Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beans weight loss methods

So, red, yellow, green, black, all kinds of Peas how should eat so that we can set to lose weight, delicious, healthy three kinds of effects in one? Let us start with in-depth understanding of principles of beans to lose weight and try to start our weight loss journey into the Peas!

1. Onobrychis

Red beans contain a large number of nutrients, including protein, dietary fiber, carotene, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, magnesium and so on. It has Jianpi Lishui, Ching Li warm, swelling detoxification laxative effect.

Red Bean Chenpi water

Ingredients: 200 grams of red beans, dried tangerine peel 5 grams of salt a little young.

System France: First the red beans and dried tangerine peel soak for half an hour, and then red beans into boiling water for 30 minutes, add dried orange peel baked 10 minutes, plus a little salt can be young.

Effect: red beans with water to facilitate the effectiveness of swelling, dried tangerine peel can help digestion Nobumichi five internal organs, and red beans can lose weight with swelling, it is recommended meal a day for drinking, two weeks would see the results.

2. Mung bean

Mung beans are rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, and lysine, can add nutrients consumed in metabolism, some heat detoxification, stomach and thirst quencher, to the anger role.

Kelp green bean soup

Material: mung bean half a catty, kelp a 2, a peel, rock sugar 100g.

System of law: kelp with flooding and a half hours, drain and cut into small pieces. Wash the mung beans and peel into the pot along with the seaweed simmered in water to boil, add crystal sugar can be consumed.

Effect: mung bean to heat a goal of diuretic, while the kelp contains crude protein, vitamins A and B2, can promote gastrointestinal function, strengthen skin elasticity.

3. Black Beans

Black beans are rich in dietary fiber, help to improve constipation, and contain Vitamin B1 and E, restore strength and improve the skin condition, weight loss and beautiful skin Jieyou effect.

DHC black bean tea

Natural black soybean use Japan made brew with hot water can be consumed. Is rich in fiber, vitamins, anthocyanins and other different brass and nutrition, can be used for cosmetic weight-loss drink. The black bean dip can also be a direct consumption or for cooking food.

4. Soybean

Soy contains a different brass and rich in protein and calcium can help lower cholesterol and strengthen bone growth, which has a positive effect for weight loss.

FANCL germination Mitton

High-quality rice and soybean sprout mysterious grain material, rich in cereal fiber, vitamins, minerals, each containing only 19kcal, is suitable as a daily snack.

Three benefits of eating beans

1. High-fiber defecation

Legumes rich in fiber, can absorb body moisture, together with the body of waste into feces, but also break down fat and inhibit fat accumulation. The stool will enable smooth flow of time food stays in the intestine to reduce absorption.

2. Diuretic sweat

Edematous obese people tend to accumulate because of water unable to drain away, indirect slow metabolism, while beans have a very good sweat diuretic effect, and can help the body evaporative heat will help consume some fat.

3. Low-calorie

Pulses of heat comes mainly from carbohydrates and high-quality soy protein, as long as not too much sugar when cooking, heat is absolutely not high. Less than the daily intake of calories the body burns calories when the body fat will be consumed.

Tips: eat beans bad stomach

Soy contains large amounts of protein, will cause indigestion, abdominal distension and even cause diarrhea, but also hinder iron absorption. Thus, suffering from acute and chronic superficial gastritis patients should not eat soy products.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How can science diet?

Fat lot of drawbacks, not only can cause individuals produce, such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses, but also the resulting increase in public health burden and become social problems. Fat people had to choose a variety of weight loss, but whether persistent focus on a diet or go to weight-loss drugs, weight loss, no obvious side effects, it is highly significant. Often fall into the face of weight loss and slimming of errors frequently committed mistakes, won the "China International Patent and Brand Expo Gold" in Luoyang Kang Ying Yuen Beauty Body Company cautions people to lose weight, losing weight should meet three criteria, that is, no loss of appetite, no diarrhea, not weakness.

Kang Ying, according to company sources, said Mr. Chen, the traditional hunger, weight loss diet and drugs can not reach the standard green and healthy weight loss, need to use psychology, science, nutrition, exercise, conditioning and other systems of scientific theory to lose weight, you can develop for their own Scientific weight loss program, such as drug treatment programs, diet plans, exercise plans and time plans. There are a number of specific small weight loss methods, such as vinegar, alcohol, eat snacks, etc., but the key is to adhere to and develop good habits. If you're worried that their willpower, you can join the video source to lose weight health club, under the guidance of experts, scientific weight loss.

How much exercises do you need to do for weight loss?

Experts say, "bear in mind that exercise is just one small step in a successful weight loss, diet and exercise, when separated, they are closely linked. Too many people think that a lot of games as you eat any food you want to eat an excuse."

Weight loss is not difficult, everyone can lose weight. The difficulty is how to remain in a decline in body weight status. This requires the joint action of diet and exercise to ensure weight down. But the metabolism what will happen? Many people think that desperate to lose weight will lead to a significant reduction in metabolism. Experts say is not true.

We need to lose weight how much sports?

Let's do a math problem: You need to lose a pound of meat consumed 3500 calories. So if you have a campaign to burn 300 calories of energy, which requires nearly 12 times campaign to lose a pound of your flesh. If you you want to burn off 300 calories burned based on the re-burning 300 calories, which would require half or more of the time to lose your pound of flesh.

Experts say that if you want to lose weight, maintain at least a week to do 200 minutes (more than 3 hours) moderate intensity exercise every time consistent. If you want to reduce some of the energy and practice, you use 150 minutes per week on it.

If you're still a beginning exercises. Started 50 minutes exercise per week, and gradually to reach 200 minutes. You do not have in the ongoing six month period increased by 20 pounds, you will not be able within six months, lose it. People do not want to hear about patience, respect, and they want immediate access to a satisfactory answer. But the facts are cold and cruel, if you want to lose weight and maintain weight loss, then it must be done carefully. No one can lose weight and stay in shape to leave the actual action.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How can we drink milk to lose weight then health

Dairy products containing high fat and calories, so many people to lose weight but do not eat dairy products. In fact, the body will gain weight more than fat problem, but also fat metabolism and energy balance-related.

Reason One:

Research shows that when dietary calcium is insufficient, the body will automatically raise the level of activity of vitamin D, while the activity of vitamin D will increase the intracellular calcium concentration caused increased release of insulin, promoting fat synthesis, reduced fat breakdown, so weight gain. Calcium-rich dairy products can help the body burn fat, promote the body to produce more enzymes to break down fat.

Reason Two:

In addition to calcium other than dairy products also contain other ingredients weight loss play a key role, for example, Leucine amino acids in the role of a stable blood sugar, thereby reducing appetite, to weight loss.

Weight Loss Mistakes:

Dairy intake of calcium through other means than through the role of calcium intake twice, because the milk contains the amino acids to promote muscle growth. Under normal circumstances, to lose weight by one-third of the weight lost is muscle. The amino acid helps build muscle, eat dairy products, you can lose more fat than muscle. With the same degree of reduction in caloric intake alone, compared to minus twice the weight and fat. Although dairy products can provide calcium, to help obese people reduce weight, but it will not affect the fat outside the muscle, viscera and other body composition, between meals and at night if the yogurt drinks, but also to help people of low birthweight to improve nutrition absorption, so that body weight increased. Therefore, normal or low weight who have no adverse effects.

Issue requiring attention are: dairy products is not a weight-loss drug that itself contains a certain amount calories, eat a lot of extra milk if the same may lead to weight gain. If you use dairy products to replace a number of low calcium foods, maintaining the same total calories day, you can receive good results. Of course, the body sculpting slimming entirely in the hands of the great cause of drinking milk is not guaranteed, but insist on low-calorie diet and physical activity is still thin everlasting truth.

Chinese medicine, milk, sweet and slightly cold, with Shengjinzhike, moisturizing intestine, heat laxative, tonic spleen and other effects. Appropriate to process the milk or other food together, and deployment can be made into a variety of therapeutic prescriptions.

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