is very healthy and also very high failure rate.

However, losing the most weight-loss method: Food Control Act

Efficiency: ★

Easy sex: ★ ★ ★

Economy: ★ ★ ★

Sexual Health: ★ ★ ★

Risk: ★ ★

Disadvantages: We all think that eating less will be thin, so most people will choose this method. But this method of thin very slowly, you eat less in the end what should eat what, when the appetite comes you will forget the light. And it is easy to cause a chronic nutritional disorder! Again this diet there is no system, so it often unwittingly give up. The biggest problem is that when food present, almost everyone will want to "re-eating Xiayi Can," while undermining the most important self-control weight loss, reducing a hundred years will not thin 啦!

The most life-threatening weight loss hair: Drug Law

Efficiency: Not necessarily

Easy sex: Not necessarily

Economy: ★

Sexual Health: ★

Risk: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Disadvantages: There are a variety of weight-loss drug, in the end there is no effective you eat it will not know because a different individual constitution, there are a lot of people eat Chijianfeiyao die, another side effect, if they really rely on drug thinner, a after treatment, rehabilitation fat rate is not bad.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Apple + green tea,one dollar made "weight loss diet"

The sisters are most likely to lose weight the problems faced by nothing more than to bring bodily harm. Malnutrition, side dishes, such as is common, may also trigger more serious defects like amenorrhea. Now, you take a look at our collection of delicious and healthy new diet bar!


An apple branded juice, add 1 tsp green tea powder, sooner or later each drink one time, we should not even drink with apple pomace into, we can make you thin and beautiful.

Apple is really lots of other good delicious, diet detoxification skin beauty is also really the first choice for weight loss helper.


You only have to spend only about 1 yuan each time.

PS: green tea powder in the tea can be purchased, typically 20 small packets of 10 money, equivalent to 5 per packet of hair, each packet is about the amount of about 3,4 key.

Expert Interpretation:

For the object: Unable to control the appetite, to see what is on what people want to eat.

Drinking period: each meal, you can drink every day.

Weight loss principle:

Apple is rich in potassium, and potassium can not only mitigate the excessive intake of sodium caused by edema, also have diuretic effect of potassium can be excess water are removed from the body.

With a residue of apple juice are rich in pectin and cellulose, each an apple fiber (about 3 grams), is equivalent to half a jin of celery, they can help the stomach digest, absorb, to prevent the occurrence of constipation. Before eating a cup of green tea, apple juice (apple pomace can not be filtered out) will let you created in the first satiety, so that will not eat into too much things.

Intimate suggestions:

However, nutritionists recommend that, in order to make green tea, apple juice synergistic effect of weight loss, preferably 15-20 minutes before meals, before drinking a cup, and so the message of satiety to the brain after the transfer, and then began to eat like this, In the meal can reduce the intake of at least 1 / 3 (about 240 cards) heat.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wasted effort in weight loss methods

To focus only on weight-loss effect, pay no attention to security. Most people judge the standard weight-loss products is a good or bad can reduce the number of only 4% of the people mentioned in security issues. Experts pointed out: to lose weight should first consider the safety, security is guaranteed only under the premise makes sense to lose weight.

On the 7th thin soup

Merchant claimed: on the 7th thin soup containing a large number of cellulose, vitamins, can effectively reduce cholesterol, break down fat, smooth stomach and lifting the body toxins. This soup needs to drink more than 10 times on the 1st, you can lose weight on the 7th consecutive 4 to 5 kg.

User Feedback: feel good to see those dishes nausea, vomiting Wen Daona a taste more! The first day also supports, approaching the first 3 days, the chest dull, unclear eyes to see things. Personal opinions, in fact, on the 7th thin soup is not soup, but low in calories, and easily replaced with cabbage, celery, tofu, eat straight week will be thin.

Truth Big Jie Mi: on the 7th of the basic composition of thin soup cooked cabbage soup. To drink 10 bowls a day even if only a small intake of calories.

Desktop fitness massager

Merchant claimed: both diet and no exercise, "fitness massager" is the ability to make the body "movement" of the machine, through the lead body vibration, "Let the body fat movement began, consumption of calories, the elimination of excess accumulation of body fat."

User feedback: I think that stuff on the campaigns do not have much use, but added the role of high nausea. The principle is not understood the "rejection fat," but stir the stomach, so you eat nothing at digestion and absorption, in order to achieve weight loss. Therefore, immediately after a meal the best results.

Truth Big Jie Mi: the so-called fitness massager should be renamed as the waist vibrating massage machine. When you are finished after exercise, or to sit a long time, you can take up vibration massage for a while. This massage machine can relax the waist, buttocks and thigh muscles, promote blood circulation. However, as the body did not initiate the movement, do not consume energy and fat, for weight loss does not make any difference. If useful, it should be more effective full-body massage chair. Even more frightening is that - high-frequency vibration that may affect spinal health.

"Row" type of weight-loss drug

Merchant claimed: to stimulate the central nervous system, reduce the intake, inhibit weight loss diet to achieve the purpose.

User feedback: an old classmate recommended a Paiduyangyan capsules to me, saying it was catharsis, but also weight loss. Started a few days to be effective, but later discovered that more and more black faces, like a piece of black gauze cage feeling. Later, a Chinese relatives met me, and surprise, warning me that the liver is a problem, not the normal black and that the body of toxins accumulate in the liver. He advised me not to abuse the medication, and is a three-drug, to rule constipation is very simple, as long as they drink every morning before eating a bowl of plain boiled water on the trip, and half an hour eat breakfast. I throw away all medicines, according to his means to do pretty well, and his face had resumed. I am very glad that only one month, or they may result in extremely serious consequences, rather than a matter of a few hundred dollars.

Truth Big Jie Mi: authentic Chinese slimming view is that "we must be filled by people thin, do not diarrhea thin man was hungry, thin." Any person who by the nursed back to fill thin energy, get sick easily; and diarrhea with drugs tend to thin the liver and kidney were injured, some of which one will be born seriously ill due to liver and kidney failure and even death. Macerate the popularity of virtual blood deficiency, severe liver and kidney are susceptible to inflammation.

2:00 bowel thin liquid magic

Merchant claims that: cutting-edge high-tech, Lee Su-fat human lymph transdermal connectivity to speed up the calories and fat into free fatty acids, and excreted through the lymphatic system to achieve fast weight loss weight-loss purposes.

User feedback: I saw on television this product, so he called an order for the product. Sent two boxes, a box is a liquid, a pill box. Advertisement told us not to take medicine, only in the right lobe, and 3 cm under the navel wiping the line, 12 days effective, and 3 days by 3.5 kilograms. But I have spent the last 78 days, and still no response a bit. Finally, I still try holding the feelings of Chile Yao film, then diarrhea, but then feel uncomfortable, it can not be used again.

Truth Big Jie Mi: In view of the so-called principle of lymphatic row of fat, professional doctors shook their heads: "We are like a doctor by profession, it is difficult to understand what this means." But what is certain is that lymph can not lose weight to play such a an important role. Lymphatic circulation is an integral part of the human body, fat decomposition products into the blood, and the lymphatic system has a number of material exchange, lymphatic indeed capable of delivering the decomposition of fat, but the amount is minimal, even if the drugs can accelerate the decomposition of fat within the lymphoid metabolism, for the role of weight loss is almost negligible.

Body surface fat joke row

Merchant claimed: and the "magic medicine" compared to "a single step liposuction paste" the effect is more intuitive, like the two plaster patch attached to the soles of the feet, a few hours later removed, the patch becomes dark brown. This "high-tech in vitro liposuction detoxification product" could "make a real break down fat cells, transforming, and to eliminate excess body fat."

User Feedback: 1 consumers find that using "a single step liposuction paste" null and void, after doing an interesting experiment, exposing the "first step liposuction paste" secrets. She posted the product on its own kettles, over time, "liposuction paste" also became a dark brown, abruptly from the water bottle out of the "fat" to.

Jie Mi truth: only through the energy metabolism, body fat, so fat into fat metabolites - water, carbon dioxide, ketones and other substances excreted in vitro, fat can not be directly eliminated from the body, "liposuction in vitro" concept is nonsense .

To deal with the many weight loss products, Dalian University Affiliated Xinhua Hospital, Wang Chen, director of physician introduced the Road: effective way to lose weight is to burn calories and promote metabolism. Because 70% of body heat through their own metabolic consumption, exercise may be consumed by only 15%. So, whether active or passive movement movement, the final analysis, not through the exercise to burn fat, but by prolonged aerobic exercise to improve the body's metabolic rate to burn up the fat.

Slimming products in the choice to avoid the need to pay attention to four errors:

1.the purpose of weight loss errors in 80.7% of people use weight loss products in order to maintain a good shape, only 29.3 percent of people in order to let the body more healthy.

2.many people want immediate results within a month or two, such as the reduction can not afford to immediately replace the other products, in fact, lose weight quickly, is not conducive to health.

3.just-do-as long as the short cut down on the line, simply do not understand the mechanism of weight loss products, the use of the blind.

4.focusing only on weight-loss effect, pay no attention to security. Most people judge the standard weight-loss products is a good or bad can reduce the number of only 4% of the people mentioned in security issues.

Experts pointed out: to lose weight should first consider the safety, security is guaranteed only under the premise makes sense to lose weight.

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Cold treatment for weight loss

Misunderstanding the question we must first clearly understand weight loss:

1. To lose weight every day, reduced, but Yuejianyuefei

I and everyone else, also have weight loss, blind spots, but I am also a weight-loss enthusiasts. Every day to lose weight, but no less than body weight continues to be really worried ah, I know that through their own personal experience of such child to lose weight is wrong. Overnight lose weight, thinking that the child can become thin, but in fact wrong, overnight will lead to physical disorders, the body's own natural metabolism is not normal, metabolism, on the accumulation of material that can not be in the body, slowly evolved into a stomach, thigh large arm of fat on meat, terrible. The longer find, wow. I have not gotten thinner but a little fat. In fact, a good sleep very helpful for weight loss, not only repair the body's own qualities, you can also get out of bed the morning everyone will find both good and spiritual, so also natural to come to power.

2. Crazy to eat fruit, rises faster than the eating!

I had to refrain from eating fruit eating experience, the results still failed! We all love the summer fruits and melons, but most of the melons are considered fruits, cold nature of eating on an empty stomach may easily lead to the wet system, and easier to gain weight. Why eating fruit fat. In fact, the fruit is also a kind of food, but also as cold, warm, hot properties, but can not eat, eat too much, but will play a counter-effect. As a long time ago, a colleague said that Japanese pop bananas diet, have bought a box of a box, I am also a "slim fans", so after listening to also follow the action, but did not buy a box, bought a lot. Began to eat every day to eat 10 Like the above, the result is run belly. Banana can purge, but it can not be a diet food, because the fruit sugar is not low, so eat a lot of will fatten up. Therefore, we should be reasonable diet, especially women, to avoid the cold, cool big, slow body metabolism, they become fat, want to lose weight is also difficult.

How to "cold therapy to lose weight"

1. Thirsty to drink water also

The ancients said, the early morning wake up drink a glass of ordinary put cold water, beneficial to life extension. In fact, boil a cup of ordinary water to cool the house to place the process in which a decrease of nitrogen than the average natural water 1 / 2, the water surface tension, density, etc., has changed, very close to bio-active cells in the water. To learn from static (eg sitting in front of the computer at home, reading ... ...) at intervals of a quarter of an hour on a cup of water, even if not thirsty to drink also go, a long time will become accustomed to , you will find the body becomes a spry, but do not have the same bananas defecation, passage of time will really slim down; would also like to learn the movement of water, 2 hours before exercise drink 1000ml of water, then, in the movement of continued to drink 200ml every 15 minutes, sports drinks, supplementary motor consumption, extend the exercise time, and delay fatigue. After the end of the exercise to continue to add water to know before going to sleep the first 3 ~ 4 hours, you can without water.

2. North of human wet, to remove moisture

Do not know if you like it or not eat cold, anyway I was as cold as life, popsicles, not a stretch to eat 3 to 4 children is not enjoyable, each timber was frozen stiff lips and let it go, but so too will continue to eat again, and in the summer hot. But this is not a reason, female friends should learn to cherish their bodies, too Tanliang it will be inside the body of the disorders, a friend also want to lose weight can only be less effective. I am now as far as possible every day farther away from the cold foods, you can Jieshu mung bean soup and the like. I advocate people to eat a little warm and heat the food, occasionally mixed with a small number of cold foods. I now eat every day, "paste", although the taste strange, but very good with honey to eat, every day will be a small ice, out to eat, that is, antipyretic, but also can adjust the body, but also eat three square meals.

Few people saying that women such as water do? Then let us be a "water woman" through healthy way, a large number of drinking water, away from cold foods, regulating body, to achieve weight loss goals.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Eat carrots to be thinner

Carrots are another common, but what we had. If you want to lose weight, Qiao eating carrots can also be easily oh. Edit teach us today eat a few carrots, as long as you follow the advice on thin 10 pounds is not a problem.

Carrot thin Highlights

1. Containing carrots elements and vitamins B1, B2, C, D, E, K and folic acid, calcium and dietary fiber and other nutrients than ten, so that the human body to absorb nutrients more comprehensive.

2. Contains plant fibers can improve the body metabolism, to achieve a natural weight loss purposes.

3. Not only inhibits the body's consumption of sweets and greasy food desires, but also to prevent flu, the consolidation of visual acuity.

Carrot thin drinks Recommended

Not only eat carrots a lot, but each method to control them are particularly convenient and entirely consistent with the requirements of MM.

Boiled carrot

Materials: 1,2 carrot roots.


1. Wash the carrots and slice.

2. In the pot into the bowl of water, then put into a carrot to the carrot to boil over medium heat until softened.

Thin eat: carrot decoction every morning with an empty stomach will continue to drink, eat lunch and dinner as usual. If you want to continue to lose weight, taken every other week and then will be able to achieve the desired goal of MM.

Freshly squeezed carrot juice

Material: carrot 2.


1. To wash carrots, cut each into a round lump.

2. To cut carrots into the juicer to squeeze until the mud was thick like carrots can be eaten.

Thin eat: daily drank carrot juice 1 ~ 2 times, before meals drink, do not have to diet, according to its own constitution and physical condition to determine the amount of drinking, as long as there is determination for a month, you can easily lean 10 pounds.

Carrot, tomato drink

Ingredients: 50 grams carrot, tomato one, half a cup yogurt, lemon juice 1 tsp.


1. Wash the carrots, cut into pieces, tomatoes, remove stalks, wash, cut into comb-shaped, alternate.

2. The carrot and tomato juice into the machine, high-speed smash into the glass after juice, add yogurt, lemon juice, seasoning can be.

Thin eat: breakfast together every morning, accompanied by drinking, is not only delicious, is also super-thin edge.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bananas to lose weight again beauty

Banana milk

1 banana, sugar-free soy milk 100ML (can be readily adjusted to your liking the weight of soy milk, like the refreshing taste of the increase 20 - 100ML soy milk.) Banana peel in the cup with the spoon pressed into a paste; the milk into the Top Banana cup, the mixing, banana and soy milk can be drunk integration. Place banana soy milk for some time, it will become brown acid, it is recommended to drink immediately after.

1, the breakfast drink 1 to 2 cups easy to slim down

People who normally do not eat breakfast, both nourishing and slimming, it can be treated constipation

2, pre-dinner drink effect of doubling

1 Hour 30 minutes before dinner drink can increase satiety, reduce the weight of exposure dinner. Banana soy milk instead of dinner can also be used, but the other two meals should pay attention to the nutritional intake should be balanced.

3, when you feel hungry drink a diet is not cumulative pressure

Banana milk is a beverage can give satiety, the most suitable for drinking when hungry, so you do not tolerate an empty stomach flu, the accumulated pressure to lose weight.

Banana Honey Dip

Bananas are rich in dietary fiber, can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, helping excretion. If you eat nothing, only bananas honey dip calories than meals low, naturally slim down the. However, this rapid weight loss in the body are often not properly adjust and adverse reactions. If the long-term depend on bananas for a living, physical lack of protein, minerals, and other nutrients, slowly your body will issue hazard warnings.

* Banana cold, physical persons indulge in Deficiency, for example, Wei Han, Deficiency (diarrhea, easy halo), nephritis, pregnancy Jiaozhong of people, it is best to stop producing bananas.

* Bananas contain large amounts of magnesium, a large number of bananas that if fasting will lead to a sudden increase in the amount of magnesium in the blood, resulting in human blood ratio of magnesium and calcium disorders, cardiovascular inhibited the adverse health

* Are advised not to eat too much stomach acid, stomach pain, indigestion, diarrhea, those should be few bananas.

* Banana at 12 ~ 13 degrees Celsius that is able to preservation, and should not be put on the refrigerator memory.
Some people have to eat a cup of yogurt every night, plus a banana for dinner. After a period of time lost 8 pounds. The network also has a variety of banana recipes, not to mention how it works every day to bananas as the main food, I am afraid that a strong stomach and then will become a bar to see the banana on the vomiting, and, banana cold, over-eating not Haoe. Now on, let us eat the banana become a change. Weight loss while the United States and the United States to enjoy.

Banana salad

This is the simplest approach. The bananas cut into small pieces, then mix with salad dressing, then into the refrigerator inside the refrigerator for a while, almost effortlessly a sweet banana savory dishes on done! If we think that only the bananas too monotonous, it came alive again in some apple, pineapple-like fruit, all depending on their side, the material has been determined. Beginning of each meal to eat a bowl of salad, meals can reduce food intake, but also to promote weight loss tips, vitamin supplements.

Banana oatmeal

This is an absolutely healthy staple Oh, and doing it very convenient. The first to add a little amount of water to oatmeal cooked, then cut into small pieces of banana into them, came alive again in a number of Chinese wolfberry, and then cook on slow fire 56 minutes on it. If you like to drink milk, you can also add milk, cook and more delicious!

Suffer from hunger, whether morning, afternoon, evening, at any time can be consumed, it can be your supper or a snack, and not limited ah! But it is best not to eat big belly supports, no matter what to eat, 7 sub-saturation is a good health. Can also be coupled with a variety of condiments to make it more nutritious and delicious, and a multi-effects

Banana Yogurt Ice

The protagonist, or bananas with yogurt, but the difference is, this is to wipe the banana yogurt, the impeccably cleaned and thicker, and then into the refrigerator freezer room, three to four hours after the show you and a banana yogurt ice cream show eyes, give it a name - Ice banana yogurt. If you mouth is slander, and eat snacks, eat a candied banana, but remember to eat and after going to drink plenty of water Qingqing stomach. When the snacks to eat if not more than two a day.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The most effective weight loss for women weight-loss campaign

Everyone wants healthy weight loss  and live a healthy beautiful women, then those weight-loss exercise for women, can effectively do to lose weight? Here's announced campaign for women to do thin, so thin you are healthy, effective weight loss, do a healthy beautiful! We all know that exercise can lose weight. But you know what the most effective campaigns which movement is specifically for a friend do? Today we announced this mystery for you.
1. Walking: All exercises come from walking. If walking is your main exercise, a daily walk for one hour. If you want quick results on the speed.

2. Running: running than walking the approximately two-fold or more burning of calories. Gradually increase the running speed, because Paodetaikuai easily lead to joint and muscle pain.

3. Cyclists: This is the best way to exercise, particularly in spring and early summer occasion. Buy a quality bike to meet your requirements.

4. Swimming: This activity does not like running or riding a bike, as can reduce the weight, but it can exercise the muscles and make you feel good.

5. Roller skating: This exercise can burn many calories, and very sexy. Wear helmets and knee pads to prevent uneven road conditions. Roller-skating costumes let you through the streets, and for the bikini season ready. In fact, the skilled skater skating often wear bikinis.

6. Skateboards: When you can not jump out from the airplane, bungee jumping, hang gliding or snowboarding, the skateboard is a good alternative activities.

7. Rowing: Rowing for women is a very exciting sport, but also exercise the body.

8. Wild Desire: "Sex and the City" where the women use sex to exercise - just like men. Long, passionate love like the Olympics women's gymnastics as to body sculpting and combustion.

9. Riding: The English-style saddle horse than in any other activities will exercise the leg muscles. Riding is a fun skill, but Do not take it as your primary means of movement.

10. Hiking: Hiking allow you to be calm and exercise.

11. Backpack travel: put in the backpack sleeping bags and food, and then spend a few days in a nearby field. To stay a few days in remote areas, make you relax and rejuvenate. Backpack travel, you had to eat anything his back, they are able to stimulate in order to little things and eat things back. 12. Basketball: Women Basketball is very popular in foreign countries, dunk is a good way to exercise and lose weight.

13. Tennis: Whether you are playing in the team, and friends, forehand, backhand play, or a person facing the tailgate volley, tennis can be strengthen your heart and lung function, muscle tension, but also a good regulator .

14. Volleyball: In the room, on the grass or on the beach playing volleyball. Beach volleyball in the sun you burn fat legs.

15. Golf: Professional Golf persons with learning a few lessons, you will soon be able to enjoy the golf course where Sunny has. Onto a circle on the pitch will burn over 500 calories.

16. Water Skiing: This is a luxury sport, but even rich people also need to guard the boat and the boat a few people, they were invited to water-skiing is more difficult.

17. Windsurfing Sports: boards and sails be relatively cheap, plus wind and shallow water, you will soon be able to learn this exciting sport.

18. Badminton: Badminton is a need for speed, skill and agility of hard exercise.

19. Ultimate Frisbee: This is a new era of the game is football, football game between the. It is carried out in football, including a defensive team to score with the Frisbee. Is often mixed team.

20. Bowling: If you recently moved in, try bowling. Bowling is a skills need a lot of interesting movement will not burn too much of your calories, but to stay at home than you watch TV much better.

21. Surfing: Technology maid performance of exposure to surf in this sport. Today you do not even need the sea, artificial wave park a lot.

22. Dance: Dance allows you to get exercise arbitrary. And social life is the perfect combination of sports. These campaigns targeted at women to lose weight ultra-efficient, slim of you may want to try, but must adhere to the campaign!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bamboo salt diet

Some friends say that the "Bamboo salt diet," heated up and asked me how this thing Kaopu children. In fact, bamboo salt, there are at least 10 years in China, and was originally in the "high-end toothpaste" appears. Is probably the toothpaste is also still not as good as another high-grade weight loss products are appealing, and the "detox diet" in bamboo salt products entered the people's vision.
In Korea, it probably can be regarded as a "national treasure" of. The ancient monks salt packed in carefully selected bamboo in natural loess sealed, and then a specific pine baking, end up with bamboo salt is a solid powder. This process is often repeated, "good" bamboo salt will conduct nine. Ancient Korean bamboo salt used to treat such a variety of diseases, is said to have "miraculous." This refining process is quite Chinese Taoist alchemy of the means, so promotion of bamboo salt, it is often claimed that focused on the "essence of nature" and "dozens of kinds of trace elements", with "anti-oxidation," "Clear freedom base "," anti-inflammatory, "" sterilization "," detoxification "and" weight loss "and other effects.
Koreans are a natural desire to use modern scientific methods to prove the magic of their ancestors. In the authority of biomedical papers in the database, can be found scattered in several pairs of bamboo salt modern scientific research papers. Basically, these papers is to use bamboo salt to deal with in vitro cultured cells of mice or man-made disease, observed some of the effects of bamboo salt. However, such findings are far not entered for the human experiments, also can not be completely competent authorities of any country recognized. Moreover, these will not be accepted as "bamboo salt effect", there was no one to have anything to do with the detox diet. On the other hand, South Korean scientists have also acknowledged, it is unclear why the bamboo salt and ordinary salt, these different effects.
As for the advertising claims bamboo salt bamboo salt organic matter into the human body to how it is entirely imaginary. Bamboo salt, baking temperatures as high as 1000 ℃ ~ 1300 ℃, at this temperature for organic matter would be burned and the only inorganic substances. There are ads claimed that in this high temperature, salt and molecular structure has transformed to produce a "high energy" foods, with "anti-oxidation", "free radicals" function. If it is true, it is probably for the reformulation of classical chemistry. South Korean scientist's research is more "traditional", pointing out that after refining the bamboo salt may contain a number of other minerals, and these minerals may lead to some special effect. They measured the pure salt, coarse salt and bamboo salt composition, found in bamboo salt of manganese, calcium, zinc, iron, sulfur and other components of pure salt or coarse salt content than the higher. This is also very consistent with the chemical in the material balance - bamboo and loess contains a relatively large number of these components, after baking eventually entered the salt. In other words, bamboo salt is another form of "crude salt." If the difference is that these components bamboo salt so-called "Shen Xiao" (if it exists) the reasons, then no need to try so hard to complete with bamboo, pine repeated loess and baking, it can easily mix up any necessary composition of their.
Bamboo Salt Shenxiao advertising propaganda likes to say in the heat of these substances react with each other to generate a new "magic" substances. Accordance with the chemical theory, such a response in the baking conditions, the types of minerals will not change. Even if the re-curing after the combination of different forms, in the human body will be re-dissociation into individual ions, with a mixture without the high-temperature baking there is no difference.
Therefore, bamboo salt ad claimed that "bamboo salt diet," the theoretical basis, not in keeping with the basic theory of modern science, nor through any modern scientific methods of verification. It's magic can only rely on for the "traditional" and "experience" to support the conviction.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

1, the Health and Chili

Weight loss principle: the pear washed raw skin, increase the fiber capacity and access to a variety of vitamins. A crisp and rich in pear juice, heat is 50 cards.

Thin eat: breakfast a pear plus an egg

The morning to get up and a cup of added salt water, and then eat a pear can add an egg, lunch can be eaten according to their own habits, but only 7 minutes to eat eat, and avoid fried and greasy food. Dinner with vegetables and a pear-based, and then drink a bowl of vegetable soup.

Intimate reminder: Do not eat three meals a day may be outside the snack! Hungry, he would Chili. Persist in both weeks of this method results became clear, especially the trouble and sisters eager to lose weight.

2, carrot diet

1) fresh carrot juice


1, the 2 carrots washed, cut each into a round lump.

2, the cut carrots into the juicer to squeeze until the mud was thick like carrots can be eaten.

Thin eat:

Drinking carrot juice a day to 2 times, before meals drink, do not have to diet, according to its own constitution and physical condition to determine the amount of drinking, as long as there is determination for a month, you can easily lean 10 pounds.

2) boiled carrots

Weight loss principle: elements containing carrots and Vitamin B1, B2, C, D, E, K and folic acid, calcium and dietary fiber and other nutrients than ten, so that the human body to absorb nutrients more comprehensive. Containing plant fibers can improve the body metabolism, to achieve a natural weight loss purposes.


1, the 1,2-roots washed carrots, sliced.

2, in the pot into the bowl of water, then put into a carrot to the carrot in both Simmer until softened.

Thin eat:

Carrot decoction every morning with an empty stomach to drink, eat lunch and dinner as usual. If you want to continue to lose weight, taken every other week and then will be able to achieve the desired goal of MM.

3, Houttuynia diet

Weight loss principle: Houttuynia is "King of Herbs", also known as Zhe Ergen, stinky vegetable grass. Houttuynia slightly cold, there is heat, detoxification, diuretic, reduces swelling, soft it, adjust blood pressure, eliminate toxins and so on. It has a strong diuretic effect, which allows expansion of capillaries to increase blood flow and renal excretion of urine, so used to the quality of the frequency of urinary tract infection urinary astringent pain.

1), Houttuynia + jujube

Material: Houttuynia (dry) 75 grams, jujube cut 15, the water seven big cups

Method: Place all ingredients into the pot, add well water to the fire boil, a small Simmer 20 minutes. Houttuynia, etc. will be filtered out after cooked, leaving the juice on it.

2), Houttuynia cordata flood damage

Material: Houttuynia (dry) 75 grams

Thin eat: Using open blisters into the cup, 5 minutes after the drink can be repeated brewing, adhere to 8 cups per day, more than two weeks, weight-loss effect is remarkable.

Intimate reminder: But we can not think so that you can eat snacks, ah try to eat a light.

4, bitter Artemisia diet

Weight loss principle: bitter Artemisia also known as Artemisia annua, or incense, heat, diuretic.

Weight Loss Methods: In the pot by adding four large bowl of water, placed in 40 grams of bitter Artemisia, boiled 10 minutes, dry 5 minutes after drinking, three times a day, a cup, but also at any time when the beverage to drink.

Disadvantages: a bit bitter, but to lose weight Well, the expense of points which are

Sisters are both 17 pounds lean months, there are half of 7 pounds of lean, there are six pounds of lean month. Pharmacies also sold, we can try to eat 10 million points of light, ah.

5, lemonade diet

Weight loss principle: Lemon is the world's most one of the medicinal value of fruit, which is rich in vitamin C, citric acid, malic acid, high levels of potassium and a low amount of sodium and so on, very useful for the human body. Lemon recipes main purpose is to start the body's self-purification process of dissolving excess fat, clear the body of various organs (liver, kidney, lungs, lymphatic system and skin) of waste and toxins, purify blood, improve blood quality, promote metabolism, cleaning and restoration throughout the digestion and absorption system, enhance digestion, adjust the balance between absorption.

Reminded that some people do not fit this weight loss method:

1, heat dry mouth, irritability, dyspepsia who, vitamin C deficiency, fetal movement anxiety of pregnant women, patients with kidney stones, hypertension, myocardial infarction patients suitable for consumption;

2, gastric ulcer, gastric acid secretion of excessive suffering from dental caries and diabetes Shensi.
Dilute the lemonade will quench your thirst and the desire to want to eat something, so you can effectively inhibit the inappropriate diet, coupled with a total of 15 minutes of exercise a day, the effect will be very significant. The diet is now the most popular in Japan, at home own operation to achieve weight loss can be an effect, known as the "housewife" type of drink diet, very effective.
Weight loss methods:
1, one liter of water with half a tablet of lemon juice, and placed in the refrigerator, the temperature low tend to have a cool and refreshing feeling.
2, daily for at least drink three liters of lemonade, without any special diet or the banning of snacks, but you must always add lemonade.
3, must be with a daily 15-minute movement, not a continuous basis, the diversion of time may also contribute to sweat purpose is to rid the body of harmful substances.

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Maize eat

The eyes of a woman would dream of becoming the most dazzling star of all, when you have a fascinating figure, every angle is looked perfect, of course, became the focus of everyone's attention. Life at home Xiaobian 360-degree specially designed for you to create the perfect weight loss  plan, healthy weight-loss diet will be all kinds of information together, to help you have a perfect body!
The world's most greatest feeling of fullness to lose weight the healthy ingredients what is it? Corn! However, those of us who bear its weight-loss plans were the best food there is. At the mention of corn, previously left the impression that the corn on the cob ballast porridge, corn paste pancake, or simply boiled corn, seems to have something presentable and acceptable to the township board is not wild.
In fact, corn has a lot of stylish new eat, sweet corn, milk labeled as juice, corn, soaked in butter and sugar added milk, butter, corn, Kentucky This is just as simple as that ... ...
Corn juice freshly squeezed
Approach: fresh corn, cut the corn kernels, and then about three times into the water after the fire Shaofei sugar, cooked over low heat for 10 minutes Shulan. Will be cooked corn kernels add milk, corn juice into a blender whipping, and then mesh filtered click.

Corn on the cob
Approach: fresh sweet corn, cut into small pieces, soak into the milk, then put a small piece of butter and sugar, then pass a small fire Shaofei Simmer 10 minutes.
Home Health popcorn
Practices: the corn kernels, butter and sugar into the microwave mixing in sealed box, and then into the microwave in 3 minutes with high fire can be.

Weight loss trick

Girls is now clamoring for more and more weight loss, he was able to persevere to the last weight-loss success, more and more of course! That would be asked a lot of MM, which is an endless stream of weight loss methods are related? In fact, no matter what is physical, there is always one of the most suitable weight loss method of waiting for you. The following weight-loss up to the people to bring their latest weight-loss style all their own. Take a look at these latest fashion thin law which you fancy it? Is not suitable for you?

Hypnosis and detoxification combination skin

With the development of technology, external of the toxicity of drugs and endogenous time with our lives. When the toxins retained in the body, the body will be re-absorbed into the blood, damage to blood vessels, causing blood to run disorders, the course of time can lead to old age diseases, and to the body, weight gain, skin lost its luster. In short, the presence of toxins on human health and weight loss has become the enemy of Body.

At present, the waves swept Europe and the United States hypnotic skin detoxification method can fundamentally improve the situation. When people feel the wave sleep skin detoxification law, will resort to a run on heat in the body, so that lymph node artery beating acceleration, relieve stress and tension play a role in just a few minutes into the sleep state, so as to more to absorb nutrients better and better products, increase blood circulation and releasing toxins.
Aromatic weight loss - Europe and the United States forces of the world's eternal Body

Wave of human respect for nature to make such use of aromatherapy plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds extracted aromatic essence and act on the body's beauty, Body ingenious always surprised and flattered level.

Aromatherapy, traditional Chinese medicine with modern science and technology will be integrated with the help of essential oils which surface pores of the skin and olfactory systems to effectively penetrate in order to promote blood circulation, strengthen the detoxification function of the lymphatic system. This feature of the one hand, essential oils can improve the skin elasticity and gloss, but this can reduce the decomposition of excess body fat, and decomposition products with the excretion, respiratory and skin removed from the body, essentially eliminating fat.

When the aroma therapy and high-tech combination of Body Fitness instrument, its beauty Body effect is more significant.
Diet plus weight loss success infrared generation of Americans

Infrared is an electromagnetic wave, its physical properties have a strong thermal effect, the biggest feature is the high heat can be evenly heat penetration into the depths of the human body will not burn skin, resulting from the point to the face, from the table to where the temperature effect, can achieve the effect of hyperthermia.

Far-infrared capsule is that it's a great Body applications. The combination of diet and infrared, you can make weight-loss efficacy perform more efficiently.

To this end, countries have developed a variety of recipes associated with weight loss in order to achieve the effectiveness of double effect.
Global popular weight-loss surgery

Scientific and effective surgical approach is no substitute for other weight loss methods. At present the most respected and popular abroad, surgical weight loss, including reduced body weight endoscopic gastrostomy surgery, fat, skin, surgery, abdominal fascia tightening surgery, liposuction and ultrasound fat weight-loss surgery broken. Because of these surgical procedures for different individuals, such as reduced body weight loss surgery endoscopic gastrostomy on the systemic and severe obesity is more appropriate. Because it is through a small opening in the abdomen, mouth, to be inflated peritoneal cavity, the microscope will be included in the body of stomach greater curvature of the stomach, using screws suture closure of part of the stomach cavity, so that the stomach volume reduction, food intake reduced, thus goal of reducing energy absorption of the weight-loss, weight loss purposes.

However, no matter what kind of surgery with medical principles, but they are in order to lose weight, maintain a perfect posture for the ultimate goal of the human body.
Psychological therapy to help weight-loss into the emotional and rational

Of weight loss diet in the whole process of psychological suggestion to play an important role. According to weight-loss experts, the findings show that if you say "can not do" something, such as weight loss, you will not be of great determination, though you have very hard, but as long as there is a little setback or failure, you will be halfway; if you have confidence, it is sure to say: "I am determined to lose weight." Then no matter how long, "slim" is just round the corner. If you are overweight, it must be your "psychological" beat you, because "the body" is in accordance with the "heart" of the direction of change.

This suggests the role of psychology in real life everywhere. So we say, psychological, and imagination is very important in the use of various methods for Body fitness to cope with the psychological suggestion therapy, will no doubt keep you away from the more recent success.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Housework effort and four kinds of weight-loss diet

The eyes of a woman would dream of becoming the most dazzling star of all, when you have a fascinating figure, every angle is looked perfect, of course, became the focus of everyone's attention. Life at home Xiaobian 360-degree specially designed for you to create the perfect weight-loss plan, healthy weight-loss diet will be all kinds of information together, to help you have a perfect body!

Movement is a good weight-loss methods. Some people each day to lose weight exercise weight-loss effect, but do not do so? Use of weight-loss method to lose weight in order to more efficiently. Intelligently make you lose weight exercise weight-loss is more effective. Here's to teach you how to wisely exercise weight-loss.

When you find yourself hard every day to exercise, but the weight has not changed, nor improved body, it should really half a brain, look for the crux of the problem. Blind people who learn from the experience of the successful weight loss, weight-loss remedies listen to rivers and lakes, is not the wise move. Fitness coaches who will be patient to give you the answer, perhaps, your hard campaign is simply "invalid movement." Therefore, you can not be achieved within a relatively short period of time weight-loss results.

The most effective way is to do a little aerobic exercise every day, but also to the election on time, selecting the right suit their projects. If you really can not, must at least keep the blood glucose concentration after a meal. You can do is - Move meal. Of course not eaten immediately Move, usually 30 minutes to allow the stomach time to fully peristalsis, the small intestine began to absorb nutrients, while the rise in blood sugar levels began to absorb the small intestine is about 30 minutes later.

Recently, the U.S. Sports Institute published a study that found that in ordinary life a conscious activity in the body of people, and for 6 months, 5 days a week, daily 20-60 minutes of aerobic swimming or riding a bike, etc. compared the movement to reduce the extent of body weight and body fat is almost the same. Such research should be very exciting, we will at least inspire us not to lie on the couch and watch TV after dinner. Sitting beside the family dinner table and talk for 30 minutes, and then give each person a little movement, should be the most intelligent and easy weight loss method.

Finishing garden or flower

A courtyard after dinner hundred steps people can take, you can also order flowers, play with what a flavor. If there is no garden, give more than at home buy potted plant, watering, pruning, fertilization, while finishing of it, line reduce fat in reality.

Clean room

To clean up after meals as a habit. To be a little physical activity, the extent of just cleaning the kitchen. Pick up finished bowl and chopsticks, then the overall cleanliness of the kitchen again, his forehead will be sweating it.

Wash the bath a little longer

After dinner, take a break for 30 minutes, you can wash a good bath. Branded shower gel, and slowly rub will consume a lot of physical strength. Massage each other husband and wife for 30 minutes after dinner, massage each other husband and wife were very comfortable massage party, massage who is also a very good exercise.

Select a restaurant farther away

Lunch If you must eat out, do not always select the company next door to the restaurant. Walk 15 minutes to find a delicious little restaurant, a cup of tea after eating can be, and then walked back to office.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Do four things you will undoubtedly thin in the moring

The eyes of a woman would dream of becoming the most dazzling star of all, when you have a fascinating figure, every angle is looked perfect, of course, became the focus of everyone's attention. Life at home Xiaobian 360-degree specially designed for you to create the perfect weight-loss plan, healthy weight-loss diet will be all kinds of information together, to help you have a perfect body!
Many times want to lose weight, but not not have the time, that is not in the mood, especially for office workers. However, Xiao Bian tell you to do it every morning as long as the four things you will undoubtedly thin. Also, do not worry, it is very easy to do four things, you just need to get up 30 minutes ahead of schedule can be.
7:00 early morning cup of boiled water
After getting up drink a glass of water, not only will help quick urination, but also to add cellular water. Lower blood viscosity. Usually drink boiled water for half an hour later, the body will be discharged before the night's metabolites. In addition, the drinking water does not contain protein, fat, carbohydrate, weight loss will not affect the results, but also make your skin change Hao E!
7:05 slimming yoga, a significant effect
The day the best time to practice yoga is: two hours before sunrise early morning and afternoon for two hours before sunset. Get up and practice yoga is also a good choice, not only thin, but also added that the body energy, make you energetic and feel happy.
Wake-up muscle
In the beginning, doing a two-day three-minute take a deep breath. When inhaled, so that abdominal contraction. When exhaled breath was taken will have a backbone of vertebrae feel. Of the body benefits: exercise in preparation for the process, can promote the flow of oxygen in the muscles. Mental benefits: get calm and peaceful state of mind.
Body Yang Shen
Standing, arms on the move, such as stretching, but to increase substantially. If lying in bed, can be used both hands to seize the head side edge of the bed (or the arms hold the body on both sides of the bed), followed by one leg (or legs at the same time) straight leg raise knee up. When leg raise slightly faster, to drop slower. Do 20 times. Helps to reduce excess fat in the lower abdomen, strengthen abdominal muscles, increasing flexibility of abdominal muscles.
Side waist stretch
Put your right hand on your right shin or ankle, the left hand on your ribs on the left. Then turn left and start your body, so you and your left shoulder on the right shoulder in the same straight line, and turn your left foot so that your left toes toward the front on the right toes towards the lateral. If you feel able to maintain a stable point, and lift your left arm straight stretch direction of the ceiling, so that your right shoulder in a straight line on the. Keep your spine straight, and then look to your left arm, if it would hinder the activities of your neck, you can look to the future. Breathing, then change to the other side.
This action to reduce waist, and hip fat and fat, increased waist, hip muscle strength, strong lumbar Gushen very effective.
End of the relaxation exercises
Lying or sitting quietly and listen to your breathing. Then smile. This is the "mouth on Yoga", which can help you enhance the facial muscles so that you become a happy mood.
Morning, do four things you will undoubtedly thin
7:20 Shower
Yoga at the end of the 5-10 minutes after the break, and then a simple shower, your body will feel very comfortable. And when your body temperature increase, metabolism will increase, will be part of the calories consumed, the water temperature to 38-39 ℃ is the best.
7:30 fasting to eat 15 dried red dates
Jujube and warm sweet, contains protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, is not only able to promote gastrointestinal motility, Yiqi spleen, but also can enhance the physical fitness, anti-aging, promoting blood circulation beauty.
If you do not like to eat dried red dates, you can also drink red dates tea or soup. Jujube black fungus soup taste good again Oh, another beauty!
Jujube black fungus soup
Ingredients: 10 red dates, black fungus 15 grams, amount of crystal sugar.
1, will clean the red dates, soaked with water about 2 hours after the fish out, Tiquzaohe.
2, black fungus with water bubble hair, picking clean.
3, the red dates, black fungus soup into the basin, adding an appropriate amount of water, rock sugar, cage steam about 1 hour Serve.
Morning, generally do not have time to cook, MM can advance cooked a big pot, placed in the refrigerator in the morning heat what can drink!
This morning, do four things you will not only thin is no doubt, but also as a very healthy lifestyle, so you thin and healthy beauty.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Three kinds of food can accelerate to burn fat

As we all know, sports is not the only way to lose weight, we can also eat fast food to help burn fat, lose weight. You have to pay attention to his usual diet, because they may not help to lose weight, it also means the importance of a balanced diet.

To lose weight, should also be away from the rapid accumulation of fatty foods. For example, fast food, fried foods, pizza, candy, desserts are all easily lead to obesity, food. Also, try to avoid eating high-sugar foods, because the sugar will be retained in the form of fat in the body.

Experts point out that the proper intake of diet rich in protein and fiber foods to help burn fat and lose weight. The following can help to introduce several people to lose weight food.


Some people may be as high cholesterol contained in eggs worry about, because people are constantly being affected by this warning: eggs will lead to excessive body fat. If you worry about the cholesterol content of eggs, then into egg yolk removed it, leaving protein, because protein can help people to break down fat in the body.

Low-fat dairy products

Studies have shown that women who eat low-fat dairy products to reduce fat by 70%, low-fat dairy products is not only beneficial to the bone, but also be able to quickly burn fat.


There are several soy can help to lose weight, such as white kidney beans and broad beans, which are rich in protein and fiber. But to note that, do not ever eat fried food or legumes, because processed foods contain a large number of beans is not conducive to a healthy fat and sugar.

In short, food can quickly burn fat food, with good physical exercise, we can help people lose weight quickly. However, in today's times, people always want instant results, then be able to burn fat, eating more natural foods to lose weight is to speed up the process of a good choice.

3 minutes each brushing
Brushing the teeth in order to put outside the occlusal surface of various dental plaque is removed. When there are about more than 80 brush teeth need cleaning, and a toothbrush at the same time, only to 2-3 brush teeth, brush your teeth three minutes each time to brush all the teeth clean.
Boiling water 3 minutes after the burn
Water through chlorination, the chlorine and organic residues in water interaction will lead to a variety of halogenated hydrocarbons, chloroform and other harmful compounds have carcinogenic effects.
Experiments show that boiling water 3 minutes after the burn is to the safety of these harmful substances down the scope of a good way.
Boiled water tea 3 minutes
3 minutes after tea, tea, the caffeine in order to seepage, this time drinking tea is good for the spirits. If you want to avoid over-excitement, after tea, as long as the first bubble tea in 3 minutes, drained, and then brew tasting.
To eat hot drink cold interval of 3 minutes
Eating hot dishes, drink soup to eat immediately after the cold if the drinks would be a dramatic contraction in blood vessels, so blood pressure and trigger dizziness, nausea and other symptoms. Experts suggest that eating hot to drink cold drinks quench their thirst, the best 3-minute intervals in order to reduce the stimulation of the stomach.
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Face Decide How to Lose Weight

The eyes of a woman would dream of becoming the most dazzling star of all, when you have a fascinating figure, every angle is looked perfect, of course, became the focus of everyone's attention. Life at home Xiaobian 360-degree specially designed for you to create the perfect weight-loss plan, healthy weight-loss diet will be all kinds of information together, to help you have a perfect body!

Your face is your body's notice card. In the face, filled with your diet, health, and emotional information. Means that just as pale and sick, like the body of the other information will appear in the face. Of the most nutritious diet of fresh information, that is, and the stars correspond to facial features, find the reasons for fat, and to seek ways for you to lose weight.

Dry skin type: dry skin, hair not quite so shiny

Fat reasons: decreased thyroid function!

When the thyroid gland at the time of the operation of overload, it can not secrete the appropriate amount of hormones to control the metabolic processes. Lead to your lack of energy, weight gain, dry skin, hair has become even less shiny.

Weight loss secret:

Intake of protein every meal needs to be aware, such as lean beef, chicken and fish. These foods can give you a stable weight of iron and amino acids, which is for the production of thyroid hormone is very important. Moreover, intake of these proteins can also help you avoid eating the thyroid function that might lead to slow food. In a week among the following food consumption to no more than twice: soybeans, peaches, strawberries, peanuts and spinach.

Easy acne type: who tend to stain the skin, acne and other small bit of

Fat reasons: PH imbalance

Diet contains too much acid foods, such as meat, dairy products, sweets or fruit, will give the growth of harmful bacteria to provide a good environment, hinder the liver and thyroid function. This reduces the ability of these organs dealing with fat. At the same time, the body due to the toxins produced by acidic substances can cause the skin pores to plug, oil imbalance, resulting in skin problems.

Weight loss secret:

Adjust your diet as alkaline foods and 75%, 25% of acidic substances. You can choose to alkaline foods include asparagus, broccoli, sweet pepper, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, onions, pumpkin, radish, avocado, tofu, vegetable juice, garlic and other seasonings. After this diet adjustments, you will find yourself not only the not so hungry, but the skin will greatly improve the oh.
Color yellowish type: skin some yellowish, ear redness
Fat reasons: Liver overwhelmed
The liver controls the body's metabolic responses to more than 1500 kinds, and these reactions for burning fat, energy production, and weight control are critical. This critical organ can also dissolve fat, which melted away the toxins excreted through the kidneys. Once the liver, overwhelmed, and then it will be to deal with these toxins slow down the speed can not be discharged in time to help the body toxins, and may lead to weight gain, energy poor, the skin yellow.
Weight loss secret:
Diet eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, such as a day to eat some celery, cabbage, bean sprout like food. These foods are rich in chlorophyll, can help speed up the repair damaged liver cells. In addition, adequate intake of protein each day. Good food sources of protein include lean meat, beef, turkey, chicken, and fish peeled. Not only can improve the speed of protein metabolism, but also to enhance the production of enzymes in the liver and help the liver more effectively can excrete toxins into the water melting substances.
Facial swelling type: facial edema, there are bags under the eyes
Fat reasons: hormonal imbalance
When estrogen and progesterone levels become chronic disorders, then the control of appetite hormones, such as the functions of serotonin are also affected, leading to weight gain.
Weight loss secret:
Studies have shown that calcium-rich diet can help those who are prone to hormonal imbalances in women to lose weight. This is because the calcium can help the body turn off those who are overly sensitive to hormonal changes in genes. Daily intake of calcium rich foods, such as low-fat milk, cheese and yogurt.
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Loss Weight with Milk

Introduction words: There is no way to lose weight without suffering? Of course, the answer is yes. That is the use of infant formula to eat the "milk diet." Simply put, is to use powdered milk instead of rice, so that your body is reasonable, easy to slim down, this is a good way to lose weight.

There is no way to lose weight without suffering
Many people have tried many methods, but they all fail, then the bar might try this approach.
Milk diet refers to the use of low-calorie diet of milk powder to replace
Milk diet refers to the use of low-calorie diet of milk to replace basically eat one meal a day formula. Breakfast, lunch, dinner Jie Ke, Ke Yi's own patterns of life may be. As the morning to drink milk, lunch and dinner to eat some low calorie, digestible food, so gastro-intestinal habits. Rice can be reduced to half the usual, vegetables and reduced the amount of the usual 1 / 3. However, the person who usually eat breakfast in the morning to drink milk, they will have the opposite effect. Because no reason an increase of 60 g of milk powder heat.
The most effective way to lose weight, or uses it instead of dinner, to prevent excessive caloric intake. Weight loss formula used for the market to sell infant formula or powdered milk for adults to lose weight. A 60-70 g (4 tbsp curry rice spoon). Into the bigger cup, washed with warm water to open.
Why is eating one meal a day milk obesity do?
This is because the milk in the stomach longer stay low in calories and high nutritional value. 60 grams of milk powder (one volume), about 331 kilocalories, of which half of the milk powder contained in the sugar called lactose. Such lactose, human infants can digest, absorb, but grew up not digestible by. Therefore, we drank the milk, the usual intake of milk contained only half the calories, if we are to milk as the main food, will be able to put a meal calorie restricted to 166 cards. Trophic structure on this point, the milk is a rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients necessary for infant growth element of a complete food, so do not worry about malnutrition. From this point on an empty stomach flu is due to the special formula ingredients, can stay in the stomach for a long time, adults drink after a meal can be eaten like bread like.
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Five Kinds of The Worst Ways to Lose Weight

Weight loss was rampant, and there are too many miraculous weight loss meals are labeled as people in the shortest time to reach the most unexpected results. Grapefruit diet meal, a lot of detox diet meals. However, it is difficult figuring out which diet is suitable for their own meals, can not deny that there are many can be seen in the initial results, but in the long run be detrimental. Do not have blind faith in the magic weight loss food, weight-loss drugs, weight reduction, the true principle is: intake of calories less than the calories consumed. Nutrition, diet is not balanced meals, can lose weight because of the low calorie reason. Meals to lose weight in a few weeks later, many people will give up, because he insisted on not go. Fanatical diet not only can not a long time, even worse is that once stopped, could rebound even stronger. Following is a weight-loss experts say the worst law:

1. Advocates eating only a few or a certain type of food diet meals (like cabbage soup diet, vegetarian diet, low carbohydrate diet, etc.)
People should eat a variety of foods can provide adequate nutrition to the human body. Yale University, Dr. David said: diet in a certain food or certain types of food can indeed people in the weight-loss program begun when the slim down, but the key question is to adhere to how long a person can insist on more than just drink cabbage soup a long time? soon after the body reached its limit, but will be very fervently want to eat other food.
Remember: No matter what food, as long as adequate diet, is also a healthy diet.
Funny is this: Some people give themselves "Treat Day" to lose weight too hard, and has wronged his own too long, Monday to Friday upheld so long, to the weekend would give himself an excuse to not eat normally to eat, and so there is no regular diet, with predictable results.

2. Detoxification diet (what to the intestines take a bath, giving the liver detoxification, etc.)
These so-called detox diet has no scientific basis. Human organs, like liver, kidney, immune system, the body will spontaneously emit toxins, so these so-called detox diet is not necessary.

3. A magic weight loss such as food meals (bitter orange, green tea, apple vinegar)
Weight loss are hoping to find some magic food or diet pills can easily lose weight, unfortunately, there is no one food can have such a magical effect. Do not spend money to buy any drugs, and these drugs are almost always contains the so-called consumption of enzymes that can help the body itself needs to metabolism, can produce enzymes that the body really need. Do not self-defeating.

4. A hunger strike, or low-calorie diet (Vegetarian France ......)
Hunger strike 12 days also does not matter, but wanted to lose weight by fasting is definitely not feasible. If they suffer from inadequate intake of calories, then the body will spontaneously adjust the metabolic system will store more energy to spare, so wait until the resumption of normal diet, the metabolism does not adjust over, the energy continue to be in the form of fat storage.
Low-calorie diet meals is said to be able to relieve people from 0.5 to 1 pounds a week, which is totally unrealistic. At any time be able to see people in a short time to reduce 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 15 pounds or even more often, are suspicious.

5. It sounds too good to be true weight loss meals
Many say there's a secret weight loss meals, are pseudo-science.
In fact the best meals to lose weight should be no recipes. Think about how to meet their own, while a minimum intake of calories. Eat more vegetables and fruits, whole wheat foods can improve people's appetite.

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