Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Black rice weight loss better

The so-called black rice diet, that is, apart from black rice production for food nothing to eat, as the law requires Apple to lose weight only eating apples every day as food is monotonous diet.

Black rice as the only food to lose weight advantage is obvious. It is Zhu Chengyu, after taste good, good acceptability, add a little pickle wire, eat up to feel like a normal meal. Since more than 90% of porridge is water, low energy, can not eat too much to drink two bowls. Meanwhile, black rice is brown, its fiber high satiety stronger after eating black rice than eat the same amount of white rice is not easy to feel hungry.

In nutrients, the black rice also has many advantages. It contains plenty of carbohydrates, protein number is slightly lower, but the quality is better than any other food, low fat, but the rice embryo contains a small amount of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, in addition to B12 Vitamin B outside the rich, there a lot of potassium, magnesium, iron and other trace elements in a rich than a lot of rice.

In addition, the black rice diet weight loss protein diet than the speed fast, but stable, and easy to rebound. Security is also high, does not respond within two weeks will bring.

However, no matter what kind of food, if eaten every day, attend a lecture to eat, it will inevitably declining appetite, no food of any kind of natural law to provide all the nutrients the body needs. Black rice does not contain vitamin C and vitamin B12, there is no vitamin AD, calcium content is not enough. So, if eating black rice diet, it is recommended to add a variety of vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables and orange vegetables, and more outdoor activities. Vegetable cooking oil or as long as the little place can be made of cold sesame oil, and will not increase the risk of weight gain.

In addition, it is best to add calcium and other nutrients combined pill. If more than two weeks using this method, also need to increase the low-fat protein foods.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Local weight loss exercises

Tips: in order to create lines around the waist to the movement focused on posture.

1, knees knees, upper body backward tilt: inspiratory breath at the same time, seize the heel to the heads off. Breathing, circulation redo.

2, tightening the abdominal muscles: feet and shoulder, with the width of the curtain, right foot moved to the upper left, upper body towards the right direction flip-rays. For the left foot forward move in the opposite direction to do the same action.

3, leg flip: sit down, hold down the floor, hand-back, raised his legs and flip to the opposite direction, then back to the initial action. For the other side, in the opposite direction doing the same action.

Lumbar motion carried

1, lying on the ground, hand-hold the floor, for supporting the body. Waist and legs and then slowly lift up. The process must be maintained straight leg.

2, legs 45 degrees to the chest, stretching, and to maintain posture. This time to ensure that the waist does not touch the floor, maintaining a period of time, slowly back to the initial action.

Prone abdominal lift

1, the body lying on the floor, raised above the waist, with arms supporting body, and hold hands, feet toes do erect posture.

2, abdominal energetically at the same time lifted waist, head to toe to keep the status word back to the original position after 30 seconds.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Exercise weight loss, common causes of poor

It is well established, movement is an effective means of weight loss, but this is found in many obese people do not bear fruit, or unsatisfactory effect. So blame the movement of the weight loss was "useless." In fact, the reasons for poor weight loss, exercise is not so simple, It may be a simple analysis. Common causes of failure to lose weight include:

1.Did not insist weight Movement:

Some people start to lose weight, feel more tired and not accustomed to. Did not practice long, wanted to rest a few days. They never understand, this impossible to achieve the effect of energy consumption. Because the Games so that to enhance gastrointestinal motility, increased appetite, digestion and absorption to increase. Many people appetites after exercise, but because he insisted on training so that heat is not to accumulate only. If you suddenly stop exercising, their appetite is not reduced, but chronic can reduce the heat like, this is not only difficult to drop weight, and may even rise. Therefore, the weight loss exercise Guizaijianchi, and the process of adhering to cultivate interest in their potential. Insisted on the need to ensure two conditions: First, select the appropriate sports, and second, the daily amount of exercise should be appropriate. Inappropriate choice of sports, or exercise excessively will lead to premature fatigue the body, and even may damage the joints, ligaments or bone, sports are often forced to stop, how can we talk about "adhere to the" word?

2.A good diet does not control:

In addition to training issues, we look at the same time, the movement is in line with the dietary treatment? In terms of diet, exercise and diet control as an effective means inseparable, are indispensable. During the weight loss due to metabolism, gastrointestinal motility increased, often greatly increased appetite, to the diet caused difficulties. But the control diet is the only way to lose weight, if not control diet, weight loss, are often not satisfactory, or even weight gain. So, come back to check the implementation of their own diet plan, look for loopholes, it is necessary.

Although the accumulation of waste in the intestines can be removed to achieve the purpose of a flat stomach, but if the improper operation, or repeated, are likely to damage health. If in order to thin and frequent enema, it will break the normal rhythm of intestinal function, triggering chronic digestive diseases. Therefore, a need for detailed consultation doctor and carefully carried out.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How do I go to bed only to lose weight

1, How do you know how much sleep they need

There is now a simple way to determine how much sleep you need, you can follow the following steps:

(1) set aside a week or two to focus on the sleep test, do not let this two weeks, interrupted by an unexpected test;

(2) Choose one you usually sleep time, and insisted that at this time to fall asleep;

(3) morning whenever he woke up, do not set alarm clock;

(4) A few days later, you've still owed on the lost sense, this time to continue the time you usually fall asleep in the calculation to you the next day he woke up the time difference is very close to the actual needs of your sleep time.

Know they need time, you can usually fall asleep in accordance with the time and you need time to sleep.

2, How to lose weight when you sleep

Everyone living environment, physical quality, character or occupation and other factors are all very different, thus creating a different type of sleep. The formation of these types, the majority of every day living habits and work up gradually to train. Although the above paragraph we already know how much sleep they need, but there are some times to lose weight you need to pay attention to place:

(1) to ensure the needs of sleep a day, generally not less than 7 hours, not more than 9 hours;

(2) within 1 hour before bedtime can do a small amount of local small movement, but definitely not high-intensity exercise, otherwise it will affect the sleep quality;

(3) 1 hour before going to bed drink a cup of milk will help soothe the nerves and improve sleep quality, attention to warm milk can;

(4) Do not read in bed or watching TV, so as not to affect the bed habits, and strive only to sleep in his bed;

(5) try to go to bed before 23 o'clock, so you can help the body detoxification;

(6) as far as getting up before 7:00, so that is conducive to discharge Supian to reduce the small "belly" po risks;

(7) can take a nap, but no more than 30 minutes, otherwise it might bring about headaches and other issues.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A lack of vitamin D, weight loss less effective

Studies have shown that a lack of vitamin D, in vivo, which may be relatively easier to gain weight, but weight loss is relatively less effective.

U.S. researchers released a new study showed that women, if a lack of vitamin D the body susceptible to obesity. The body manufacture vitamin D is necessary for leptin. Leptin is a hormone can be controller of appetite. It will make people eat a meal resulting from the feeling in order to stop eating. If the human body continue to lower leptin levels, appetite, will become increasingly large, and thus more prone to obesity.

According to the current U.S. annual meeting of the Endocrine Medical Association published a study shows that the level of vitamin D levels are likely to affect the effectiveness of obese people lose weight, one of the key factors.

University of Minnesota team to 38 men and women were heavier than the experimental object, so that the experimenter needed to absorb fewer calories than the daily 750 calories, and vitamin D intake of addition and subtraction, adhere to lose weight 11 weeks to carry out blood testing, cross-comparison of weight-loss results, results showed a lack of vitamin D may lead to obesity. To lose weight, the control under the premise of calories, when the predecessor of 25 hydroxy vitamin D, vitamin D3 (25-hydroxycholecalciferol) in each 1ml content increased within the 1ng, the weight loss than the normal increase in the amount of 0.196kg.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Of milk and yogurt to lose weight which is more effective?

Milk can lose weight, yogurt can be Runchang, then what kind of weight loss, the best, most effective weight loss do? Today, a look at the milk and yogurt diet weight loss effects of PK war, let everyone eat well, thin good.

Why do we drink milk?

In the total calorie intake constant, if the increase in the daily diet intake of dairy products, will greatly help lose excess fat, but also can help you healthy weight control.

High-quality whey protein

Whey protein is naturally present in milk, a class of proteins, about the total milk protein content of 20%. Whey protein content of fat and sugar is low, but also rich in the promotion of the rapid synthesis of muscle important nutrients in a healthy and effective weight control, promoting fat utilization and maintain the muscle has a good effect.


Milk intake of calcium through other means than through the role of calcium intake doubled. Calcium can enhance weight loss, the reason may be multi-faceted. The most important is that when the human body calcium content is low, it will secrete a particular hormone that promotes fat formation and storage. The calcium can inhibit the formation of this hormone, thereby reducing fat production, accelerate the speed of burning fat.

In addition, calcium may reduce the intestinal absorption of fat, help the body burn fat, control appetite and so on to help others. Calcium deficiency in the fat women is a common phenomenon in the clinical course of treatment may be weight loss by obese patients with calcium to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The scientists also suggested that women who plan to lose weight, adding an adequate amount of other kinds of minerals and vitamins, because there is evidence that routine to add minerals and vitamins can also play a beneficial effect.

Sour milk good or better?

Yogurt is a probiotic fermented milk, both of the major nutrients is similar to yogurt, but there are probiotics on intestinal health is more beneficial.

Nutrition experts believe that fresh milk a tranquilizer to promote the role of sleep, the best or in the evening or before going to sleep for half an hour to drink. Relatively speaking, the yogurt drink the time is not so clear, but if we want to Suannai in the morning, in addition to prevention of fasting, the best to drink some water.

Yogurt for more effective thin abdominal

Most yogurt contains a number of fungi can promote the health of the digestive system, reduce bloating, constipation, let your belly look even more flat.

But nutritionists are also generally agreed that milk, yogurt higher than the heat, in general, 100 grams of milk containing heat is 57 kcal, while the full-fat yogurt, sugar-free calories per 100 grams 62 calories, sugar fat yogurt calories per 100 grams of about 72 kcal. The main reason is the increased heat processing of yoghurt added a lot of sugar. So you want to drink yogurt to lose weight is not how many times can.

Recommendation: For those who could not bear to women yogurt delicious and Papan recommended option labeled fat and low calorie yogurt words, although the taste is not so rich mellow explicit can of milk is also slightly lower than the number of calories. If you do not trouble, you can also make their own yogurt Oh. You can add some fruit and yogurt on the D to improve the taste.

Monday, March 15, 2010

30 minutes determines the success or failure to lose weight

Why is it always to lose weight is not successful, many people is simply summarized the reasons: weight loss results are poor, the old eating habits did not completely changed, their willpower is not strong, physical fitness is very poor ...... every one of the reasons right, may be a reason for the failure, but you have not noticed how the upper body fat? Some people usually sports a lot, but still by no less than body weight, in fact, there is a detail you note that this is what you may be the culprit of obesity! This detail is a 30-minute meal dynamic and static!

Actually, the most critical 30 minutes after a meal is a dinner and the 30-minute treatment, because the three meals a day, the breakfast on the way to work after eating, after eating lunch to work, more or less have to make some movement, that is terrible dinner, most people like to sit down after dinner, watching TV, reading newspapers or lie down and rest quietly at this time of fat accumulation on the up! Therefore, to lose weight, must not ignore this important 30-minute, the best program of activities to develop a small meal!

After dinner in general can not do strenuous exercise, so after dinner the choice of movement must be appropriate, can not play sports are too intense, so as not to affect gastrointestinal health. If the house with a balcony or courtyard, or standing on the balcony after dinner stroll Alice Wang is a good choice. Without these, you can go downstairs, walk downstairs to do a minor; clean room is also a good choice, fighting for the chance to do housework is to achieve both a good thing, why not? Both husband and wife sat together after dinner to talk with each other, or massage, is a comfortable massage party is experience, massage is actually a very good course of the campaign, if you take a bath for 30 minutes after meals, the effect better ...... can be seen that the movement is still Manduo meal can do for.

Many weight loss process ignores the importance of this 30-minute meal before so failure to lose weight, so weight-loss process must pay attention to these 30 minutes, just do not lose weight, take note of this meal for 30 minutes on health is also a great benefits!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stay up all night, is to lose weight or fat ?

Many people believe that beauty girl can stay up late to lose weight, this is actually a weight-loss errors. Stay up all night within a short period of weight loss may be able to give you a few catties, but stay up all night to make your endocrine disruption, which lead to endocrine disorders such as obesity, but will you, therefore more fat. Do not know how to lose weight for you not to fall into the weight-loss errors, the following will tell you the correct weight-loss knowledge, stay up all night to see whether it is to lose weight or gain weight.

Many people might think that the long-term reduction in sleep or stay up all night, after gastrointestinal absorption of nutrients will also be a corresponding reduction in the time, it would naturally reduce the weight, but really the case?

Many people Paowan hot bath after the activity was not sleeping, but rather to stay up all night, aim to lose weight. The girls that, according to a variety of activities will consume energy principle, definitely better than staying up late to sleep much more calories consumed, by staying up late to lose weight naturally can speed up the process as soon as possible to achieve. So she began to stay up all night by. Boil all night the first day saw a novel, next morning, red eyes, and face difficulties Italy, and she encouraged themselves, to insist on what can not be undone 呀. Has just upheld the two nights, then a splitting headache, his face haggard, lost a few catties thought would be a weigh-in, meaning there is no change in the slightest. But in the mirror, they are becoming haggard face, eyes retardation, competing on his forehead when the smoke I do not know a lot of acne.

Through late at night may be able to achieve the weight loss effect, but a long time without a break, forcing myself not to sleep, leaving nerve is always in a state of tension and anxiety, this kind of tension and anxiety will make them dizzy and the brain up, and easily cause a headache. Stress and anxiety is also bound to make themselves unable to concentrate to do anything, definitely make the work and learning are affected. And often stay up all night disrupted the normal living habits so easily affected by the endocrine system, faces cropped up acne is very normal. Because the weight to stay up all night, but at the expense of health, worth it?

"Sunrise and sunset", which is the result of human long-term adaptation to the environment. Stay up all night will not only damage their health, but also lead to endocrine disorders, endocrine disorders and thus lead to obesity.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Eat red bean to lose weight

Red beans are rich in vitamins B1, B2, protein and a variety of minerals, there is blood, urine, swelling, promote the effectiveness of cardiac activation and so on. Clever and practical to achieve a good effect to lose weight oh.

Material is very simple: red beans 100 grams

Production Method:

By Sheung Shui in the pan, boil, wash and clean red beans to go. First boil with fire. After boiling replaced by a small fire, has been proud low heat. Left until the red bean skin, sand all of the cooking, half-way can not add water.

Adzuki bean soup for dinner by a pound a week

This as your dinner. This reduction is quite slow, a Monday kg bar. This method is cumbersome and not too much less, to try to end their own in order to nowhere that best suit their needs the ratio of red beans and water.

Boiled red beans, the best casserole, but I am using a pressure cooker, more efficient, the best cooked into a red bean paste, casserole is a two and a half hours, a pressure cooker for 10 minutes, and then you can eat. Hong Kong out of a red bean diet, interested can try.

Ingredients: 200 grams of red beans, dried tangerine peel 5 grams of salt a little


Should first red beans soak for half an hour, add the 500cc of water in the boil, cook for 30 minutes or so, make red beans cooked on the right, and before shutting down.

The dried orange peel macerated with hot water until the flame cooked red beans, after put into Chenpi adzuki bean soup, the superstructure nausea 10 minutes, then add a little salt on it.

Open for dinner daily bowl of adzuki bean soup, eat a fruit to eat at least two weeks, with the amount of exercise a day can be better

Red bean drink powder soaked by 8 pounds a month

Wash the red beans (150g) side, such as pot fry for 15 minutes out at the end into a powder, immerse themselves in water to drink every day. This month, could reduce the 8 kg. Is said to have tried a lot of MM effects of it can be worth a try.

Red beans diet weight loss tips suitable for all ages, is very suitable for women to lose weight is a safe way to lose weight without side effects, quickly try.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

4 super foods help you to loss weight

Say sharpen your fat, the following will introduce you to 4 sharpen thin food. The following is the strongest weight loss food, want to lose weight just by adding them to your menu bar!

1, lettuce

To the loss of low-fat diet supplemented the common market spherical cellulose bag lettuce, butter lettuce fold, as well as Indian lettuce, can be regarded as a kind of lettuce. And another compared to a common vegetable cabbage, lettuce fiber content more, there is the role of eliminating excess fat is a very good diet food. In addition, because of Health lettuce leaves contain elements, as well as hypnotic analgesia, lower cholesterol, treatment efficacy and neurasthenia.

Nutritional highlights: the cellulose-rich diet to supplement the meat in the fibers to absorb deficiencies. 100 grams of lettuce would contain 1.52 grams of dietary fiber.

Additional recommendations: In addition to making the common lettuce salad, you can also store some in the fridge a good clean peeling lettuce, at meal time, or want to eat things that eat out at all times, at any time to add.

2, asparagus

To expand access to low-carbohydrate weight-loss vitamins and trace elements in vegetables, asparagus, but the nobility: Although the price a little expensive than other vegetables, but taste really delicious fragrance. And general than vegetables, asparagus and vegetables contain fiber soft and delicious, but also contains more vitamins and trace elements.

In addition, asparagus is rich in folic acid, about 5 asparagus to contain more than 100 micrograms daily demand of a person has reached 1 / 4.

Nutrition Highlights: eat a plate of asparagus, it is rich in vitamins and trace elements will be able to supplement your lack of vitamin regret.

Additional recommendations: First, asparagus root is best cooked whole, so that can maintain maximum nutrition; In addition, the asparagus tip more in the nutrition, the best to cook asparagus tied together the wrists in order to maintain nutrition.

3, summer squash

An Huang looking after clearing the weight of this bland cheap vegetables, their nutritional value is no less significant. Zucchini contain more vitamin C, glucose and other nutrients, in particular the high content of calcium. Moreover, the squash is rich in moisture, have to moisturize the skin effect.

Nutrition Highlights: Regardless of what diet to follow to lose weight who are usually felt looking yellow skin relaxation. The pumpkin is rich in water can help you lose weight after the Anhuang clear, but also your white complexion.

Additional recommendations: Zucchini should not be eaten raw, cooking time should not be burned Tailan in order to avoid nutrient loss. In addition, the summer squash cold, stomach Deficiency prudent person should eat, or eat.

4, tomato

The maintenance of skin elasticity and moisture, and, like summer squash, tomatoes are also supple beauty favorite. Fresh tomato and tomato juice up to 94% moisture content, and a rich tomato lycopene has a protective effect on cardiovascular, can reduce heart attack.

In addition, the tomato in Niacin, to maintain the normal secretion of gastric juice to promote the formation of red blood cells, blood vessel wall are conducive to maintaining the flexibility and protect the skin.

Nutrition Highlights: want to do both to lose weight while maintaining skin elasticity and moisture? So, the more the better to eat tomatoes when it, it makes you Hydra fresh, beautiful and without limits.

Additional recommendation: the fast-ripening tomatoes Cuihong agent compared to a more natural ripe tomato nutrient-rich, and tastes exceptionally fragrant. So, choose the time, it is best to choose between natural ripe tomato.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Healthy and quick weight loss methods

Lose weight, not you ever noticed how many girls have to eliminate the Iraqi people languish. A good body, good complexion, and rapid enough healthy! This is a recipe for all girls to lose weight in the choice of the reference standard. But, with a broad array of methods, how to choose your own recipe then? Let me save you the trouble of a blanket search page and the time to tell you the most suitable for everyone's a way to lose weight!


First introduce myself, 160CM, weight loss began at 120 pounds for a period of 2 months, 95 pounds. See that the number should not feel surprised by the speed of a few catties 10 a month, pull the bar too! So, looking at figures do not say what the problem, with emphasis on how the two months I spent.

Here's Jiemi Recipe: Early: protein essential for afternoon: fruit and vegetable as a staple for evening: the romantic red wine that is now said to me how to eat. As the saying goes: eat early, eat lunch, dinner to eat less. Then, according to these words in the morning must not neglect their own, whether it is weight loss or healthy way of life of people, a breakfast in both protein intake must be certain. Eggs, heat is low, then a high protein content, it became necessary to lose weight high quality goods. European and American countries but also the scientific data shows that an egg every morning, you can significantly reduce the risk of obesity 10% to 20%. Some people may worry that one might have enough to eat, do not worry, it would eat a chant in the morning make sure your stomach is not aggrieved, the genius can reduce appetite, it is important that the effort began only a day's work and learning ah! Some girls might be "carnivorous", this time can also choose your favorite meat consumption, such as chicken and beef is a good choice.