Friday, July 30, 2010

A cup of milk a day to lose weight quickly

China Agricultural University, Food Science Department of Nutrition and Food Safety Dr. Fan Zhihong, told reporters that many people are aware of the high nutritional value of milk, all that drinking too much will put on weight, but do not know as long as the proper way of drinking, dairy products can really play control The role of body weight, because the calcium in dairy products and some other special role of nutrients.

Dr. Fan Zhihong said that according to latest research abroad, confirmed that the human body when the calcium will increase by some mechanism of insulin release and insulin release in itself will promote fat synthesis, reduced function of the body heat.

In this way, the body's energy consumption reduced fat synthesis, it is easy to gain weight. In addition, dairy products are also rich in branched-chain amino acids, it can also reduce the synthesis of fat.

In milk, goat milk, cheese and other dairy products to health and weight loss yoghurt best. If overweight people who want to achieve the purpose of weight loss is recommended to drink three glasses of milk a day or yogurt (750 grams total).

Because the experiments showed that 1,200 mg of calcium per day can best play a role in reducing body fat. If you just want to keep fit or to add a cup a day of calcium on it. Those who are conscious control of their total caloric intake of overweight children and puberty to use high-dairy diet results will be better.

If you drink 3 cups of milk a day, will in time also increased the calcium intake of calorie intake then? Heat gain weight will it bring up?

For this problem, Dr. Fan explained: To get the benefits of milk to lose weight, we must control the total energy, while in the more milk a corresponding reduction in intake of other foods, especially those with low nutritional value of foods that are high energy .

Such as sweet drinks, desserts, candies, puffed food, grass jelly, and high-fat Liangpi like food, appropriate reduction dinner staple, to ensure that the total balance. If you drink milk in between meals or before meals, can help the body to reduce appetite, lunch and dinner food, but quantity. If the overweight or obese, not to promote a meal or drink milk before going to bed.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lazy Summer Diet beauty

There are many types of aerobics for your choice, these movements are generally speaking larger, neighbors will not notice if you can determine if a nuisance in the house for exercise is definitely a good way. Can consume a lot of calories for exercise, a more effective method is to pre-exercise weight-loss products in the body painting, it makes you more with less! !

Select two for your own Coke bottle (hands can get too firm), filling fresh water on the inside, this tool is ready, you can start for exercise was.

This method is a major part of the biceps exercise, wear short sleeves in summer when we will find our large arm circumference will be especially good-looking.

Standing legs apart, feet shoulder width distance, his hands holding Coke bottles, palm forward, his elbow caught in the waist, legs bent. Start arm up and down movement. Note abdomen, hip, elbow clamp waist, back to vertical. Slowly raised his arm to have control of the slow down, each 15.

1. A hand held onto the table, one leg standing, the other leg straight up and down a slight backward swing state.

2. Feet together, body straight standing, tighten the abdomen and buttocks, and heel yo-yo, 50 times a day on it.

Monday, July 26, 2010

What color would lose weight eating fruit

Fruit is not only necessary for the body of vitamins, minerals, etc., but also provides a wealth of plant nutrients, these different colors have different chemical functions. Understanding of the characteristics of fruit color, you need a reasonable choice of food, lose weight the MM on the pursuit of health is very good.

Orange fruit

Representatives of orange fruit with lemon, mango, oranges, papayas, persimmons, pineapple, orange, etc., which contain natural antioxidants β-carotene.

This is by far the most effective anti-virus activity of the composition, can improve immune function. The citrus fruits of orange pigment also fight cancer, its effect may be stronger than β-carotene. In addition, as a cardioprotective factor, is common in green leafy vegetables in the vitamin C and folic acid, also in yellow fruits are very rich.

Weight loss, weight loss Yuejianyuefei, for people who are plagued by obesity, has been a loss to understand why some people Chisha not fat, but feel even drank their own meat, president, losing weight even harder, some say this is the individual body, is it not?

Fruit is not only necessary for the body of vitamins, minerals, etc., but also provides a wealth of plant nutrients, these different colors have different chemical functions. Understanding of the characteristics of fruit color, you need a reasonable choice of food, lose weight the MM on the pursuit of health is very good.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thin people to lose weight by up to

Path of a person's weight is full of hardships, and see other people's weight-loss results, you may be able to be of some encouragement. Before and after the original one in the thin contrast is so strong, that even strengthen your commitment to the pursuit of beauty. Meanwhile, the success of those thin people who have some experience and lessons we learn about what kind of weight-loss methods are healthy.

Out of good body

Name: Xuan Son

Weight-loss outcomes: from 120 kg to 88 kg

Weight-loss experience: I grew up studying dance, but the plump figure often penalized. This dance has no distinct effect on the weight-loss, and a stop to it will gradually gain weight. Then she met a Latin dance teacher, encouraged me to study Latin. Latin is no limit on the body, but will also lose weight.

In the Latin dance at the same time will also practice yoga, stretching muscles, so that the muscles grow too serious legs. Xuan Son is now the standard model has been build up. There is a food experience is absolutely not eat 4 hours before bedtime, this is very effective.

Thin Teng jumped back

Name: white

Slimming results: 135 pounds before weight loss, lose weight, 105 pounds.

Weight-loss experience: the old me, face, arms, waist, legs, no one is sturdy, too much to eat. As too fat, I can only wear boys clothes large.

In order to smug, I am determined to lose weight, with a half months finally cut down the 30 kg. Why can cut so fast? This body has a relationship with individuals, and I was easily the type of fat thin trade, is particularly vulnerable to thin, but also particularly vulnerable to fat, in this period, I do not know where to courage, really is persevered, sum up experience, The most important attitude and approach. Is to pipe shut, steps towards leg. Exercise every day, put an end to snack, to reduce appetite.

Smaller piece of the pie face

Name: Yuanyuan

Weight-loss outcomes: results of a significant face-lift

Face-experience: A few years ago I was also a standard pie face, round face, fleshy face, Super Multi, with baby fat, always wanted to face-lift. After two years of effort, my face was a lot smaller.

I used to never care, from skin care I started in 2008. 1. Every night to do facial massage, be sure to thin face with massage oil or essential oil, moisturizer also line (face dry, then hand in the face of friction, easy to wrinkle).

2. Within four hours before bedtime Do not drink water, if it is thirsty, to drink a sip of it. I wake up, the first drink a large glass of warm water during the day and drink plenty of water, glass inside with a few slices of fresh lemon Oh.

3. Body lean, then would lose weight oh face

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Think about what you are really hungry

1 Think about what you are really hungry, the best-selling diet book "I'm really hungry right," the author of Michaela. Mei suggested that whenever you have the desire to eat, we should ask ourselves: truly hungry?

She said: "The hunger is your body signals to you, it will need to add energy, so if you desire to eat is not from hunger, eating will never be satisfaction."

And normal eating, you should feel very comfortable, not stop the hiccups, bloating, or tired. To know your stomach is only about the size of your fist, a food can make it to meet.

Solution: Eat small meals can help you curb excessive eating habits.

2 selected snack foods U.S. Food and health experts in Marana Wellness Foundation. Pu Duomo that after dinner is a time when people are most relaxed, sitting on the sofa watching TV, listening to music, is most likely to be more calorie intake time. Holding a big bag of potato chips sitting in front of the TV special Jazz Great Jazz, for to lose weight or to maintain a good body of people, is simply to eat euthanasia.

Solution: If you can not find non-food, or life is no fun, you can try the following solution: locking the kitchen immediately after dinner, or eat some low calorie foods, such as a small bag of snacks of 100 cards, or half cup low-fat low-fat ice cream. And so you gradually adapt to these low-calorie snack, then change them for a cup of tea, 0 calories.

More than two think you can give your recipes add anything to lose weight at the beginning and not remove anything

More than one drink plenty of water or low calorie beverage that people sometimes figure out that he is hungry or thirsty, they will unknowingly ingested excess heat, and in fact only need a cup of cold water will solve the problem.

Solution: "If you do not like the taste of boiled water, you can try adding a chopped boiled water, or adding a teaspoon of lemon juice, or soak up some fruit and tea, such as mango tea, peach tea., These things will Add boiling water to add flavor but not calories, "a spokesman for the U.S. Food and Wellness Foundation Xin Saiya. Sass says.

More than two think you can give your recipes add anything to lose weight at the beginning and not remove anything, you need to consider in their diet to add more than the original 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables.

"Sounds a lot, but worth trying, because more consumption of vegetables and fruit can not only meet the body of cellulose needs, while also filling protect you in the stomach, so you're less intake of high calorie food," Chef Laura. Pui Axelrod said.

At the same time you can reduce the possibility of over-eating, because fruits and vegetables in place of high-fat food recipes. In addition, fruits and vegetables not only help to lose weight, but also beneficial to health. Has more than 200 studies have demonstrated the optical material containing plants in disease prevention and the important role.

Solution: As a chef, her suggestion was to fruits and vegetables as part of the staple food, not just to the edge of them as decorative plate. "I like the fried dishes, vegetables and meat omelette, risotto, meat, rice or soup by adding seasonal vegetables," Bush said. These vegetables are easy to buy, but with very easy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Four recipes for breakfast, fruit diet

Fruit, nutritious, low heat value is very suitable for the weight loss ingredients. The following fruit and chicken salad, fruit and shrimp salad, kiwi and red dates tea, kiwi fruit, salmon fried rice and other four diet books are very suitable for breakfast food.

Recipe for a fruit diet: Shrimp Fruit Salad

Ingredients: 300 g grass shrimp, kiwi one, mango 1 / 3

Method: Wash added Shui Zhushu grass shrimp, picked into the ice water chilled, remove the drain plate. Wash, peel and cut kiwifruit, mango with diced shrimp mixed with cooked food, but also poured a little fresh lemon juice or yogurt without sugar.

Weight Loss Nutritional Analysis: This fruit salad shrimp can provide adequate protein and fiber, but less starch, it is recommended with a bowl of cereal or 2 slices of toast, can be added to cold noodles.

Fruit diet recipes II: chicken fruit salad

Ingredients: chicken breast half palm big, red pepper half, kiwi 1, Liu Dingzhi about 50c.c.

Method: Wash red pepper seeded and cut into thin strips; Peel kiwifruit growing strip wash. Boiled chicken breast cut into strips to fry cooked with red peppers article, kiwi article on plate, pour orange juice can.

Weight Loss Nutritional Analysis: adequate protein and low fat chicken, reduce cardiovascular damage, but the lack of starch in this Road, breakfast, bagel with food recommendations.

Fruit diet recipes 3: kiwi salmon fried rice

Ingredients: 1 box commercial frozen fried rice, kiwifruit 1

Methods: After the frozen fried rice in the microwave, Wash, peel and cut the kiwi sprinkled with food.

Weight Loss Nutritional Analysis: starchy foods can make the morning full of energy, and salmon provides protein, kiwifruit has dietary fiber. Drink a glass of milk or milk if you can supplement calcium and protein.

Fruit diet recipe 4: Kiwi jujube tea

Ingredients: kiwi half teeth, dates 3-5, black tea bag 1 bag

Methods: The program dates to open skin, seeded with the tea bag after the water 300c.c., after the fire to boil, add peeled kiwi wash, cook a small fire continued after 1 minute you can turn off the heat, remove the tea After the tea bag, red dates and kiwi fruit can be eaten.

Weight Loss Nutritional Analysis: In the morning habit of coffee drinking may change this for tea, sugar, no trans fatty acids, reducing calorie intake, but nutritional integrity smaller than a cup of milk.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weight loss diet new tactics to crawl

Weight loss can crawl crawl Oh, do not be surprised, let us look at the. Crawling to help the body weight distribution to the limbs, in addition to effective weight loss, but also reduce the spinal load, so that women become "beautiful reptile."

Lean back in the best way is to crawl crawl crawl, especially for the back, cervical fatigue of obese people. Back to start military training exercise to this particular time:

1) prone position, elbow brace, the elbow crawling forward alternation 10-15 meters, repeat 2-3 times, breathing evenly.

2) the left hand support, the right elbow and right leg forward 15-20 meters, repeat 2-3 times. Crawling, the upper body slightly lift. Alternating on both sides.

3) alternating elbows forward creeping crawling 8-10 meters. Legs straight, relax, and climb with the upper body moving forward. Repeat three times, intermittent l-1.5 min.

4) crawl forward rhythmically alternating 15-20 meters, repeat 2-3 times. Practice, the head slightly lifted, sagging breasts naturally, climb speed should slowly climb rate may be minor.

5) diameter of 5-6 meters along the circle clockwise creeping, crawling and then counterclockwise. Practice, the head should tilt to the side to climb. Repeat 2-3 times, 1-1.5 min interval.

6) 15-20 m alternately crawling forward. Repeat 2-3 times, intermittent 2 minutes.

7) alternately crawling back 10-15 meters. When climbing, chin micro inward income, legs straight and relaxed with hands coordination. Climb will be able to lose weight, is not very simple, it Come try to.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

People lose weight up to 5 large lose weight "hoax"

A refrigerator to store goods

Hoarding food? Are we talking about weight gain it? The results of the refrigerator is empty out a new purchase, eat eating habits. Great stress to the refrigerator to keep stocks.

Both fruits and vegetables or meat, egg and milk, have fresh and healthy as the first standard. Such as dairy products are the main source of protein and calcium, as a snack is also very good, but remember to choose low-fat light series (fat taste thin, not easy to satisfy the palate, urge sympathy for "eating" desire), and in the weight on, do not buy economic savings or promotions Family Pack installed, small copies of the four cups is enough.

I remember buying some more eggs, breakfast eating 1 to 2 hard boiled eggs, not only satiety, and scientific evidence will help burn calories.

2, always remember to eat breakfast

Do not eat breakfast? Hunger haunt you one morning, basal metabolism slows, eaten at noon and easy retaliatory head. Do eat their own jam (without letting go of sugar), or a small piece of dark chocolate melted with a microwave oven coated in 2 whole-wheat bread, to meet the food (and even sweets!) Desire, of course, different types of grain cereals exchange Breakfast is also an excellent choice. No greater time, also on the take from the fridge and eat an apple (see, refrigerator store goods more important!).

3, to eat snacks

This "trick" indeed proven! The little snacks in the office drawer, or gym bag, car seat, one or two snack time can improve the body metabolism, and effectively help get rid of hunger. When you especially like to eat salty, sweet or hot, when high-fiber cereal section, refried beans, a meat section are left with a magic weapon. Do not create feelings of guilt, they are also helping your metabolism.

4, do not filter lunch

Whether you like to eat take-away or bring their own lunch together, a good lunch meal can make people feel good (which will consume the same calories). To avoid another spy in the afternoon 33 desserts, comprehensive nutrition and adequate protein is essential in the lunch. Grilled chicken breast with a green salad, egg protein and vegetable pie and chips, burgers and salads turkey whole wheat are Western-style restaurant, good choice of coffee. If you bring their own lunch, then the tomatoes, lettuce, bean curd that often appear to be the best supporting actor.

5, insulated vending machine

Shakespeare himself as the novel's heroine it, imagine you never know vending machines. Let those colorful drinks and snacks and you will always maintain friendly distance. If so, you can automatically stop at that is called "convenience stores" of buildings.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OL afternoon slimming campaign office

Relax at your desk

If it is too busy to get away, take off shoes, try a few yoga postures, attention will be more focused, will ease a lot of emotion.


Legs and sit cross-legged with their hands stretched out, and as high as the shoulders, palms up, then quickly move up, palm hearts opponents, both nose breathing, arm back into place quickly, while breath, repeated about 1 minutes after the break, then repeat.

While consumption of fat lunch

If you would like to take a little calories consumed during the lunch break, very suitable for the following exercise, the jogging machine to do full 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, is very effective.


First warm-up two minutes, then quickly turn to do three minutes of walking and 1 minute buffer time.

Walking fast, each time the slope will be vigorous machine pulled slowly, resting slope back to zero, return repeated 5 times.

Next, do 5 minutes of abdominal and back exercise, 5 minutes of push-ups, and finally, 5 minutes of stretching exercises to ease the physical.

A skipping rope, balancing strength

Want to maintain a good figure, the best way is to continue to do these powerful combination of aerobic exercise and weight lifting exercise, make sure the muscles are more balance.


Rotation speed rope skipping two minutes, with a minute of weight lifting fitness equipment movement, to keep activities, maintain a high heart rate, calories burned will be more.

Each using a different weight equipment, to confirm to move to the different parts of the body. This in turn 10 times, the last use of abdominal exercise to relax, and then shower and I am sure the body easily!

Improving posture

Although exercise can relieve stress and body fatigue, bad posture is usually caused by muscle soreness may be the main cause of long-term down, physical, psychological and health were affected. If possible, please massage experts can look at your sitting or standing, try to remove the root causes of pain.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dinner will be a lot of fat to eat fruit

Many people believe that fruit is rich in cellulose, almost free of fat and protein meals at night instead of using fruit, you can rest assured that uncontrolled eating, weight loss has not only beauty Competition. But nutrition experts say, from the perspective of nutrition, fruits, low energy is not food, it contains calories and sugar high and low. As the sweet taste is easy to eat too much, which will be converted to fat and sugar accumulation. Especially for dinner a lot of fruit, leading to accumulation of fat was more likely. For example, every 100 grams of strawberries, about 30 kilocalories, 100 grams of litchi can provide about 90 kcal of energy, if one eat a lot of calories that are not low. Another example is the summer, some people who want to lose weight do not eat watermelon eating, in fact, half a medium-sized watermelon make you unconsciously intake 680 kcal of energy, equivalent to about three bowls of rice. So do not eat eat fruit, the result could be counterproductive.

In fact, some other essential body nutrients, such as protein, fat, calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements contents in the fruit but little. So long as dinner with a fruit will cause inadequate intake of protein and iron, causing anemia, and immune function. The correct way to lose weight should be light diet with regular exercise, eat a fruit meal sometimes not a bad idea, but not every day.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Break three blind spot in the campaign to lose weight fast effective

Blind spots 1, stovepipe speaking, hard to do small hip parade, did not thin!

Many newspapers and magazines are always slimming exercise, even in the bookstores can buy many of the slim book, there are many thin here and there thin muscle movement. No matter which part of the thigh, calf, waist, stomach, buttocks, arms.. . Everything, every day you serious 1,2,3,4, obediently did so, but how have not changed a bit thin legs, buttocks, or the same size? The problem was, you do not meet the aerobic exercise. To burn fat, you must have to do aerobic exercise, strength exercise main effect of increasing muscle mass, enhance metabolic rate, and sculpture for your body, make you look more curves. If you only do strength exercise, do not do aerobic exercise, it will increase muscle, fat, or still, it seems not only slim, but more sturdy Oh! In addition to gymnastics, the daily lot of walking or running a 30 minutes now!

Blind spots 2, climb 11 floors to go to work every day, how not thin?

First of all, what may award such persistence and perseverance of you, but why is an ounce? The problem is the length of time in the campaign. Climbing stairs is aerobic exercise can not go wrong! But think of how long it takes to climb, 11th floor, 5 minutes? 10 minutes? Effects of aerobic exercise should be at least 20-30 minutes of time to achieve, the body will start burning fat more efficiently!

Blind spot in the 3 + aerobics jogging every day, how do not lean against fat!

1 thing to get up every day to a nearby school playground run a 3,5-ring, then at noon near the gym on the company aerobics class, every day rain or shine from the continuous, also devoted considerable attention to diet, eat a very low card, but still weight gain? Have such a large amount of exercise, and also an ounce? This is indeed plenty of physical activity every day, but to remind you that long to maintain the same exercise prescription has not changed for a long time the body will gradually get used to exercising. You have to do is to change the sport, intensity and time. To replace the morning jogging, swimming, or increase the intensity of exercise can also increase the exercise time, run a few laps more.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Eat to lose weight according to blood type

Diet, exercise is a magic weight-loss of the two, but you know them and your blood type is a two-Oh! As you select the right blood type diet and the activity, the way you lose weight easier.

O-meat Doctrine

O-is the most ancient of human blood. 40,000 years BC, O blood type ancestors 11 Romans lived by hunting. They get energy from the high protein food, he's sturdy. O type blood has still continued the physical characteristics of hunting peoples.

On the type recipes: animal protein is indispensable. The key to weight control, above all, strict control of wheat products, "import", then pay attention to controlling food intake and low intake of fat, with particular attention to those affecting the thyroid hormone secretion in eating less food, eat those foods can enhance metabolism, to received a good weight loss.

Prevent the import of: cereals, pulses, dairy products.

Promote import: fish, animal liver, lean meat.

Appropriate movement: the significance of sport in the O blood type person who embodies the more dramatic. Only vigorous exercise can help their acidity of muscle tissue, full body fat burning. Such as aerobic exercise, swimming, throttle and so on.


BC 25,000 BC to 20,000 years ago, the man turned to animal husbandry and farming mainly settled in this life there A blood. Diet mainly from changes in meat intake to a large number of grains and other agricultural products, digestive and immune system changes accordingly.

Recipe of the type: Most meat-type A blood in the body into fat and stored, while the plant was able to help food digestion and excretion. A blood type can not properly digest dairy products, so it is best to eat more low fat foods such as vegetables and grains is the best match. On the A-type blood people, the intake of vegetable protein intake than the protein from meat is more beneficial to enhance the physique. Meat seems to be blood type A people who lose weight natural enemies.

Prevent the import of: meat, dairy products, wheat, pork, beef and mutton.

Promote import: vegetable oil, soy products, vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken.

Appropriate exercise: a suitable weight loss campaign are: quiet, so that the movement of concentration. Such as leisure chi, yoga, slow skating, jogging and so on.

B-omnivorous Doctrine

Blood type B, as a nomadic people with strong adaptability to the environment like a chameleon, changing with the adjustment of its own. B-type blood easier to balance the body, with a strong immune system. Therefore, in food, has a unique, almost unlimited meat and vegetables are very adapt, dairy products are also useful.

On the type Recipes: Best of B-type diet is not necessarily charter contains many elements of "omnivorous." But this does not mean that blood type B can eat and drink with impunity, but that they should pay attention to adequate nutritional intake to ensure a varied diet. B blood type had better eat red lean meat, do not eat chicken. In addition, appropriate

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pear can help to reduce gastrointestinal absorption of fat

Pear is another common in daily life, but the fruit, many people may still want to lose weight prescription weight loss hard to find, but ignore the weight of this high quality goods at your fingertips. To this end, the United States, "Health" magazine has again recommended to the juicy, sweet fruit and refreshing it, hoping it would help more people maintain the same good figure.

Help to reduce gastrointestinal absorption of fat

Pear is a low-calorie and high nutrition of fruits, a medium-sized pear only 100 calories and rich in vitamin C. In addition, the pears have become the diet quality goods, mainly from the rich fiber of which an average of a pear contains 5 grams of fiber, which is equivalent to the daily demand of the body 1 / 4, fiber can help reduce stomach fat absorption, thereby play a role in weight loss.

Very rich nutrient content

American Institute of Food and health, Dr. Laura said before meals to eat in a pear, which a lot of fiber can easily bring satiety, which control appetite, reduce the body's fat intake. In order to maximize the slimming effect pears must be eaten with skin, because skin in rich content of fiber and other nutrients.

Easy to enjoy delicious meals to lose weight

In the supermarket, the market, can easily find the shadow of pear, and a wide range, not afraid of you did not have to pick one kind of tired of eating. But the pear is easy to change color after the cut, affecting appetite, which Washington Sali Xi hotel spa total chef told us a trick: to cut the pears in cold water, add some lemon juice, you can prevent the pear oxidation and color it, and pears with lemon juice after soaking also an attractive aroma.

In addition to direct consumption, the pears can also be a dessert of the protagonist, mix in chopped pear in a number of salad dressings, strawberry jam or chocolate sauce, you can easily enjoy a delicious meal to lose weight.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Not all people can be successful with dieting lose fat

Not all people can be successful with dieting lose fat. If the diet is not only inappropriate but is becoming larger and fat to lose weight! What to do to be successful dieters lose weight? To see if the users share the 10 most effective tips to lose weight now!

Here are 10 pairs of me, not conventional, but very effective weight loss tips. But this way, I lost a total of 50 pounds (about 45 kg). These tips have worked, because almost every secret around a small target to complete. In my opinion, not only to maintain the enthusiasm and also lose a lot of weight in a short time, you have to do quite a bit. The reason I call these tips for the "unconventional" because before I started losing weight, most of these tips are unheard of.

We have representation from the "calorie intake, calories consumed," such as rap began. Yes, you want to lose weight you have to insist on a reasonable diet combined with exercise. Although you may have heard before the emetic more direct method, but I do not want to spend time in that kind of thing. This reminds me of the first tips:

1, buy a digital scale

Do look very simple. I suggest that to lose weight before buying a digital scale accurate to 0.2 (that is, 2% pounds, about 10 grams). I will explain why below. I also recommend, or buy a electronic scale to record your weight every day, or on the day, hands-down your weight.

I bought this one electronic scale, it is accurate to 0.2 (ie 2%) and will take note of my weight, at Sam's Club (the United States, a large supermarket) it only cost me 22 dollars (a very low !). For me it be a successful investment.

2, the weight of every day

You will find almost every dieter will tell you, once a week as long as that weight on the line. I suggest just the opposite. Facing successful because, I am happy to see every day (weight loss) results. The reason I recommend buying an electronic scale accurate to 0.2, because if the previous day, said that out of 170.8 pounds and 170.0 pounds, then the next day, the two are very different. One day by a 0.8 pounds would be great.

However, if your balance is not so accurate, then a whole day eating healthy foods combined with hard exercise, the next day's show, if still 170 pounds, you will feel very frustrated. A precise scale allows you to lose weight to maintain a more positive attitude. Good results in more (daily number of specific weight loss), weight loss easier.