Monday, August 30, 2010

Swept the world's natural diet drinks - Colombia Slimming Coffee

The secret is actually quite simple: The researchers discovered that the girls have a habit of Colombia, the local daily early morning cup of coffee will be ground coffee producing areas, girls are even more vividly as "thin coffee", as Chinese Like tea, with a strong South American flavor. Research found that Columbia Coffee contains a kind of thin sybem fat soluble factor, can effectively dissolve fat accumulation, to obesity. The Colombian central coffee-producing areas due to geological special, output of coffee contains sybem factor is 10 times more than regular coffee, slimming coffee can increase the effect, which is the Colombian ladies all symmetrical, attractive secret. This finding is also pursuing the beautiful women around the world provide a truly natural diet drinks.

In fact, leading the fashion world as Miss Colombia Pageant are displayed in the arena of the United States, not only sexy curves, a more attractive and healthy. They smile bright, full sunlight, and skin smooth compact, the youth development of the health of an exhaustive. And you know what? The implied with coffee lifestyle is closely related to fashion.

As we all know, there is a main ingredient in coffee caffeine, it can stimulate the people of brain, give rise to joy, excitement, for it was once mistaken for harmful substances. In fact, the proper consumption of coffee is absolutely beneficial to the human body, it can relieve fatigue, depression and psychological resistance, people optimistic, always maintain a positive mood. To maintain law and moderate drinking, according to human body, different ages, generally the best two cups a day, has a positive effect on human health.

The addition of caffeine in addition to pleasing another role, that is, against the anti-oxidation and fat, tighten skin, is full of vigor, and it is not hard to explain why the Miss Colombia pageant stage in all their youthful radiance , shiny skin, which is the envy of the.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Two kinds of vegetables can be eaten raw speed thin

"Vegetables can be eaten raw to raw as possible, so you can maximize the nutritional content of the dish to retain." "Cold dishes and the more natural the better, the minimum can not Cheuk Cheuk." Vitamins are water-soluble substances, vegetable Billy on the easy to cause a vitamin loss. Experts suggest the following six kinds of vegetables eaten raw can be thin! Tip: Fat people should eat more vegetables, which

1. Cucumber

Cucumber contains vitamin C, vitamin B family, and many trace minerals, it contains rich nutrients, raw crisp and refreshing taste. From the perspective of nutrition, nutrients contained in cucumber skin is rich in raw should be retained. However, in order to prevent injury to pesticide residues on the human body, cucumber should first soak in salt water for 15-20 minutes and then wash raw food. Do not pinch when cucumber mixed with salt water to root first, to maintain the integrity of cucumber to avoid bubbles in the process of nutrients in the loss from the section. In addition, the cold food should be doing now to eat, do not do well long after the place, it will also promote the loss of vitamin.

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes rich in vitamin A, vitamin A on the vision to protect and repair sun damaged skin is good. Sprinkle sugar and tomato salad is not better, or sweet may affect appetite. Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure patients do not Yichi is called "Snow Man Er" of sugar, tomato salad.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kiwifruit itself does not burn fat, but it is rich in the kiwifruit enzyme, but they can break down proteins

Kiwifruit itself does not burn fat, but it is rich in the kiwifruit enzyme, but they can break down proteins. Antioxidant kiwifruit is the star, to help alkalization damage cells and lead to chronic illness sharpened elements.

Dietitian Poincare

Kiwi is rich in antioxidant vitamin C, studies have shown can help improve skin texture, and these antioxidants can easily be absorbed by the body. Kiwifruit flesh color varies slightly different nutrients also.

The article said there is a network of kiwifruit contain oxides, on the maintenance of skin and highly beneficial.

In addition, the effectiveness of the current weight loss kiwifruit attention, because it contains essential amino acids to help carnitine synthesis.

Carnitine to promote fat burning ingredient that can enhance the body convert excess body fat calories.

Dietitian Poincare (Pooja Vig), asked that the kiwifruit will not be burning fat in itself, but it is rich in the kiwifruit enzyme, but they can break down proteins.

She said the kiwi is the star of antioxidant to help alkalization damage cells and lead to chronic illness sharpened elements.

Kiwi is rich in antioxidant vitamin C, studies have shown can help improve skin texture, and these antioxidants can easily be absorbed by the body.

Taiwan University, for research shows that there are rich in fiber kiwifruit.

Poincare said that in addition to increasing high fiber content of intestinal good bacteria to help digestion and boost the immune system, can melt the fiber can help lower cholesterol and sugar.

Most importantly, the kiwi in the fiber can people feel a sense of satiety.

Any person who want to lose weight, can be one of kiwifruit as a meal, because kiwi low calories and rich in nutrients.

To help improve constipation

Kiwifruit can help gastrointestinal motility and reduce constipation.

The researchers found that 45% of those who have constipation problems, the consumption of kiwi fruit after 4 weeks, to improve the situation.

Kiwi fruit and dietary fiber were ranked first in every 100 grams of kiwifruit in containing 3.4 grams of fiber, and bananas contains only 1.6 grams, the former is 2.1 times the latter.

Monday, August 23, 2010

In the end how to prevent upper body fat?

Failed to lose weight three reasons: 1. Seems to have little effect. 2. To dramatically change their lifestyles. 3. Psychological pressure and physical deterioration. In fact, the key is to lose fat meal 30 minutes. Why? This is what should do 30 minutes to reduce body fat?

Seize the opportunity to lose weight after dinner

30 minutes of everything

In the end how to prevent upper body fat? The most effective method is aerobic exercise. If it can not, at least not let postprandial blood glucose concentration.

Do not want to grow more fat than it is now, first thing to do is to move a bit after dinner. Because of the small intestine began to absorb is around 30 minutes after dinner, while the rise in blood glucose levels began to absorb some of the small intestine after 30 minutes.

Compared with the set aside time for fitness, do not underestimate the calories consumed daily. Recently, the U.S. Institute published a study oxygen Kubo, found in the daily life activities in health conscious people, and for 6 months, 5 days a week, for 20-60 minutes a day swimming or riding a bike such as aerobic exercises than people, to reduce body weight and body fat is almost the same. The same study found that daily energy consumption far more than imagined.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Help you lose weight fast the three methods

1, dietary fat does not make you produce satiety

"Greasy hamburgers produced satiety makes you not feel hungry all day, so we should eat and drink." As the discharge of fat from the stomach the longest, so many years people have been thinking that greasy food can delay the digestion time, gives rise to longer satiety. However, recent studies have reached the opposite conclusion. In the study, researchers will be sugar and fat diet were divided in proportion to compare the results showed that sugar and fat percentage of fullness without any difference.

In fact, compared with carbohydrate and fat and protein to make people more prone to satiety. In addition, fat problem is that it contains a protein or carbohydrate calories twice.

If it does not require a diet, they can lose weight, find a number with a high cellulose (such as fruits and vegetables) and whole grain foods. Cellulose and whole grain foods not only can give one a feeling of fullness, satisfaction can make people eat, does not make you more fat intake, which is the main diet rations. Although we do not fully understand the cellulose food and whole grains can make people lose weight the wonders of food, fiber and whole grain foods, but will affect the secretion of certain hormones, these hormones can convey signals to the brain, the brain suggest that you have eat enough, and should stop eating.

2, skip food is not a good way to lose weight

The so-called skip meals, do not eat breakfast or lunch is even dinner aims to achieve a method of weight loss diet. Research shows that people who maintain the dietary law, and compared to regular diet, the former a more balanced nutrition, think more clearly, emotionally more stable. Irregular diet are more prone to obesity, the reason may be to wait until the next meal to eat when the stomach has been hungry, and then eat a big meal often beggars. This not only makes up a meal on the heat, but also a number of more calories intake. This did not happen, by the weight loss into weight gain.

Those who successfully lose weight and maintain weight loss results to the people, most of them can maintain the habit of three meals a day. Therefore, the time is not only good for eating to lose weight, but also a lot of good for nutrition and health care.

3, food is not good or bad

From the nutritional point of view, there is no good or bad foods, only good or bad diet. In other words, how to eat what is more important than eating, for example, cookies may be a reason why the issue of food, is because holding biscuits as snacks to eat will make people develop the habit of overeating, for two reasons: First, this drying baked foods contain relatively high heat; Second, this food will make people develop a bad eating habits. Occasionally due to eat a little less healthy food has nothing to do, but the kitchen had better reserve some healthy foods (such as various fruits, vegetables and whole wheat flour to make food, etc.).

Alternative and effective weight loss food

1. Frozen tofu

To frozen tofu, can produce an acidic substance, such acid can damage the body's fat, if often eat frozen tofu is conducive to fat excretion to body fat and declining savings, to achieve weight loss purposes. Cold tofu with pores more nutritious, less heat and so will not cause obvious hunger.

2. Bamboo shoots

Bamboo has a low-fat, low sugar, more fiber characteristics, eating bamboo shoots not only to promote bowel movement, help digestion, to the food product, anti-constipation, and the effectiveness of the prevention of colorectal cancer. Bamboo shoots with fat, starch and very little, is a natural low-fat, low-calorie food, quality goods are obese lose weight.

3. Mung bean sprouts

A clear vessel wall accumulation of cholesterol and fat to prevent cardiovascular lesion. Regular consumption of mung bean sprouts may Qingrejiedu, diuretic and dampness, heat hangover drug toxicity. More addicted to alcohol fatty who eat mung bean sprouts if, they can play a clean stomach, antipyretic drugs, the role of cleaning teeth, while preventing the formation of fat in the skin.

Monday, August 16, 2010

4 popular ideas about health are false

With the development of science and technology, the growing number of sports and fitness research, some new ideas to replace the old concept. In this regard, like health are often skeptical. Recently, the United States combined with the latest international study of a web site, interviews leading experts on the concept of 9 popular fitness, analyze right and wrong, and analyzed.

1, aerobic exercise most heat loss? Wrong.

Conventional wisdom says that the most aerobic exercise burns calories, a number of recent research is just the opposite. Found that strength training is more energy than aerobic exercise. Strength training not only helps tone muscles, and to better promote the metabolism, helps burn fat long-term adherence. Studies have shown that strength training even to the end of 36 hours, the body of the energy consumption of the process continues.

2, exercise can reduce fat? Right.

Although exercise can not prevent fat accumulation, but it can consume the body fat. Involved in various energy-consuming exercise, combined with proper diet, will help to reduce body fat content, so tall and more slender. Michigan State University kinematics expert Robert - Professor Olsen recommendations, and more for the hips, thighs and other parts were easy to hoard fat, exercise, while not ignoring other parts of the body muscle training. In addition, the power for the tendon to exercise is also important.

3, should first stretch and then run? Right.

Some studies claim that excessive stretching exercises before running easily ligaments harden, easy-to-injury, but still need to exercise before the joints and ligaments, "opened." U.S. therapist Robert - Dr. Ma Siqi proposal a good idea to run 5-10 minutes jogging to warm up for 30-60 seconds and then less intense stretching.

4, a marathon easy to get heart disease? Not necessarily.

Canada in May 2009 a study confirmed that the marathon is indeed in the short term damage to the heart, but rest one week after finishing a marathon, return to normal heart function, not legacy. First to participate in long-distance race before, be sure to seek medical advice, and sufficient training before the game, after all, a marathon biggest danger is that the training exercise over the amount of load to the heart to withstand extraordinary.

Friday, August 13, 2010

How you can do the 4 things every morning, you will undoubtedly thin

All women will dream of becoming the eyes of the most dazzling star, when you have a charming figure, every angle is looked perfect, of course, became the focus of everyone attention. Xiao Bian family life special for you to create the perfect weight-loss program 360, will be all kinds of health, lose weight together information to help you have the perfect body!

Many times to lose weight, but not without time, is not in the mood, especially for office workers. But Xiao Bian how you can do the 4 things every morning, you will undoubtedly thin. Also, do not worry, it is very easy to do four things, you just need to get up 30 minutes ahead of time can be.

Weight loss - 7:00 early morning cup of boiled water

After getting up drink a glass of water, not only will help quick urination, but also to add cellular water. Lower blood viscosity. Usually drink boiled water for half an hour later, the body will be discharged before the night of the metabolites. In addition, the boiled water does not contain protein, fat, carbohydrate, weight loss will not affect the results, but also let your skin become Haoo.

Weight loss - 7:05 thin yoga and significant effect

The day the best time to practice yoga: morning and afternoon two hours before sunrise and two hours before sunset. Get up and yoga is a good choice, not only thin, the body can also add energy to your energy, ease of mind.

Wake-up muscle

In the beginning, to do two days, three minutes of deep breathing. When inhaled, so abdominal contraction. Exhaled breath when you feel a sense of being taken to the vertebral spine. Benefits of the body: the process of preparing to practice, to promote the flow of oxygen in the muscles. Mental benefits: access to a quiet and peaceful state of mind.

Body Yang Shen

Standing, arms on the move, like a stretch, but to increase substantially. If lying in bed, the bed can be used both hands on the head (or arms hold the body on both sides of the bed), single leg order (or legs at the same time) straight leg raise knee up. Leg raise slightly faster time, to drop slower. Do 20 times. Help to reduce excess abdominal fat, strengthening abdominal muscles, increasing flexibility of the abdominal muscles.

Side waist stretch

Put your right hand on your right shin or ankle, left hand on your left ribs. Then turn left and start your body, so you and your left shoulder to right shoulder in the same line, and turn your left foot, so that your left toes toward the front of the toes toward the right side of the square. If then you feel able to maintain stability, and lift your left arm straight toward the ceiling and direction, so that your right shoulder in a straight line on the. Keep your spine straight, and then look to your left arm, if it would hinder the activities of your neck, you can look ahead. Breathing, and then for the other side.

This action on the reduction of waist, hip fat, and fat, increased waist and hip muscle strength, strong lumbar Gushen very effective.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Refreshing water aerobic exercise to lose weight in summer

In the summer, many people like to play pool or water park water swim. If you can not swim are afraid of, the following invited fitness expert teaches you five strokes and water aerobic exercise to lose weight, using the water buoyancy and water pressure to do a simple aerobic exercise, allows you to immerse themselves in water in the pool refreshing the same time sculpture perfect lines!

Fitness coach, said Chen Mei-zhen, water aerobics start against seniors, joint exercise designed to injured patients, due to operations covered by water on all sides who can defy gravity, it is more difficult because the reaction The injured, mostly on land and the general forward movement, but in the water can be changed before and after various moves to the left or to the usual multidimensional movement on the ground, do not need to head submerged in water, as long as fear avoidance water, almost anyone can do. But to be reminded that, although the summer heats up the body quickly, still need to warm up first to prevent cramping, can be ground in water or slightly smaller running 5-10 minutes, and keep hydrated.


For water aerobics, they can swim wear gloves to increase the water frog palm resistance, no frog palm may also directly operate the fingers close together.



Walking forward in water about 20 to 30 steps, then step back to go 20 to 30, the body used to water.


Brisk walking, palm upwards when the arm forward, palm down when put back, the arm can be sculpture lines, before and after taking 20 to 30 steps.


Walk a little fast degrees, each step will be the body vertical knee raise, lift right leg erected when the forward left hand, lift the left leg is changing hands, no progress can be 20 to 30 steps or walking.


Water walking, to be careful not to hand with the same foot, upper body not to lean forward, keep straight.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Semi-vegetarian diet recipes nourishing and slimming

Are dieting to lose weight and fast weight loss is unhealthy weight loss methods, could easily lead to a backlash. Today, women are recommended to a semi-vegetarian diet method, with vegetarian and meat and reasonable, can effectively lose weight, but also ensures that nutritional intake. Take a look at the following semi-vegetarian health diet.

A breakfast

Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast a: 60 grams of crushed corn, millet, 30 g, 25 Kocse into peanut size carrots, add water, porridge for breakfast. Such as porridge too rough, bad taste, can be used 6 grams of starch and mix thoroughly with cold water, when poured into porridge and mix thoroughly. This porridge is creamy and delicious. Can be added to salt, sesame oil seasoning. Corn contains many amino acids, carotene and vitamin e, the control of obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease a lot of good; carrots contain vitamin a, nucleic acid, carotene, but there are certain anticancer eat.

Breakfast b: high calcium skim milk 1 cup, 65 g fresh bread 1 banana or 1 apple 1. This meal can add vitamin c, laxative, prevent excessive absorption of nutrients by the intestine. Breakfast a row many times when, after I have the feeling of disgust, the availability of food transition.

Breakfast c: 2 boiled eggs, eat protein and half the egg yolk; milk 1 cup roasted prime bread 1 (65 grams).

Semi-vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner will help the smooth acceptance of the vegetarian.

Are dieting to lose weight and fast weight loss is unhealthy weight loss methods, could easily lead to a backlash. Today, women are recommended to a semi-vegetarian diet method, with vegetarian and meat and reasonable, can effectively lose weight, but also ensures that nutritional intake. Take a look at the following semi-vegetarian health diet recipe.

Second, lunch

White noodle staple

Lunch a: oatmeal 70 grams, 30 grams of seaweed (a little sand washed away by the bubble), black fungus 32g (fresh water bubbles up cut into 1 cm wide), ginger, silk, fresh onions, sesame oil, Salt to taste. Porridge for lunch. Seaweed, black fungus are regulation of blood lipid, and clear the blood vessel.

Lunch b: 70 grams of white noodles, cooked with water, add fried bitter gourd pieces 45 grams, 30 grams fried peanuts, soy sauce transferred to high-consumption items. Lian Yong lunch a few days after, there will be hunger, then, that with this meal regulation to prevent therapeutic failure.

Lunch c: staple food: rice 35 grams, 35 grams of corn pieces, wash and mix, add water and boil the rice soft. Recipes: Kelp 65 g (soaked expansion, cut into 1 cm wide), 70 grams of dried bean curd (cut into 1 cm wide strips), a little garlic pepper sauce, salt, edible vegetable oil suitable, first seaweed, tofu fuel salt in the pan fried foods, will become a little added garlic chili sauce, fried foods a couple of buttons on the plate fin. Kelp iodine, and with good lipid lowering efficacy, eat it regularly can prevent breast cancer. Spicy garlic chili sauce to remove the smell of kelp. Such as throat inflammation were not chili sauce is preferred.

Serving lunch with a, 3 days for flavors to use as a lunch b or c, but it should be a main lunch.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Weight loss for men's gymnastics fat

Men fat, difficult to find, but always practice the following exercise to lose weight, you can prevent the further development of obesity:

1, knee squat: a strong back, buttocks into the thigh

Separate legs, knees slightly bent, tighten the abdominal muscles and gluteal muscles. Slowly squat knees, to the lowest point in maintaining this position for 2 seconds, then stand up to the start position. Repeated 5 times. The whole process: 30 seconds.

2, puppet actions: abdominal waist arm exercise

Upright, feet apart and his arms flat on the side, elbows slightly bend. Left hand facing up, down right mean, while the body to the left. Then turn right hand up, left hand down to turn, while the body turns to the right. So repeatedly. Time: 30 seconds.

3, back on the arch: to improve the abdominal shape of a curve to the waist

(1) supine, knees, both feet firmly on the ground. Hands after the first set.

(2) lower back arch upward to maintain this position for 2 seconds, then flat, close to the ground 4 seconds and repeat 5 times. The whole process time: 30 seconds.

4, lean control: exercise calf muscles, improving leg flexibility

(1) separate legs, legs straight, hands on hips natural paste. Back straight, bend forward from the hip joints. To maintain this position from 1 to 15.

(2) further pike, two hands, calf. Keeping legs straight, do not hug his knees, and suddenly tried to touch the ground. To maintain this position from 1 to 10. The whole process time: 30 seconds.

5, lateral leg lift: hip adjustment

(1) starting position, her hands support, the right knee knees, his left leg to the lateral extension.

(2) up, down left leg straight, do 4 times. Do for the right leg. Repeated practice of each leg 2 times. The whole process of 30 seconds.

6, back kick: Exercise the buttocks, thighs, abdomen and upper back

(1) hands straight arm support to your knees. Bow. Left knee to the tip movement.

(2) and then looked up at the same time back at the top of the left leg kicked up, and can reach a comfortable level. Turned leg movement to the tip of the nose, and then again after the top of the kick up. Repeated 12 times. For right leg do the same action. The whole process time: 30 seconds.

7, side leg pressing: to improve the inner thigh contour

(1) right hand and forearm supporting the body, right lateral. Left foot on the ground in front of right leg.

(2) lift the right leg 15 times. For one side do. The whole process time: 30 seconds.

8, air pedaling: exercise legs, so that flat stomach

Supine, the lower back, the elbow support the body, right leg bent, move your chest exercise, then reached into his legs, to keep off the ground 15 cm high, and left leg bent, into the chest movement. Do not Arch, so keep alternating flexion and extension, as kicking a bike. The whole process time: 30 seconds.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer weight loss or weight gain is eating watermelon?

Summer, hot weather, watermelon is the most common fruit, cheap delicious and refreshing. But many female friends are concerned about is eating watermelon to lose weight? Some people say they eat watermelon to the purpose of weight loss, but some people say that watermelon sugar more, eat more but negative, then the watermelon is possible to lose weight in the end?

Should first understand the reasons for weight gain. Why do people get fat? On a fundamental reason: input> consumption! You eat too much, not so much the body needs nutrition, put it into fat accumulation up. For he did not gain weight, must be maintained to: daily intake of calories consumed = calories the body. For their weight, it must be done: daily consumption of calories> intake of calories. This is the principle of weight loss.

The role of nutrition and from speaking watermelon, watermelon diuretic, helps digestion, it is more than 94% moisture. So eating watermelon can speed up the metabolism, detoxification role of beauty, can help rid the body of excess water, while some people do have the effect of weight loss.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Seize the diet tips to lose weight easier

The body does not want to lose shape, first of all to start from the diet. Six skills you eat more slender.

Rapeseed meal had a

Dishes cooked with oil, a meal to a limit. If the main dish is the fried meat pie, then do not eat vegetables, deputy Add seasoning sauce vegetable salad, and replaced by cold vegetables, and so can avoid feeding excessive oil. However, even during the weight loss, eat a meal about a teaspoon of oil or necessary.

Expert Tips: oil can not easily stomach to reduce hunger and the opportunity to eat snacks and have the effect of increased absorption of carotenoids.

Eat enough whitefish, red meat, soy products

Low-calorie and high-quality protein intake must be more, on behalf of food have white fish, red meat, beans and bean products, dairy products. Women needed for a day 60 grams of protein.

Expert Tip: In addition to manufacturing muscle and blood proteins, the material is a hormone essential nutrients. Protein when inadequate health will be affected, the action can not eat long-term sustainability.

Day 1 tablespoon granulated sugar

Eat sugar and fat is fat and cause of the disease, but the order to cook delicious dishes, a small amount of use is necessary, therefore to a tablespoon a day is limited.

Snack when you try to avoid drinking sweet beverages or eat cake like food, if really want to eat dessert when choosing to use a lot of fat and sugar production of dessert, rather eat jelly or small steamed pastries such as fat-free .

Changes in cooking methods

Fried food or stir-fry oil, excessive food intake is obesity culprit, so do not as convenient and tasty fast food, they often do fried food, but to actively consider to reduce heat conditioning.

In addition, even the same deep-fried food, cut very small if the ingredients and then fried, so easily absorb grease and high heat. That is according to the different frying method, the heat will be contained in a large difference.

"Adults are growing up in line with the children, usually deep-fried food will be cooking dishes such as the example of Xiangdang Duo, this Juedui be obese. Therefore, even be of the same material, some ask for adults to use steaming, boiling, baking and other low-calorie conditioning would be more appropriate. "

According to experts, such a proposal, with a slight change in the method of conditioning, it can be more delicious dishes and reduce heat.

Drinking water

Alcohol or sweet drinks are the largest weight loss, "the enemy", while drinking water and tea is your best friend. Even 100% juice beverage composition, also contains a lot of sugar, so patient and do not drink as much as possible is the best policy.

Heat accumulation is generally believed that drinking will not, in fact, very high liquor calories as calories in 100 ml of Sake 198 kcal (carbohydrate 9.0 g), a glass of red wine has 80 calories of heat (sugar mass 1.7 g).

Experts say: in any case can not