Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yogurt not lose weight more

Method 1: yogurt + training a green papaya milk 150 ml sugar-free yogurt, milk with two spoons practice, stir into the Green Mugua Zhi. Can be instant, can be frozen in the refrigerator, taste better.

Method 2: yogurt + practice daily before meals with 150 ml milk yogurt, with two key training milk, mix well and serve.

Method 3: breast massage milk yogurt + practice when deploying multiple systems Chin certain products, after bath every night, to James in the chest, clockwise counterclockwise exchange

For massage. At least 15 minutes to the chest feel hot at all.

Morning glass of milk, a cup of yogurt at night is the most ideal. But some people especially like yogurt, often a large number of Suannai meal may lead to weight gain. This is because the yogurt itself contains a certain energy, equivalent to an extra meal intake of these Suannai heat caused weight gain. For healthy people, drink a glass or two a day, that is, one day about 250-500 grams of food is more appropriate. The best half an hour to an hour after dinner drinks

Use, adjustable intestinal flora on health benefit.

Drink a glass of cold milk, will be very uncomfortable stomach, trying to heated yoghurt drink, or that heat will destroy the nutrients. In fact, after the yogurt is warm drink. That yogurt should not be heated, is worried about killing the most valuable of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt, its role is to produce lactic acid, to increase intestinal acidity, and can inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria and reduces spoilage bacteria produce toxins in the gut if only to yogurt for heat treatment, it will increase the activity of lactic acid bacteria, their specific health effects even more. So, to say after the yogurt is heated for drinking. Can be packed into the yogurt with 45 or so warm water slowly heated, with the heat rock, and so packing warm feeling, and you can drink up.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Crazy diet to reduce calorie intake, but neglected to bring the metabolic rate thus decreased

Misunderstanding 3: frozen food, drink more calories than room temperature food consumption

Tests show that the test beverages were consumed polar ice consumed beverage calories than drinking room temperature tests were only slightly higher than the minimal. Negligible difference to simply do not have any effect for weight loss, about 10 calories a day to consume. View of the frozen food for gastrointestinal adverse impact, we could choose a more healthy and effective way.

Mistakes 4: crazy diet to reduce calorie intake, but neglected to bring the metabolic rate thus decreased.

Indeed, if the reduced caloric intake, metabolic rate will decrease with. The human body is a very smart energy bank. You absorb more, it will store up (into fat); absorb less, it will reduce consumption (lower basal metabolic rate), but also may reduce immunity in organ maintenance and the "expenditure." When you look slim by dieting, the body of your lack of caloric intake prolonged the response was "you're hungry." At this time, the body will automatically reduce the metabolic rate, thereby reducing heat consumption, as much as possible to retain heat. This seems to run counter to your diet. The frightening thing is, once you unbearable hunger, the heat back to the diet before the supply, "reduce" the basal metabolic rate temporarily unable to rise to the original level, but will cause heat accumulation, appear more cut more fat situation. If you have more movement in the weight loss process, you can offset these small changes. Well balanced diet and exercise, can allow the body to maintain the metabolic rate of consumption of calories.

Misunderstanding 5: slow metabolism at night, if you do not eat, will accelerate weight loss

People after a certain time after the weight will no longer eat less, simply because they reduce the total calorie intake, not because they advance the sake of added calories. In the dark before the intake of your calories for one day will not speed up the rate of weight loss, unless the intake of calories than they need.

Perhaps it is more than five errors by the more fat you more the reason why. Each weight loss people are often heard saying: to increase your metabolic rate. How can we maintain or even increase metabolic rate due, it is the beauty of our open door?

Metabolism will slow down the increase with age

Summer, and weight loss has become an urgent task beauty ladies. Why do not fat people how to eat, but how diet and I do not thin it? These questions seem to point to one answer: "Blame is slow metabolism."

"Metabolism is the body to sustain life and to the general term for all chemical changes, the whole process allows you to breathe normally, and promote blood flow to your brain to function properly and gain the necessary energy from food." Human Nutrition University of California, Los Angeles Associate Director, Susan - Bowerman explains, "In addition, basal metabolic rate refers to the body in a static, to ensure the normal operation of the various organs of the required daily calories."

Metabolic rate and body composition are directly related. 2 pound fat calories consumed a day, but the per pound lean body mass (weight minus fat weight) can consume 14 calories. Lean body composed of a large part of the muscle, so the best way to increase the metabolic rate is through strength training to enhance their muscles.

It has been several hundred years of history of metabolism, but it is still a lot of misunderstanding, nutrition expert Susan - Bowerman summarizes the five errors on the metabolism, opened its mystery.

Five errors of metabolism

Misunderstanding 1: metabolism will slow down the increase with age

With increasing age, most people will increase weight. Many people attribute it to slow down metabolic rate, but usually this is because they reduce the frequency or intensity of exercise, reducing energy consumption per day. Exercise reduced muscle mass will also have a lower, the decline in lean body mass, which directly led to slow metabolic rate, body weight gain. This phenomenon is not irreversible. By cardiopulmonary exercise exercise to burn calories, strength training to maintain or increase muscle, these are the prevention of fertility because of old age the best way.

Misunderstanding 2: metabolism are natural, not artificial change

Some people seem to always eat, but food is not fat. One important reason may be that they choose healthy, lower calorie foods. These "lucky" mostly consumed more calories, they may soon take regular walk, stand up and do some stretching exercises, and colleagues face to face communication rather than email. So, if you want to resolve to promote the metabolism by increasing muscle every day more than is necessary to move La.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friend to lose weight is through exercise

Thin is a huge project, identify the direction of more efficient Oh. Potassium seems like oxen and horses do not lose weight with the wind and, in fact with the prospective of potassium, in order to achieve a multiplier effect oh. Uptake of potassium from fruits in the main come out please notebooks, note the following thin fruit king.

Friend to lose weight is through exercise, certainly hope that the small number of fat a little muscle, a little more, but in the process, through proper diet to supplement the amount of potassium, will contribute to muscle growth, it brings you to slim down program more effective.

"American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" magazine published a study demonstrating that dietary supplement in the amount of potassium, so you can maintain a maximum amount of muscle. The following recommended foods, just need to be supplemented with daily 4.7 grams of potassium. You can recommend the following food list, reasonable arrangements for your weight-loss recipes.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Five eat diet food is not fat

Dieting to lose weight gave its numerous obese suffered the torment of watching endless delicious food is not dynamic, is a matter of how painful! Today, you summed up the 10 kinds of eating the food will not get fat, so you once eaten enough!

1. Fu fiber vegetables - both soluble fiber or insoluble fiber will help to lose weight.

Dietary fiber swelling in the stomach, will make people feel a long time have full belly, do not want to eat, to avoid people eat more food. Fiber-rich vegetables, including celery, garlic, lettuce, leeks, cucumbers.

2. Multi-fiber fruits - the role of multi-fiber fruit production, and fiber-rich vegetables like.

These foods include strawberries, apples, pears, pineapple, jujube, Begonia, etc..

3. Juicy fruit - the fruit is rich in water so you can easily take a water full, no longer want to eat other food.

We can eat before eating watermelon, tomatoes, grapefruit and melon, in order to reduce appetite dinner.

4. High non-soluble fiber foods - non-soluble fiber foods are very low calories, beneficial to weight loss.

Foods rich in insoluble fiber include high fiber cereal, whole wheat bread, wheat bran, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, beans, and mushrooms, such as konjac.

5. Thin filament protein - protein helps to speed up metabolism, maintain normal body function, body weight loss can not harm Oh.

Weight loss, the amount of protein must be guaranteed to ensure that each meal should be a number of thin-fiber intake of protein, optionally a small amount of sea food including salmon or tuna, skim milk, tofu and various soy products, etc., these foods will help body healthy and low calorie.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The practice of 2 weight loss food

Ingredients: 150 grams of zucchini, carrots 50 grams.

Seasoning: soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, pepper, pepper side.


1. Pumpkin Wash (do not peel) rubbing with fine filament thread rolling device. Carrots peeled thin filament twist. Mixing the two plate and serve.

2. All the spices down together and mix thoroughly, pour in the vegetable on when to eat or dipping can be.

Comment: Few people raw zucchini, did not expect the crisp touch of creamy silk squash mixed with a trace of foam, dip dip juice good tune was actually so special flavor. Raw big advantage is a greater degree of preservation of food in various vitamins, these vitamins and dipping sauce of capsaicin together with the fresh taste in your taste, while playing the role of both the beauty they lose weight.

Ingredients: 25 grams of white shrimp, red kidney beans 50 grams.

Seasoning: thick soup, salt, mint leaves.


1. Red kidney beans soaked in water for one night prior. White shrimp, shelled and take the meat, cut back to the shrimp line.

2. Red kidney beans and simmer the soup thick with shrimp, red kidney beans soft rot, into the bowl containing the last mint leaf embellishment.

Comment: shrimp to provide quality people have put on weight and will not fear for protein, red kidney beans and red bean with a similar cell in the body to remove excess water efficiency, while providing high-quality people carbohydrate produce satiety. Combined with the delicious taste of soup cook, the letter a delicious weight loss food. Just remember the broth into the refrigerator should first freeze the white oil, will be removed and then the cooking.

What is a "woman dishes?" Of course

What is a "woman dishes?" Of course, was a woman for a woman to eat food of love, it meets several conditions: health, health, beauty, should the band a little longer and lose weight while eating, it is more consistent with their expectations of the women! There? Yes!

Ingredients: 150 grams of edible aloe, green tea, 5 grams, spinach 30 grams, 30 grams of lemon leaves.

Seasoning: rock candy, watermelon small.


1. Aloe slice, put into the cup.

2. Green tea brewed with 90 ℃ water out of tea. Wash spinach wok boiling water, and mint leaves, green tea, along with rock sugar into the juice squeezed into juice, watermelon Ding Sheng cup can be decorated.

Tea and weight loss seems to have indissoluble bond, the women all know that green tea is a weight loss expert, coupled with beauty of aloe and iron-rich spinach (must first boiling water to acid, or affect the absorption of calcium), weight loss, then another beauty Fuji.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Breast milk diet DIY health also

Anywhere can buy soy milk, plus carrots, bananas, tomatoes, spinach, cabbages, fruits and vegetables, milk labeled as fruit juices, can be cleverly transformed into a high fiber and high nutrition in weight-loss help, some people rely on this method of fasting 3 days, 9 pounds under thin, and the chest will not shrink.

Many nutritionists agree that obesity is not nutrition, but because the structural causes of malnutrition. As living conditions improve, people over-consumption of food containing animal fats, and fat metabolism caused by endocrine disorders, in turn causing fat savings. Therefore, to reduce animal fat intake, increase the natural plant foods in the diet, the ratio is one way to lose weight healthy.

Research shows that soy milk is rich in soy protein, not only to supply the body with adequate nutrition, but also promote excretion of excess cholesterol, cholesterol in the blood decreased, and promote fat burning; soybean saponin may antioxidant and prevent atherosclerosis; soy lecithin, inhibited fat accumulation, but also improve sleep.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Excessive exercise is not weight loss

All know that exercise can lose weight, but the sisters have to pay attention, and so thin the more demanding the longer the meat.

Excessive exercise is not weight loss

Exercise can improve the body's basal metabolic rate, burns calories, it helps lose weight. Researchers to experiment with the 72 women who let them in their walk-run exercise 30 minutes, and test blood before and after exercise obese gene product - leptin concentrations.

Intensity exercise does not burn fat

Found that 86%% of subjects of leptin are increased significantly. The results show that the intensity of the campaign basically do not burn fat, especially in anaerobic exercise, muscle glycogen produced during anaerobic glycolysis metabolite is lactic acid, lactic acid under aerobic conditions in the liver most of the decomposition of carbon dioxide and water;

Intensity of exercise increases fat sometimes

Another part of the re-synthesis of glycogen, but also a small amount of lactic acid synthesis through the metabolism of fat.

That is why the intensity of the exercise is not only not achieve the role of weight loss, but will sometimes increase body fat accumulation of reasons.

Thin to moderate exercise

For this reason, sports medicine experts recommend those who want to lose weight, the general movement for half an hour to an hour, heart rate 130-175 per minute under the left can be regarded as moderate exercise, such increases leptin concentrations.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Eating pistachios can be thin

The study found that oleic acid containing known oleoyl ethanolamine (OEA) for appetite suppression compound, it makes you feel more full after a meal, feeling hungry for longer periods.

And pistachios from the one of the three unsaturated fatty acids: oleic acid, palmitic acid, and 20. Pistachio contained within 55% of the total fat is monounsaturated fat, 97.3% of the composition is oleic acid.

Pistachio is not only rich in protein, but also a large number of arginine-rich - a can promote blood vessel relaxation (diastolic) of the elements, at the same time cleaning out the body of metabolic wastes, and promote the body's metabolism. "

However, the selection of the time also must keep their eyes open, only do not bleach, natural openings pistachios to ensure that this element is not destroyed.

Pistachios or will "remind" people of snacks

Shelled pistachio nuts not to eat takes longer hull, but left after eating the shell will prompt visual effects, when to eat Daowu Cheng has had enough time to think.

Pistachio is the lowest in calories, containing the least amount of fat, nuts contain one of the highest fiber, containing 30 different vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients, choose your snacks wisely.

However, after bleaching of pistachios, will likely cause the loss of the original nutrient-rich, from pistachio in order to be able to adequate nutrient intake is recommended when the choice to buy non-bleached natural California pistachios.

Snacks can also lose weight

Nutrition experts, 30 pistachios is a delicious, healthy weight satiety, calorie intake is about 100 calories. Pistachio nutritious meals a day can not only control the appetite outside, but also help control weight, is a true "thin nuts."

Pistachio is a dietary fiber, good source of oleic acid and arginine, or the minimum calories, with the least amount of fat, nuts contain one of the highest fiber.

Pistachio nuts are one of the largest with cellulose, is conducive to weight control

Time to eat an ounce (28 grams) of pistachio to contain 3 grams of fiber.

More than many other nuts, snacks, and even more than some fruits and whole grain. Fiber helps control blood sugar, so you have a feeling of fullness, but also conducive to weight control.

Senior nutritionist pointed out that the lack of modern fiber intake and the wrong diet is the key reason leading to obesity.

The real way to lose weight is not something to eat or not eat less, on the contrary, is the food intake of more help to lose weight, that is, food rich in fiber. California pistachios without bleaching is one of them.

Oleic acid contained pistachio nuts in the can in fact promote weight loss

Nutritionists found that oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat, can actually promote weight reduction.

Friday, June 11, 2010

This is one of the lowest resistance to the temptation of food when it is easy to eat and drink

Work space you want to eat old

Work pressure, many people will feel old and like to eat something, in fact, this is a misconception that can come with a short walk distraction. Really want to eat, it is best to eat an apple or baby carrots, low-calorie foods to chew you can relax tense facial nerve.

Is easy to feel hungry eat a big meal

This is one of the lowest resistance to the temptation of food when it is easy to eat and drink.

Experts suggest that before deciding what to eat, best to drink water, because most likely your body is in a dehydrated state, which will increase your hunger. If you still feel hungry, you can eat peanut butter or nuts, they are not only nutritious, but also has a strong feeling of fullness, can help you control energy intake.

The best half-hour before lunch eat

The best half-hour before lunch eat

Best to eat cookies made of coarse grains, bread or sugar-free yogurt and fruit, they are more conducive to digestion, does not prevent your appetite for lunch. In addition, less hungry, you can rationally choose lunch foods, eat more healthy.

Fitness is easy to feel hungry after

Is easy to feel hungry at this time. Experts point out that whether you want to eat more, the best Freeze eat, or else the movement just made in vain. If you really feel hungry, you can choose a small portion of food containing protein and carbohydrates, such as skim or low-fat yogurt. Among them, the protein provides the amino acids the body needs to repair muscles, carbohydrates are to help restore glycogen.

Morning wake up the heat must be added

In five times a day is the most want to eat, this time, if the indulgence of appetite, over time, obesity, overweight and other symptoms can inadvertently come its way. However, if an effective form of restraint or other place of that of the people who are losing weight will be more with less.

Morning wake up the heat must be added

When the human body in the early morning, nearly 8 to 10 hours are fasting. To meet the morning's work and learning, we must add heat. A cup of hot chocolate contains about 110 kilocalories, a glass of orange juice contains about 109 kilocalories, and body

Day of folic acid required for 15%. The chocolate and fruit juice is a better simple carbohydrates, which is the energy source.

If you want a day full of energy, it requires adequate intake of calories, a cup of chocolate or orange juice, plus a cup of yogurt or fresh fruit to meet this demand, which can better implement their plans.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Health and diet drink carrot juice

Here a "health drink carrot juice diet." Fresh off the first 1-2 days, drink carrot juice. In the fasting period, no relationship between how much to drink carrot juice. On the third day, not only meal, and the remaining two meals of rice, boiled vegetables to eat warm gastrointestinal. Such conduct a round, about 2-3 kg can thin the next ... oh ...

Ingredients: carrot (about 200 grams)


1 carrot skin is rich in nutrition, skin with a brush and water to fully wash, cut each into a round lump.

2, if a single drinking carrot juice that is not easy entrance, you can add some apples, tomatoes or bananas mixed with juice or lemon juice, honey and sugar.

3 carrots cut into appropriate size, put fruit and vegetable juicer or blender. Out from the mixer was sticky carrot juice is carrot-shaped, intact carrot nutrition, it is best not left it to drink a drop. If fruit and vegetable juice, carrot juice in the squeeze, the residue will remain in the juice, these residues are rich in dietary fiber, should strive to achieve a small handle, and dip down to drink carrot juice with only not be wasted.

4, without fruit and vegetable juicer or blender can also be prepared to clean cutting board, Rub the carrots on top, you can out of thin strips of carrot. Of course, these raw carrots OK, if the wrap with gauze, squeeze the juice drink is not bad.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fast weight loss will eat 11 kinds of food

1, Garlic: Garlic is a mixture of sulfur compounds, can reduce blood cholesterol levels and prevent thrombosis, helping to increase high-density lipoprotein.

2, leeks: leek in addition to calcium, phosphorus, iron, sugar and protein, vitamin A, C, also contain carotene and a lot of fiber, can increase intestinal motility, a very good laxative effect, to rule out intestinal Road, too many nutrients, including excess fat.

3, onion: onion with prostaglandin A, this component has relaxing blood vessels, lowering blood pressure functions. It also contains a thin n-3 and a small amount of sulfur compounds, sulfur amino acids, in addition to lipid, it can also prevent atherosclerosis. 40-year-olds to eat more.

4, mushroom: can significantly reduce serum cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL levels, regular consumption of the body can have a relatively high density lipoprotein increased.

5, melon: regular consumption of wax gourd, can remove excess body fat and water, play a role in weight loss.

6, carrot: calcium-rich pectin, which, after running with the bile acid excreted from the stool. The body to produce bile acids bound to use the blood cholesterol, thus contributing to lower blood cholesterol levels.

7, Kelp: Kelp is rich in taurine. Alginate dietary fiber can reduce blood fat and cholesterol in bile.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

5 weight-loss food

Slimming Food 1: Pumpkin Seeds

Slimming component analysis: pumpkin because of the low calorie and fiber-rich diet received by the family's favorite, and pumpkin in the pumpkin seeds are some of the other super-nutritious. Heat than the seeds not only lower, but also rich in magnesium delayed aging women. Moreover, pumpkin seeds more difficult to peel, so keep the "nibbling" and chewing in, but also by the continuous secretion of saliva to stimulate the body's metabolism to speed up the conversion of fat and waste exclusion.

How to Eat Slimming: Slimming want to achieve the best results, we should select the flavor. In addition to direct food away, stripped of some nuts added to the salad is also a good choice.

Slimming Food 2: Oatmeal

Slimming component analysis: also contains oat cereal food in both the absence of saponin, can be described as a staple food in the ginseng. Since oats are coarse fibers of food, so not only can promote digestion and toxins from the body, but also delicate skin becomes shiny.

How to Eat Slimming: oatmeal is more common and practical method. If conditions permit, you can use skim milk, oatmeal foam.

Slimming Food 3: raspberry

Slimming component analysis: fresh raspberry is just flash in the pan in the late summer, but more reassuring is that loss of frozen raspberries and no nutrition, so it can be used to eat in the winter. Because the raspberry is rich in anti-inflammatory factors and dietary fiber. Is to maintain the same good body and skin of necessary weapons.

How to Eat Slimming: direct food or mix with plain yogurt in the food.