Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Romantic Story of Religious Practices Under the Glow of the Poetic

13 Name: Shepherd found Zenuo Shakespeare in Alaska river
Period: 1850
Creator: Adolphe William Gros, France
Specification: 147cm × 113cm
Materials: fabric paint
Keep possession at the: possession of the Paris National School of Fine Arts
This is a story from the Bible, religious works, poor shepherds in Alaska river, found a dying Zenuo Shakespeare, who rescued her. Artists use romantic way, a few shepherds depicted the chivalrous robust, they or naked body, or half-naked, or dressed and so on, with charming contrast to weak Zenuo Shakespeare. Color to warm and cold contrast, the composition is static and dynamic contrast, the performance of the romantic story of religious practices under the glow of the poetic.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Rafael's Short Life

Raphael is the Italian Renaissance one of the greatest painters, and Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Renaissance art scene heroes and said, as the superb artistry of Raphael have been deified, on behalf of Artists in the Renaissance ideal of beauty industry can achieve peak.
Rafael's life is very short, only live to 37, related his tale, many of these legends on the one hand confirmed the indisputable to the artist, on the other hand may also hinder our La Feier understanding. Rafael mention its people, we will think of his painting of the Virgin, elegant and beautiful, a sight to behold. To see his paintings, will be immersed in the mysterious and elegant mood. Raphael's work fully embodies the peace, harmony, coordination, symmetry and perfect order and quiet - this sense, his work can indeed be called "the pinnacle of humanism and the Renaissance world." Raphael's first teacher was his father, in his childhood when his father died, after which he went to a painter's studio to learn. He worked diligently to explore the mysteries of painting, can be sensitive to capture the essence of beauty and art.
16 years old, left home Ur Binnuo Raphael came to the North Italian region of Umbria Pei Jiya City, studied in peru keno. One day, peru Rafael Aquino said: "I do not want this little place is holding you, you have to go to the masters gathered in Florence, you can work independently." At this time Raphael was 19 years old. He learned from the teacher a sense of color and perspective principles, drawing skills are quite mature, in order to have more than a teacher.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seurat's painting method and its point of life

Seurat's painting of this method an experimental point to the later emergence of geometric abstract art and the development possible, because, Seurat's pen is a very particular about the order of the children have any structure, but the mid-20th century of pure abstract art and Seurat inseparable relationship. Seurat painting in the color segmentation will be pushed to a new level. There is no doubt that Seurat was full of vigor and courage of the work, drawing the world to bring innovation and progress in the development of the significance of the month. Of contemporary art have significant and far-reaching impact.
Seurat (Georges Sceurat, 1859 ---1891), was born in Paris, France, the family exudes a strong religious atmosphere, leading to Seurat small and little contact with the outside world, even with friends has never maintained a close relationship. Academy of Fine Arts in Lyon, he completed studies eggplant, laid the foundation more solid painting, the theory has also been deepened. After the age of 20, Seurat began his real artistic activities, copying many classical works of master drawings and paintings. 1883 pieces of work he took part in the official Salon exhibition of fine arts and received praise, the age of 27 as the "science of Impressionist paintings leader" of the title. Seurat not suited to ordinary life, his desire happiness, but never seem to find. Thus, loneliness and despair. In 1891, Seurat was only 32 years old passed away, his work began to have a significant impact on living people, especially his point color experiments of the 20th century geometric abstract art have a very significant impact.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kiefer Painting Style and All His Life

Active in post-war Germany as the new expressionist painting artist, Kiefer said, huge work should be very personal and distinctive style, theme, and there is very lyrical and metaphorical color. His painting is great, the awakening of national consciousness devout, but also the performance of a particular poet like burning passion and deep thinking, especially in the tough work of tension and beauty of form, theme and color in the cross-referencing, the exposed German history of problems between art and ideology. As the artist himself: "I took my contacts and experience of our consciousness to create a symbol, this symbol will also rise to a series of our own reflection."
There is no doubt, Kiefer given landscape with the creation of new value. However, he did not turned out the natural landscapes of the original strength, not to the performance of the original charm. His landscapes of the land is burning, especially in the close examination, giving the audience a pleasant touch and feel, and, to a certain distance, the kind of subtle effect to restore the screen one kind of picture more broad, more solid the United States.
There are the ruins of the Third Reich called Kiefer is the artist on the poet, which he is grand and magnificent art of the highest reputation. Indeed, Kiefer art dedicated to Germany, including the history of the Third Reich, and quite emotional symbol and ritual. People pray Youhu myth has become a lost history of the purity of myth, myth and history, the difference is that it is not in the past and the future, it was only to prove that German history of abuse and cover up the unimaginable evil. This is the Kiefer painting to face the problem, not the superiority of the German people confused. We are from his "Untitled", "Margaret", "step", "to the unknown artist", "Sura Artemis" and other works on behalf of all strongly feel that.
Kiefer's meticulous creation, the methods used are carefully thought and research before making a final decision. In addition to the need to paint the canvas, he uses a variety of materials and tools, including straw and sand, and strive to achieve the goal of symbolic and aesthetic purposes. Therefore, we find that all of his creative means are the ultimate performance goal for his services. In appreciation of his work at the same time, we suddenly feel that we cherish and artists with good intentions, tragic history of mankind do not want to re-staged.
Kiefer (Anselm Kiefer, 1945 --), was born in Germany bao Montreal, has studied law, then transferred to painting. First solo exhibition in 1969. 1970 and 1972 in Dusseldorf Art Academy Beuys studio learning. 1973, and became acquainted with Baselitz friend. Subsequently participated in many major art exhibition at home and abroad, such as "the spirit of the new painting exhibition", "20th Century German Art", "1905 and 1985, painting and sculpture exhibition", "1945 and 1985, the Republic of Germany Art", etc. , is the most influential contemporary Western artists