Sunday, February 28, 2010

Must know to lose weight so do not get fat eating absolutely delicious

Peach blossoming in spring opening and what you want to stretch their muscles and put on the most beautiful clothes and showed off a good build it? Spring, summer weight loss, but in order to meet the required course Oh, how can you find a way to enjoy fine dining at the same time lose weight approach? Life at home caring for you now Xiaobian recommend a series of recipes to lose weight from the weight-loss method useful information. Let you in this spring with the most lithe gestures and flowers dancing!

In life there are always unfair things happen, for example, some people very rich, some people very poor, some people are very slim, and some people are everywhere, long Rourou; some people died not to eat fat, Some people are fat is to drink water.

I'll tell you what to eat is not easy to gain weight before, let's talk about why people gain weight it:

Fat and lean body mass MM physical MM is one of the major differences between the metabolic oh. If your metabolism is slow, then you will be very little consumption of calories, eat the small number of calories as fat accumulation will be; if your metabolism is very strong, even to eat more, you will bring energy consumption finished, while reserving to no less than fat. If you are unfortunate enough to have a easy to fat body mass, then do not complain, and still honestly lose weight, think of ways to improve your metabolic rate bar.

How to improve metabolism?

Is generally believed that regular exercise, adequate sleep, eat more alkaline food, etc. can increase metabolic rate. Especially the movement, a small dumbbell exercises three times a week, each 15 minutes, will let you have an unexpected pick up.

What foods to eat no fat or dead?

Calories from carbohydrates, fats, protein, carbohydrate production of heat = 4 kcal / g of protein heat = 4 kcal / g, fat produces heat = 9 kcal / gram.

They are able to lose weight of food necessary to meet the following basic requirements: rich in dietary fiber; sugar points; low-fat; low-starch. In addition, as weight loss food, but also a little bit better detoxification diuretic effect and can increase metabolic rate.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Weight loss do not rebound skin beauty

Weight loss is no longer eat apples more than a beautiful slimming lemons

Swept the world in fruit weight at the same time, South Korea Dr. Jin Enji of an academic thesis shocked the medical profession, the news for today, Ms. Amy is undoubtedly a shaking news. The good news is that Dr. Jin Enji the use of fresh lemon extract lemon essence and lemon fat synthesis of inhibin-ching Lignans, through the high-power concentrated, rich in vitamin C, inositol pectin, citric acid and other 30 kinds of active ingredients and trace elements, directly involved in the synthesis of body fat and fat metabolism, the rapid disintegration of a long-term stay in the neck, waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs and other parts of the fat, after weight loss is more symmetrical posture, prevent weight loss caused by previous partial result is not satisfactory, posture asymmetrical consequences. To use the technology to produce thin lemon Iraqi children rhyme soft capsules, ordinary people will be able to lean 10 pounds a week or so, the product came upon a very hot, and now the technology and products have been introduced into China Hongsheng Pharmaceutical Co., and has set off across the country thin lemon diet craze.

Does not damage the health weight-loss diet without leaving any marks

Lemon thin Iraqi children rhyme soft capsules on the market is different from other slimming products, it is completely green plants weight loss products, non-chemical composition, safety green, rapid, efficient, non-beverages, no diarrhea, anorexia, fatigue, skin effect wrinkle, dependence and other side effects, more prominent features just do not rebound, and effectively wipe out orange peel body weight after the skin becomes smooth and delicate shiny, Nen Nen, the water of a very flexible!

Thin lemon a day keeps the weight-loss beauty really comfortable

Start taking lemon thin soft capsule children Iraqi rhyme onset obvious, do not diet, eat incense, incense sleep, weight will not increase, body fat Department has fever signs of fat accumulation in constant vibration, a few days of work can be feel fat, soft, thin, body fat in the disappearance of the thigh with the measuring tape a thin volume of 2 cm! Scales on a station weight loss a good few catties (ranging from 6 to 10 pounds), really incredible!

The more reduced the more dynamic, more reduced the more the spirit!

Amazing! Calf finger ring, ring come easily even there I do? Obviously slim body a few days, you did not see anyone who exclaimed: "America has changed how gotten thinner?" With three boxes weighing about one and thin for quite a few catties (the vast majority of people can be reduced to 12 pounds or more, was reduced to 24 pounds or more), special feeling comfortable! The waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs, knees all lost a great circle, stature curve is too beautiful, the skin is ruddy and shiny whitening. Yi Yun-thin lemon children had been soft capsules let you have an angel face, the devil figure in!

Yi Yun-thin lemon soft capsules especially suitable for children: a variety of weight loss rebound effect is not obvious or simple obesity; long-imprisoned, or who are obese tend to light work, the pursuit of quality of life of the white-collar women; was waist, abdomen, hip, neck and other local women in distress obesity; postpartum period, menopause, endocrine disorders caused by fat women.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fast weight loss poor recruit their own

Shouted to those clamoring for a day to lose weight, but really let her to lose weight in time? But righteous shouting that they had no money! Who said that to lose weight, but must pay out? Does money have no right to do to be a skinny beauties? Actually, no, the following method to teach all nine kinds of poor people to lose weight, very practical and effective.

1, in-situ run

Bear fruit points: Compaction thigh muscle

Indoors or in a hallway pick about one square meters of open space to run barefoot in situ every day for 15 minutes.

2, on the stairs

3, walking

4, Yoga

Bear fruit points: the body

From India's ancient health law, 3 to 4 times a week can not only build muscle, increase toughness and flexibility, but also maintain a slender physique.

5, Dance

6, skipping

Bear fruit points: thigh, calf

As long as there is sufficient space, rope skipping can be anytime, anywhere, can melt to lose weight in the game.

7, morning exercise

8, water

Bear fruit points: the body

Large number of weight-loss law, the right drink is the easiest and hassle-free. Here the water is boiled or mineral water, rather than high-calorie drinks, or they will be counterproductive. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, get up, after breakfast, the morning, before lunch, after lunch, before dinner, after dinner each cup, and to drink slowly into the better.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Festival weight loss: experts recommend the scientific method

During the Spring Festival, there will inevitably eat drink, the accumulation of some fat, which tends to form a "post-holiday weight loss fever."

The following experts to the friends who desire to lose weight recommended two kinds of effective weight loss methods.

Walking abdominal contraction

Abdominal obesity can be used to do abdominal breathing abdominal contraction walk. Essentials of this approach is to fully inflated abdomen when inhaling, exhale the abdomen you need to shrink and tighten as much as possible. It helps to stimulate gastrointestinal motility, promoting waste from the body and increase lung capacity. Walk to shrink belly should be in accordance with the following methods: In the daily exertion when walking and standing with narrow abdomen and abdominal breathing, which would allow lower abdomen muscles to become strong. Just started using this method will not used to, but if at any time to remind ourselves that abdominal contraction to walk to achieve weight loss will be a good purpose.

Seat Weight Loss Training

Office of the seats for the use of weight training in the crowd. Sitting on the edge of armchair both hands hold back, feeling seemed to be slipped out of the chair. This is time to try to relax the body, as much as possible Camponotus Ta Yao, so that the surface of the waist as far as possible paste it into stool. Then move your feet take turns to do pedal a bike, then we must pay attention to relax the leg muscles. Sports need a foot down the stretch, and the lower the better, as long as you can not touch the ground, while the other leg bent upward, and the higher the better. These moves need to practice every day one or two groups, each with not less than 20 times.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weight Loss: What to eat vegetables and lean in order to sharpen your

This Chinese New Year in this beautiful day, we get together with friends and family who, together with relatives and friends, have a good meal wherever treatment, unconsciously will eat too much, plus the amount of exercise during the holiday season there will be less than , although the thought about the Spring Festival should continue to maintain a good physique, but also difficult as you normally would pay attention to his body. In this, life at home Xiaobian to teach you some ways to lose weight, so you have a good figure, beautiful Spring Festival!

Most people would assume that eating vegetables will not be fat, so it does not increase consumption of vegetables, choice and control. In fact, the excessive consumption of high carbohydrate content of vegetables, of which the excess carbohydrates will be converted into stored fat in the body. If deep-fried, stir-fry and other cooking methods rather than by heating cooking vegetables, then even if only Chicai, it will still gain weight. Therefore, the correct choice of vegetables and cooking methods in order to effectively lose weight. So, what has the best interests of a few vegetables, to keep people slim then?

(1) Garlic is a mixture of sulfur-containing compounds can reduce blood cholesterol and prevent thrombosis, helping to increase high-density lipoprotein.

(2) chives In addition to calcium, phosphorus, iron, sugar and protein, vitamin A, C, but also contains carotene and a lot of fiber, can enhance gastric peristalsis, there is a good catharsis, to get rid of gut too many nutrients, including excess fat.

(3) Onion contains prostaglandins A, the ingredients are relaxing blood vessels, lowering blood pressure functions. It also contains rare propyl three sulfur compounds and a small amount of sulfur amino acids, in addition to blood cholesterol, it can also prevent arteriosclerosis.

(4) mushrooms can significantly reduce serum cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL levels, regular consumption of the body can have a relatively high-density lipoprotein increase.

(5) regular consumption of wax gourd, which helps eliminate excess body fat and water, decomposition of excess fat and lose weight to play the role of a catharsis.

(6) The carrots are rich in pectin calcium, which, after run-in with the bile acid excreted from the stool. The body to produce bile acids are bound to use the blood cholesterol, thereby contributing to lower blood cholesterol levels.

(7) kelp is rich in taurine, dietary fiber polysaccharide, can reduce blood lipids and cholesterol in bile.

(8) Cucumber help prevent a variety of dietary carbohydrates into fat in the body.

(9) green bean sprouts less heat production is not easy to form subcutaneous fat accumulation.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The most crucial 30 minutes of weight-loss

Weight does not necessarily lose body fat, and lose body fat, the key is in the beginning 30 minutes after a meal; why not? This is 30 minutes of what should do in order to effectively reduce body fat?

1. Slimming failed three reasons: it seems no effect, to substantially change their lifestyles, resulting in psychological stress and physical deterioration.

In the end how he can prevent upper body fat? The most effective method is aerobic exercise. If you really can not do, at least do not let the blood glucose concentration after a meal. Do not want to grow more fat than it is now, first thing to do is Move meal. Because intestinal absorption is around 30 minutes after dinner, while the rise in blood sugar levels began to absorb the small intestine is about 30 minutes later.

2. Worse after dinner break up and make you fat

After breakfast and lunch will usually go to ride or commute to work, more or less will be the activities of the body. The problem at the dinner, after dinner many people will be sitting watching TV or lie down to sleep, for this phenomenon, please refer to the advice of experts to form good habits.

30 minutes after a meal program of activities:

1. Collate the courtyard or balcony, if there is courtyard garden finishing a meal is a good choice. If there is no garden, you can create a garden terrace, while finishing of it, line to reduce fat in reality.

2. Clean the room is slightly the activities of the body, can also clean up after meals as a habit.

3. Wash the bath a little longer take a break for 30 minutes after dinner, you can properly wash a bath, if coupled with clean bathrooms, a better effect.

4. Couples massage each other husband and wife for 30 minutes after dinner each massage, massage party was very comfortable on the massage people are also very good exercise.

5. Select a restaurant farther lunch If you must eat out, do not always select the company next door to the restaurant, and take a 15-minute, looking for a tasty little restaurant, a cup of tea after eating can be, returning to office.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to choose exercise to lose weight?

Speaking of exercise to lose weight, especially the waist and abdomen to remove the meat, people first thought is to do sit-ups. Television, newspapers and magazines can also see a variety of AB device advertising, demonstration models who are all very nice figure and an enviable abs, so we practiced with the equipment abdominal muscles, sooner or later on the ground doing sit-ups, over time, how the results like? Most people in addition to fat, the muscle below the outside of a solid practice, it will find that there are significant changes in circumference.

Why sit-ups do not eliminate belly fat? The reason is the body's energy supply is a very integrated overall system, any part of the muscle can not "make the best of? From a recent accumulation of fat We got the energy, but must be transported by the blood to be stored in the blood, liver, as well as systemic glycogen in the fat, use fat energy on the premise that exercise at least 20 minutes, and maintain cardiac rhythm at the highest 55% or more (maximum heart rate is 220 minus age). At this time the blood and liver glycogen consumption of finished, fat can be taken advantage of.

To understand this truth, we know what is the most effective weight loss exercise - prolonged low-intensity aerobic endurance, such as fast walking, jogging, swimming, boarding stairs, cycling, aerobics and all can be continued for 20 minutes or more, maintaining a certain level of cardiac movement.

What is the ideal weight loss speed? Most people consume 15 calories a minute of jogging around the heat (the greater the consumption, the more weight), while one kilogram of fat is 3500 kcal. If you jog for 30 minutes a day, in the case of no change in diet can reduce one kilogram a week.

Of course, this is only a theoretical calculation, after exercise, how much will actually eat a little, experts suggest that weight-loss rate is half a kilo a week, so cut down the weight is not easy rebound.

Then sit-ups do you still want to do? Yes, but twice a week, each time the two groups is enough to strengthen the abdominal muscle strength can prevent back injuries, is very helpful.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Which waist quick weight loss methods

Thin waist There are many ways to lose weight, which is most suitable for you? Come take a look at Xiao Bian a summary remedy bar!

First, which waist quick weight loss methods?

Through campaigns to reduce waist fat is the most effective and most thorough way, but not blind exercise, but rather to have a reasonable training program to carry out targeted training.

Second, I have been Chijianfeiyao, weight has decreased significantly, but the waist is still fat, can not achieve the desired results, how should I do?

The first thing we learn about the principles of weight-loss drugs, its principles are mostly:

1) loss of appetite inhibitors: These drugs are mainly central nervous system by inhibiting norepinephrine and 5 - selective serotonin re-absorption, excited Eating hub, resulting in satiety, thereby suppressing appetite, increasing metabolism, reducing body weight.

2) fat absorption blockers: frequently used is the habit Oli him, this is a new type of endogenous lipase inhibitor and to reduce nutrient absorption of drugs.

3) Biguanides hypoglycemic agents: can cause loss of appetite, for the treatment of obesity with diabetes. From which we can see these weight loss drugs although it can play a Fat Burn effect, but many can not absorb nutrients, harmful to health. Your current situation including the lack of muscle, only by strengthening the muscles in order to increase physical activity minus the waist of the warts.

Third, I am very fat, lose weight through a variety of ways, from the original 200 kilograms to the present 180 kilograms. But the abdominal skin, meat and relaxation, empty droop down, how can we be tightened?

Your situation is common, because a large percentage of fat, so reduce fat is a long process, you need to your diet and exercise sciences combined, and more equipment training, help to tighten the slack in the stomach I believe that in the near future you will not have you now the case.

Forth, I see a TV shopping program waist fat, high-frequency vibration reduction equipment, is there really right waist fat reduction effective?

Instruments for the effect of reduced fat little, we all know that fat consumption process is when a human body in motion the process of aerobic metabolism, so reduce fat through exercise is a very scientific and effective methods.

Fifth, I wish to ask experts for their own tailor-made waist and weight-loss plans and training programs, may I ask where to consult the relevant issues?

Now large-scale health club has a very professional coaching for your tailor-made for your own diet plans and training programs.

Sixth, Men's beer belly how to exercise a healthy abdominal muscles?

To eliminate the "beer belly", the need to work together in many ways, for example, usually eat eat eat seven parts; daily exercise; a warm bath before going to bed wash, improve sleep conditions, pay attention to drinking restraint, to do some targeted Strong practice.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Low-carbon diet can help lose weight

Low-carbohydrate diet not only helps to lose weight, but also may have other aspects of the health benefits. New research shows that the role of low-carbohydrate diet and weight-loss drug orlistat, like him, can help overweight and obese people lose weight, not only so, insist on low-carbohydrate eating habits of people's blood pressure also dropped to health.

Participate in the study at Duke University Medical Center, William S. Yancy, associate professor, said: "I originally estimated that the two therapies, body weight will be substantially reduced, but we are surprised to find that, through the low-carbohydrate diet to improve the effect of blood pressure, even More than the use of weight-loss drug orlistat. If people have high blood pressure and obesity, low-carbohydrate diet should be a better choice than diet pills. "

The researchers said previous studies showed that these two kinds of weight loss methods have helped to lose weight, while the latest study is the first time they have a direct comparison of the two methods. Yancey said: "The important thing is that we can achieve the same diet to lose weight rather than the drug effect, while investing less, with fewer side effects."

The release of the "Internal Medicine" magazine on the latest study, researchers will be 146 obese or overweight adults, randomly divided into two groups. Among the participants in these studies, many people have chronic health problems, such as hypertension or diabetes. The researchers suggested that the first group of maintaining low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet, carbohydrate intake per day less than 20 grams, the second group Chijianfeiyao orlistat, three times a day, in addition to the panel meeting, acceptance of the low-fat diet (fat intake of calories per day less than 30%) guidance. The results show that the same effect as the two teams to lose weight, adhere to a low carbohydrate diet group reduced by an average weight of 9.5%, while the Chijianfeiyao weight orlistat group reduced by an average 8.5%. The two weight loss methods to improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels and no much difference.

However, when the researchers analyzed changes in blood pressure of participants, they found that adhering to a low-carbohydrate diet group, nearly half of the blood pressure medicine during the study period reduced or interrupted, compared to eating orlistat group was only 21%.

Overall, in the low-carbohydrate diet group, systolic blood pressure an average of 5.9%, compared to taking orlistat group systolic blood pressure increased by 1.5%. The researchers said that, under normal circumstances, losing weight itself will lower blood pressure to healthy levels, but there are other low-carbohydrate diet appeared blood pressure effects, it still needs further study.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do not have to weighed daily for weight loss

Weight loss period, people are particularly sensitive to weight, like every day, said weighing, and even early this morning that once, at night they still called once. In fact, we disagree with those who weighed themselves daily to lose weight.

They weighed themselves daily inaccurate

The day the body weight change of 1 to 1.5 kilograms. The factors leading to these changes, including the stomach and small intestine to digest the food there is not need to discharge urine and residue inside the large intestine, including perspiration, after dehydration and drink the blood dilution. So, one day weighing error of a great, simply can not accurately reflect the changes in fat.

Pattern is different for each person's life, weigh-in time is also different. For single individuals, weight loss should be regularly weighed during the period, each shall be at the same time, such as the bed or bath, the solution will be, the more accurate is not easy to be affected. Measurement of body weight before breakfast closer to the real weight.

Emotional impact of daily weigh-in

Because they weighed themselves daily, people unknowingly put their own emotions and the number of scales on the link, emotional Huqihula, a greater impact on the body metabolic stability. Many see their weight, weight loss rebound on you'd rather die, or simply a hunger strike, or eat too much, or despair, depression, brought about many unnecessary troubles, but to lose weight can not be maintained. Weight loss people are impatient for success, in fact, even if you eat or drink for consumption of energy is also more than just the equivalent of 200 grams of fat, and then taking into account the error range of weighing scales, how could one day there are significant changes? We can see that the so-called two days difference between a change in more than 1000 grams, is nothing more than water and stomach caused by food residues and other changes.

Find out by the fat or water

Dieter weighing, if the sighting of 2 kg, it may be ecstatic; if weight of 2 kg, may be very frustrating. But you know what? This increase or decrease the number of changes are likely to be weighing scales in the "mischief." For example: You have lost the 4 kg of water, an increase of 3 kilograms of fat, and minus 1 kg of muscle, you are standing on the scales, you will find its own weight of 2 kg, then you might feel good, but the fact you have increased the last three kilograms of fat. If you had lost four kilograms of fat, while an increase of 5 kg of water, although the weight on the scale shows an increase of 1 kg body weight, will let you down, but in fact is that you lose four kilograms of excess fat, and this is is not a bad result.

People often lose weight to body weight fluctuations as the only reference, in the end do not know is the reduced fat or water. A real reduction in "fat" should be in the body fat indices Zizhubijiao. Body fat refers to all of the fat part of the body, burning 1 gram of fat is usually taken 1 gram of water, so the initial weight loss lose weight fast reason is because of moisture loss. However, the body will be self-regulation, to allow water to return to the body, so the emergence of body weight plateau. The body fat plateau, but it means the body's energy supply and demand reach a steady state, if we expect the emergence of another decline in slope, then the need for greater energy consumption.

Therefore, the normal-weight scales may give you a false impression of qualified electronic fat scale can be a more reasonable reflection of weight loss.

In January said that once the best

Weight loss period, body weight once a day saying that we do not advocate, but it can be said that once a week in order to control body weight and make a record. The best arrangements for each weekend morning, after defecation, before eating. However, we advocate once a month, said weight, women should be in the morning one day after menstruation, because the week before menstruation cause water retention body weight 1 to 1.5 kg.

In fact, if you do not weigh, there are many direct and effective way to determine the weight-reducing effect, such as: waist circumference, hip circumference, Thigh, abdominal fat thickness, belt buttonhole position, clothing tightness. These are our very real In the need to pursue goals.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Slimming The Some correct mentality

1. A food not a fat, eating a meal will not change scrag

Do not eat some fat for their own food and low self-esteem, personal opinion, are occasionally eat what they like to eat the so-called high-calorie foods will help to lose weight, so easier to long-term adherence. So long as a reasonable control weight, know how to use sports to the consumption of excess calories that can be as thin.

Similarly, do not feel that he has not hungry, 2,3 days, how thin, weight loss is a long process and requires a sustained endurance, even to 2,3 days thin is no doubt a lot is bound to rebound, so really want to slim down or the health of we should all adhere to.

2. Do not try to half of men and women to lose weight 10 pounds thinner

To lose weight too fast can cause endocrine non-tune function of internal organs, the skin may become the loose. But also lead to a backlash, fat again.

Weight loss is a protracted war, need to adhere to the safest weight loss cycle is 2 - 3 Kg.

3. Do not copy someone else's weight loss methods

Everyone physical taste different, do not blindly copy someone else's weight-loss methods, learn to draw sum up their own ways to lose weight, so is easier to adhere to, but also more effective. Diet

4. Do not think that eating low-fat sugar-free can be arbitrary

Sugar-free low-fat food is not absolutely safe, but most of sweeteners used in sugar-free foods, such as: aspartame, Ansai honey, or sugar alcohols, long-term use will kidney burden, do not uncontrolled consumption, low-fat is not no fat, but also appropriate to use in order to lose weight.

5. Do not weighed, but to look in the mirror of men and women to lose weight

I think this point I am sure you are aware, we are not to lose weight in order to reduce weight, more importantly, visually thinner.

There are many reasons for fluctuations in body weight, and sooner or later a difference of 4 kg body weight are normal, and women on their periods before and after a few catties will be worse, all day long is called only by the attack affect your weight loss mentality. The general said as long as a month once, and and the last name is the same one and the same amount of time, said.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why do you exercise to lose weight to no avail?

Many people have this kind of trouble is also a movement to lose weight, why do a lot of thin people, and my weight, it seems that the change is not?

Affect the effectiveness of exercise to lose weight there are many factors, such as physical fitness, diet and patterns of life, and we help you point out one by one to see which of your own

1) a high rate of its own fat, metabolic rate is too low

You are not a regular diet to lose weight, eat a variety of diet pills, weight repeatedly it? Do not think that these unscientific methods to lose weight your body no harm, in essence, repeated the process to lose weight, your muscles Yue Lai The less fat, increasing the rate to the end, even if you starve to death, reduced body weight is also very difficult to go on.

This type of movement of people to lose weight, the effect is naturally slower than the average person. Need for long-term adherence, but also some of the larger movement and moderate intensity aerobic exercise combined (for example, a combination of sprint + jogging, etc.). At the same time to drink low-fat milk, milk does not make you fat, but you eat too much fat. Will give you the right amount of milk to add protein to enhance basal metabolism.

2) The movement can not be sustained

In general, if you want to stay in shape, exercise 2-3 times a week, every ten to twenty minutes is enough, but if you want to lose excess fat, you need to increase the amount of exercise per week, exercise at least three -4 times, each time over 45 minutes.

Select a number of easy, for so long adhered to ease movement, such as in-situ jogging, brisk walking, stair climbing, etc., these are a necessary exercise to lose weight.
3) eat too much, to offset the movement consumption

Some people after every movement, feeling very good, so safely eat, I feel so much movement consumed calories, eating little to no relationship. However, after exercise of a glass of cola, fruit juice or a bag of chocolate, will be the outcome of your campaign to offset.

Want to lose weight after exercise Bieluan eat, drink boiled water or dilute brine to add moisture.

4) natural physical factors that

Indeed there are some people, exercise a lot, eat very little, but still lose weight unsuccessful. These people are not likely to be smooth circulation led to the low metabolic rate, in addition to daily exercise, may wish to try regular stretching and flapping in turn, stimulate the blood circulation, regulating endocrine.

Effects of exercise to lose weight to improve a number of small tips:

Do some exercise before dinner:

After returning home from work the first thing is to do first point of moderate exercise and then eat, so you can adjust the appetite. If you are a family bus can also be a stop or two stops early and get off to brisk walking and then walking home in a way so as to achieve the purpose of moderate exercise.

Bedtime Small Movement:

Generally speaking, within a few hours after exercise in the heat consumption will be higher than those without pre-exercise an hour a few cards to dozens of cards. Think about it two hours after eating dinner Sports 30 minutes, and then a bath, then bed, then even to sleep, and she still continues to lose weight oh!

Minutes time for exercise:

Sounds "Campaign 1 hour a day," a little scary. But if that 1 hour is divided into several parts, seems to complete. Recent study found that same 60 minutes, sections done better than the one to complete the effect. You can do: In the morning to work and brisk walking for 20 minutes, walking for 20 minutes at noon meal in the evening and then exercise for 20 minutes and so on.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A three-day apple diet make you loss weight

Apple specific ways to lose weight is to eat apples every day during weight loss, appetite for the good of not feeling hungry. Within 3 days can not eat other foods. If you can not resist because of work or other reasons, you can also make their own 1 or 2, to lose weight.

If you feel thirsty, drink boiled water and some tea there is no irritant. Can not be readily consumed beverages, so as not to cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Consumption of fresh apples as much as possible can also be made into jam, fruit juice (remember not to add other ingredients).

3-day diet period, any correct way to implement in accordance with most of those who have a decrease of 3 to 4 kg of body weight, the effect the best up to 5 kg. Three days after going to slowly resume eating.

Liposuction to lose weight before the must-see article

Liposuction refers to the incision through the skin directly to the in vitro method of fat removal, remove local accumulation of fat, weight loss to achieve the purpose of shaping is usually used in liposuction instruments, first took the negative pressure suction machine, since there are an ultrasonic liposuction machine, in recent years, the clinical use of electronic machines harmony and resonance liposuction liposuction machine.

Liposuction to lose weight for people?

Liposuction to lose weight is not suitable for all the major organs of the simple obesity organic lesions to subcutaneous fat accumulation in different parts of obesity effects are particularly remarkable, removable parts, including face and neck fat, Xiang, back, breast, upper arm, waist and abdomen , arm, thigh, calf and so on, through liposuction weight loss surgery can remove fat accumulation of fat, so that even well-proportioned body, the curve is more beautiful, but too much for some intra-abdominal contents, less subcutaneous fat people, as some men are less suitable for abdominal liposuction to lose weight.

Liposuction surgery scar is obvious that whether the operation need to be hospitalized?

Liposuction weight loss surgery generally opt for a more secluded area to do incision (negative pressure liposuction method and ultrasonic liposuction method) or perforated (e-liposuction method), after the trace is often not obvious, the operation is more carried out under local anesthesia, generally without hospitalization, can be implemented in the outpatient surgery.

Liposuction is not the thinner the better?

Subcutaneous fat is the body's fat library is in the normal metabolic process in the remaining part of a small amount of fat a buffer, warmth and accumulation of energy, it is also the maintenance of the female body is soft, rounded curves of the material necessary for the United States. When the excessive accumulation of subcutaneous fat, the graceful curves will disappear, people have become bloated, hoarse.

But after liposuction of subcutaneous fat over thin, we also make the skin to lose elasticity and soft touch, or even result in local skin blood circulation disorder, so the line should be retained Liposuction of subcutaneous fat thickness is about 0.5-1cm can not be too thin.

Liposuction to lose weight have any side effects?

Liposuction to lose weight is a normal tissue trauma, in part be some bleeding after surgery, the skin may appear the following: bruising, usually in 7-15 days away. Swelling, numbness, about 20-30 days away. Sclerosis, located in the skin, appearance can not be detected, the touch can be connected into the lump, usually about 90-180 days dissipated.

What need to be prepared before the liposuction surgery?

First, tell the doctor carefully to understand matters related to surgery and doctors of the surgical operation of skill, careful choice of hospital doctor, according to a doctor to make the necessary preoperative examination, such as routine blood tests, electrocardiogram, etc. living and working arrangements to maintain about a weeks of full rest time, out of drugs has nothing to do with the surgery, preoperative bathing, preparing clean, loose fitting clothes and post-operative needs of the athletic pressure, stretch pants and so on.

What are some things to note after liposuction?

After suction of fat area to conduct pressure bandage without medical permission can not be arbitrarily loosen or remove the bandage, after about one week to completely remove the bandage, but the partial pressure still continues to stretch, waist, abdomen, thigh , calf, Xiang Department, abdominal and upper arm, back, can wear stretch pants, generally continued in March or so; another within a week after operation can not be strenuous exercise area can not be over-extrusion technique, while maintaining clean, pinhole area can not be prematurely wet.