Sunday, November 14, 2010

While jogging to stay healthy and weight-loss benefits

Under the premise of the full warm-up, do not think run faster, the more fat to burn, to the contrary. When you run as fast as when the supply of oxygen to body, the body is doing anaerobic exercise, fat burning can not fully participate in, so can not be consumed. The relatively low intensity aerobic exercise but some more to promote the body's fat burning.

So, how to determine your current running intensity aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise is? The easiest way is if you feel out of breath when running, it means the body during anaerobic exercise, if you run
Coordination of breathing even further, they can even chat with side edges and running around them, and do not feel disordered breathing, it means you are doing the most to promote fat burning aerobic exercise. Jogging 20 minutes or less is rapid energy consumption, the reserves began to mobilize energy for fat burning, if this time to stop movement to reach full burn fat weight-loss purposes. Therefore, experts recommend the running time is 40 minutes.

While jogging to stay healthy and weight-loss benefits, but experts do not recommend to run every day, every day is best to run again.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Few Japanese women generally gain weight

Few Japanese women generally gain weight, she is very petite, this and their eating habits has a close relationship, because the Japanese to be at the coast, usually eating more seafood, but there is a very key part of the Japanese women love to eat tofu, tofu is very popular in Japan, the food, let's take a look at their tofu diets it.

1, Japan Tofu Association will completely resolve the cosmetic effects of tofu!

Why should the tofu as the main ingredients slimming meals? ! Soy contains a variety of reasons and from a wealth of cosmetic ingredients. The strength of its beauty can not be ignored include: "low calorie", another satiety, rich in fat can reduce the "soy lecithin," high quality "protein" can create muscle, promote the body metabolism, prevention of constipation effective "soybean oligosaccharides," translucent skin more moist, "soy isoflavones" to promote metabolism "of vitamin B group", can be blocked by neutral fat "soybean glycosides," that enables complete fat burning " iron "and" features a easy to digest ", does not cause gastrointestinal burden. When in poor physical condition recommended for human consumption.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weight loss may also be harmful

Weight loss may also be harmful! According to Reuters, Hong Kong Electric, South Korean researchers recently in "International Journal of Obesity," published study reported that long-term weight loss can be caused by diabetes, hypertension and rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases, this is because long-term weight loss causes of industrial pollutants into the blood .

The researchers said the industrial pollution of these compounds are usually stored in adipose tissue, fat by weight in the process of decomposition into the bloodstream. She believes that weight loss can cause increased blood levels of pollutants, contaminants Once in the blood to reach the critical organs, which makes the "good weight", said with loopholes. She studied American 1099 trial participants in the blood concentration of seven industrial pollutants, they found that body weight over the past 10 years, the biggest decline in people, the highest concentrations in the blood of these compounds, collectively referred to as "persistent organic pollutants (POP) ". And more and more evidence that, POP and type 2 diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and periodontal disease related.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sleep diet is by medical evidence that an effective way to lose weight

Sleep diet is by medical evidence that an effective way to lose weight, primarily through the quality of sleep time and sleep to influence the secretion of hormones to break down fat, it burns, promote metabolism to eliminate swelling and stimulate growth hormone, to guide the body to fat into energy.

First, the sleeping body to release "leptin"

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U.S. National Institute of Mental Health new study has found a person during sleep, the body will release a product called "leptin" of chemical substances, the substance can prompt people to have full, in order to control the amount of fat. Experts also pointed out that lack of sleep may affect the consumption of calories during the day to help the secretion of hormones, lack of sleep affects the "leptin" secretion, which is not difficult to see an effective weight loss sleep weight loss.

There is a hormone the body, referred to as hgh, human choice is a natural hormone secreted by the main role is to promote bone and muscle growth, but will also accelerate the burning of body fat. hgh secretion only sleep at night, especially after about 90 minutes to fall asleep "reverse sleep" when the secretion of the most productive. We daily caloric intake far beyond our body consumes calories, more nutrients accumulate and form fat fat, if the body itself is a low basal metabolic rate, calorie consumption can not be timely, it is likely to cause a vicious cycle of obesity. In fact, the burning heat and the growth of the organizations, more than 70% are in the resting state, especially during sleep to.