Monday, May 31, 2010

Do not eat dessert after a meal as much as possible

Rule number three: do not eat dessert after a meal as much as possible

If you really want to eat something that tempts, then eat a small snack calories, such as seaweed or jelly 1 packet 4. Do not over-yo!

The consequences of failing to observe rules: cookies, chocolate, and even fruit are all carbohydrate foods, they eat it immediately into fat, increased body fat is the major culprit, will only make you eat a fat line up ah!

Rule 4: to maintain low oil, low salt diet

Steamed or cooked as far as the way to cooking to reduce fat intake. If you are dining out, what will happen over a glass of water to dish a little about the election away excess oil and salt. Eat less starch than the oil thing, because the starch is too easy for oil absorption, and as fried noodles, fried rice, Shuijian Bao, Green onion pancake and so on.

The consequences of failing to observe rules: oil, salt makes you gain weight. Oil or food is too salty, not only to the accumulation of body fat more easily so that water can not be discharged Ershi lower body edema.

Weight loss diet to follow certain rules

Weight loss diet to follow certain rules, or you go on a diet to lose weight no matter how useless, the following seven rules to help you lose weight successfully open the door to quickly learn it.

Rule number one: eat some breakfast

Do not have time to eat breakfast is not an excuse to drink a cup of skim milk or eat boiled eggs can be a word, do not let the stomach empty. Breakfast should be more milk, eggs, foods with high nutritional value, but also eat vegetables and fruit.

The consequences of failing to observe the rules: do not eat breakfast, the next meal will eat more, but more fat intake is easy. Also, because the long interval between meals, your body will send signals of hunger, when the re-feeding, the more easily converted to fat storage.

Rule number two: eight full lunch

Based on health considerations, it is appropriate to eat eight full; based on weight considerations, eating seven full it should be.

Chinese eat very difficult to control appetite, experience their favorite dishes will always eat particularly large, and very easy to eat too. Way to Western-style meals, all vegetable species, components mounted on the same plate, so as to achieve nutritional balance, but also easy to control food intake, if meals and then slow down the speed it is easy to get a sense of satiety, can be avoided eat too much.

The consequences of failing to observe the rules: what they want to eat what to eat, picky eaters, or often eat noodles, it is easy to intake of too much starchy food, usually soup noodles there are many marinade or oil, that's great, but to lose weight enemy.

Because the body's physiological mechanisms to a geometric to count the words, the body must issue an energy to consume protein foods to the energy consumption of 0.8 starchy foods, to 0.7 in the energy consumption of fat to food, eating too much starch and fat, the body will naturally reduce the metabolic rate.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ear massage to loss weight

Inside the helix above the point of constipation

Constipation point

Very effective in relieving constipation points. Constipation due to bowel caused by slow or indigestion, constipation point stimulation can enhance gastrointestinal motility, facilitate removal of toxins.

Location: inside the top of the helix

Efficacy: the promotion of gastrointestinal movement, eliminate constipation.

Methods: intermittent pressing, morning and evening about 30 under each ear.

The stomach about the central point of the ear

Stomach point

A digestion-related points. Abdominal fat accumulation is due to gas or indigestion, to exert pressure on the stomach can digest point active hormone, and promote digestion.

Location: around the central ear

Efficacy: to promote secretion of digestive enzymes to reduce abdominal fat.

Methods: intermittent pressing, morning and evening about 30 under each ear.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The best bodybuilding

The best anti-aging movement - running

Rhythmic running, able to swallow a lot of oxygen, on the metabolism boost. Running it is a moderate amount of exercise, alternating between tension and relaxation movement, which regulates people's moods or excessive sympathetic nervous excitement and tension of the blood circulation of the run, to eliminate blood vessels, particularly cerebral blood vessels of the risks, since to a stronger role. Often insist on running on cardiac function in a more prominent role in the increase. No wonder some people overseas are running as "the best anti-aging movement."

The best bodybuilding - Gymnastics

The conduct of sustained fitness and gymnastics to enhance balance and coordination exercises, can receive significant fitness effects. Now introduce a balanced exercise, may wish to try: straight forward with both hands, palms close to the wall, keeping the body straight, then bend elbows, body movements after a previous day, 8 to 10 times, persistent, determined will benefit.

The best anti-hypertension campaign - Walking

Speaking from the human blood circulation system, in walking, muscle system, like turning the pump, through the repeated contraction of muscles to promote blood vessel contraction and expansion, and promote blood circulation, thus reducing blood pressure.

For walking produce health effects, we must select the right amount of exercise, too little exercise reach the purpose, too much fatigue. Under normal circumstances, to take one hour per day is appropriate; rate according to age and will have to choose their own health, slow to 60 to 70 steps per minute, the velocity of 80 to 90 steps per minute, fast was 110 per minute 120 steps.

The best weight loss exercise

Say that life is movement, the following list of several campaigns, in addition to weight loss, they also greatly beneficial to health.

The best weight loss exercise - swimming

When you're trying to lose weight and try to make weight will not bounce back, insist on the elimination of excess fat to swim very effective. Generally speaking, any aerobic exercise Jieyou weight loss, but better hands and feet movement. The energy consumption of swimming great body, help eliminate health problems such as warts.

The best brain exercise - jumping

Bounce is a systemic activity, can enhance blood circulation, better blood flow to the brain, which supply the brain more oxygen. Meanwhile, the spring reaction of the brain thinking is more active, agile.

Case of children skipping, skipping activities enable them to abstract the actual number of things, which makes the child to a preliminary understanding of the meaning and the formation of the actual number of number concepts.

When skipping the number of self-hop can stimulate the brain's thinking, through the information back and forth to and from, accelerate the promotion of the brain thought to make more accurate judgments. Older people often do jumping exercise, can significantly reduce mental decline, thereby reducing the risk of dementia too.

The best anti-myopia sports - table tennis

Important cause of myopia is caused by eyestrain. People who work long been engaged in close, because the lens is always in a high degree of state regulation, so that pressure of extraocular eye muscles, and in time will gradually longer axial length, induced myopia.

Table tennis, the ciliary muscle from shuttling back and forth with the table tennis to relax and contract, can promote the blood supply of the eye structure and metabolism, thereby to eliminate or reduce eye fatigue, improve vision, to play the role of prevention of myopia .

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blind weight loss costly and pernicious to health

Summer is the season of weight loss product really looks like. In particular, the advent of the summer, on the weight, "preoccupied with" the women began a new round of weight loss process. "Slimming wind" blowing, keep selling weight loss products. This reporter learned that, nowadays, beauty family used the "beautiful" is targeted at a slender figure on. As a result, the streets of the beauty salons have lost no time in launching weight loss program, there are numerous ways and means variety, and "starvation", "weight loss medication," "smear Jianfei Shuang", "massage", "input protein" ... ... weight loss was a dizzying. Although methods vary, but all claim to be healthy to lose weight, but fast and effective.

Weight loss has become a fashion trend, but because of improper methods to lose weight, many people have experienced weight loss mistakes or failure. In this regard, experts believe that weight loss can affect the health, health is the ideal pursuit of a beautiful Canada.

Hospital Health experts say obesity is caused by a variety of reasons, such as eating disorders, genetic factors, endocrine disorders, childbirth, menopause, hormones. The causes of the imbalance in the body environment, causing excessive accumulation of body fat. Obesity causes and extent of obesity varied diet of food, drugs and the mechanism of weight loss vary vastly different obese people lose weight using the same method, on the one hand can cause invalid, on the other hand may also be because of improper use adverse consequences. "Lose weight" should be selected to enhance exercise, a balanced diet is the most healthy way to lose weight. Also, a correct aesthetic, can not figure this one-sided pursuit of external form, but should combine health and beauty, integrity, based on the pursuit of perfection in health.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer of five weight loss methods recommended method

1, do not use dumplings, steamed buns, pastries, snacks and other added fats, sugar or meat instead of rice and bread made of food staples, as they steamed bread and rice than the much higher heat, more fattening.

2, using tofu instead of animal food.

3, with chicken and fish instead of pork. Chicken low fat high protein content, but also lean pork with fat up to 25%, 30% row of flesh and blood as much as 40%.

4, if using potatoes and sweet potato as a dish or snack, it should reduce the number of staple foods, because they also contain starch.

5, often eat kelp, mushrooms, mushrooms, edible fungus, konjac and other dishes, their own low heat, also has filled the role, can make the stomach feel full, beneficial to weight loss.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Water jogging can also help the rehabilitation of sports injuries

Jogging in water than land-based training more efficient. As the water density and thermal conductivity ratio of air large, people in the water consumption of more energy than land. Test showed that the water stays at 12 degrees Celsius 4 minutes out of the heat emitted, equivalent at the same temperature, the distribution of land, 1 hour out of the heat. In addition, the water resistance of the air 12 times, ran 45 minutes in the water, the equivalent of running two hours on land. At the same time, intensity exercise, in the water than on land, much more energy consumption, which depends on the energy supply of sugar and fat consumption of the body to supplement, by this method can gradually lose excess body fat . Therefore, water jogging, particularly suitable for obese persons. Medical experts also recommended that people in the abdomen and legs can be a very good water resistance training, women want to lose weight jogging in the water, not only can get rid of excess abdominal fat, but also so that the legs become slender.

Water jogging can also help the rehabilitation of sports injuries. Some players had to stop training after the injury. And if the way to restore the water jogging training, both to avoid further injury, while not stop the exercise.

Water jogging action is not complicated as long as the movement

Water jogging action is not complicated as long as the movement frequency adjustment by adjusting the amount of exercise can be. In addition, jogging in the water to be gradual. The feeling of movement to adjust their own strength. 5 minutes jogging, heart rate should not exceed 110-130 times per minute, and in alternating rest and exercise is appropriate.

Water jogging can reduce traditional training methods impact on joints and avoid sports injuries. Sports scientist, said: jogging in the water body can be evenly distributed load, than the obvious advantage of the land run. On land, each 1 mile run, each foot must hit the ground about 1000, feet, knees and hips are subject to shocks, easily lead to muscle sprain or ligament strain; in water, lower extremity shock is zero, such incidents will not occur.

The so-called water jogging

Fitness means thousand kinds, which one is best for you? May wish to try jogging in water. This is today a new U.S. fitness. Medical experts said, jogging in the water body can be evenly distributed load, not only weight loss fitness, but also beneficial to the body's recovery after injury, the benefits of lots.

The so-called water jogging, water depth of 1.5 m is chosen to 2 meter pool, a floating band tied around his waist, so they can keep the body vertically standing water, do not worry forward, they are able to concentrate on training. Movement, feet touching the ground, head and shoulders

Bladder out of the water; hands mimic the action running: arm bent 90 degrees to the shoulder axis, before and after the wave, point fingers do not break the surface; knees and hips parallel to that height, then step down. In this way, no matter which direction movement, the resistance will be encountered in water, so as to achieve a balanced body muscles have been the effect of exercise. If you want to increase the amount of exercise, you can also expedite the speed of hands and feet dance, resistance in the water help burn more fat. After this movement, heart and muscle have been tempered, and will experience a massage like feeling of comfort.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Obese people to lose weight exercise therapy is an important means of treatment

Obese people to lose weight exercise therapy is an important means of treatment, the scientific selection of physical therapy, matched with an appropriate diet, can often achieve the desired results. The problem is that many working hard to have extra time to exercise, and rely on a simple diet control, weight loss is not only hard work, there are effects on health, they must be set up perseverance, a scientific weight loss exercise therapy.

1. Watching TV at the same time, shake hula hoops: not only can easily turn you into waist beauty, you can create the perfect smart hip.

2. Buy a VCD to follow aerobics dance: not only for certain parts of the body to exercise, you can also you the perfect curve, easy and no space limitations.

3. Stairs: Do not use the elevators travel up. Back and forth the stairs, not only consume staggering heat, can exercise your heart and lung function.

4. Skipping: students often play a game. Lose weight while also help you get back childhood memories.

5. Walking: Walking time every day. I suggest you stop every day after work in advance and get off, walk home, so every day will adhere to the unexpected weight loss.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bedtime exercise, lazy most effective weight loss

The exercise without equipment, simple, as long as there spare time, you can exercise anytime, anywhere.

Curl-ups: arms crossed hug his chest, legs bent, heel 30-50 cm away from the hips, feet flat, toes hooked along the bottom of furniture, upper back flat;-up of the trunk and head forward, try to touch the toe hook with furniture. 1 minute in force continuously repeated.

To sit on a protrusion: sitting on the bed, legs stretched forward level, close together, heel 13 cm apart, feet withstand wall, his hands reach, try to touch the wall. Note that the knee can not bend, not excessive force, the muscles relax as much as possible, for 5 seconds.

3 minutes Jumping: on the floor put a small stool or a bundle of newspapers, about 30 cm high, first the right foot on the bench, left foot, the then exchange places at the same time --- the left foot pedal stool, the right foot, the so alternately, do 24 times per minute.

Push-ups: knees the ground, legs cocked, head to the knee kept straight, palms stretched flat, fingers forward, below the support at the shoulder, the palm from the shoulder width. And then touch the ground with chest volts, then to the arm straight up with your arms.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5 most fashionable food Colon Cleanser

1, asparagus

Asparagus contains a variety of nutrients, contains asparagine and potassium have diuretic effect, can rid the body of excess water, enabling detoxification of Xun pointed green asparagus is rich in vitamin a, Wei Lu cooking surface can be sophisticated, can save up to taste it with nutrients.

2, lotus root

Lotus's diuretic effect, can promote rapid discharge of waste body to purify the blood hot and cold food Safe lotus root, lotus root juice will be labeled as juice, honey and seasonings can add a bit to drink, you can heat a small fire, add a little sugar, while hot drink.

3, white radish

Radish has a good diuretic effect, which contain cellulose can promote bowel movement, help to lose weight if you want to use carrots to detoxification, raw food is suitable, it is recommended to be labeled as juice or cold, pickled way to eat.

4, mountain garland chrysanthemum

Vitamin rich Mountain shoot a, can maintain the liver, help the body toxins from the mountains shoot and oranges, tomatoes, carrots, grapefruit, apples, mixed nuts and other fruits and vegetables labeled with the energy drink soup is a good choice.

5, sweet potato leaves

Sweet potato leaf fiber texture soft, not bitter, easily stuffed, and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation and to clean fresh sweet potato leaves picked up after the scalded with boiling water and cooked with minced garlic and a pinch of salt, oil and mix well is a delicious and refreshing sweet potato leaves mixed with garlic!

Monday, May 17, 2010

9 kinds of food they ate fat

To see which food is a good helper you lose weight, fat-eating, weight-loss success for your helping!

1 banana

Although the high calories, but fat is low, and rich in potassium, but also Baodu another low-fat, reduce fat accumulation in the lower body, is the ideal time to lose weight food.

2 Apple

Containing malic acid can accelerate the metabolism, reduce lower body fat, and it contains rich calcium than other fruits, can reduce the salt content is lower body edema.

3 eggs

Vitamin B2 eggs will help to remove the fat, in addition, it contains niacin and vitamin B1 can remove lower body fat.

4 laver

In addition to rich in vitamins A, B1 and B2, the most important thing is that it contains fiber and rich in minerals, can help drain away the body of waste and the accumulation of water, thereby closing stovepipe effect.

5 mutton

Bu Zhong Yi Qi, sweet and hot, with the diuretic effect, is the health food diet.

6 pumpkin

Sweet and warm, Replenishing the spleen and stomach strength, and moistens the lung and urine, they lose weight eating only-cultivation, with shrimp, mushrooms, chicken with rice or salt production pumpkin pumpkin porridge, regular consumption.

7 papaya

Contains a unique protein enzymes, can eat meat and for the removal of the accumulation of fat in the lower body; papaya pectin contained in the meat is excellent colonic cleansing agent, can reduce the accumulation of waste in the lower body.

8 red beans

Acid composition with the stone base can be increased colon motility, and promote urination and reduce constipation, which clear the lower body fat.

9 tea

After dinner tea have removed the role of body fat.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some New knowledge to lose weight

A professor of biological sciences and engineering study found that potatoes are rich in dietary fiber, and contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, fat-free, while starch content was very low heat and is very good diet food.

Experts say that we usually only eat the potatoes as vegetables, as potatoes nutritious, low in calories to lose weight, should be a day a meal to eat as a staple food. As for the eat, you can changeable, boiled potatoes, fried potatoes or in potato cakes were good. Adhere to the prevention of eating potato nutrition or minus excess fat useful.

American Council on Exercise baked fitness trend in 2010, said no time for exercise or fitness silly that people, some fitness experts to create a daily 10-minute fitness program, do not need a treadmill as they used to run the last 1 hour .

10 minutes, including five kinds of fitness training endurance and stretching, a mixture of tae kwon do, kickboxing, and yoga and other methods. Designers, which makes it easier for people to exercise, according to the need for exercise, to save time and money.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trap to make you fat

When starting a new romance, and many people are under a bit thin at this time, as always indulge in too happy, too romantic, too perturbed mood tense, but do not think rice tea do not want to have a meal without a meal. Even more frightening is that this way, you see jeans wider, lighter weight, and will think nothing to eat and drink sparingly a few, or no movement while not matter. It sounds like, and fat has nothing to do it! That .... You are how, secondly it! Because when one of your mealtime chaos will follow the decline in metabolism, when you from the beginning of the sweet and sour taste of love revived, the "easy to get fat," the inevitable result has been to You wave a long time!

To overcome this problem, in this period, in any case you have to eat something, if a little stomach discomfort, it may be you eat too little or have not eaten a meal, which will slow your metabolism. Nutritionists say eating dinner when you start again when, but will unconsciously eat more things, so that your weight gain. Therefore, even if there is no appetite, but also in the every 3 to 4 hours eating small amounts of light food, carbohydrate and protein supplement to balance. For example, sandwiches, fruit, salad, yogurt, low fat cheese slice or a small bowl of noodle soup. Editors: successful dieters regain weight fast lose weight the healthy way to lose weight method can be thin at no cost

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Acupuncture weight loss of five points you should know ( Part 2 )

3. A reasonable fee and course of treatment.

A course is usually a month, twice a week, 10 times or so, two or three courses, the usually suspended for a month or two, to point break. Health insurance will not pay for such beauty style health care, therefore required to pay, a charge of 400 to 500 yuan.

Have been satisfied if, under the weight reduction can be stopped at any time without the need to "needles", the so-called income is from the needle into a 5-pin 4-pin, 3 pin, 2 pin, a needle, and finally do not need any fixing needle. Experienced practitioners pointed out that this is all sorts of excuses that patients return to clinic, is unnecessary.

4. Do not expect speed reducer efficiency, avoid complex fat is the key.

Acupuncture weight loss and other weight loss methods, have to continue, slow and steady conduct. Not particularly obese people, skinny 2 ~ 4 kg a month is normal, in reducing body weight after 10%, to rest one or two months, so that the new memory melon head weight, or weight off too fast, the brain too late adjustment and memory, it is easy and fat again.

5. Maintain a normal diet or a set of quantitative food.

Some practitioners suggested that acupuncture to maintain a normal diet during the period, so as to determine whether acupuncture is not reduced by the lower weight, otherwise normal diet, will quickly become fat. "Fresh set of quantitative, slowly" is another key to eating slowly, so blood sugar up, enough time to notify the central brain of the full sense, will not have to eat, until there has been excessive when satiety.

Acupuncture weight loss of five points you should know ( Part 1 )

No diet, no exercise, acupuncture, diet increasingly being popular. But acupuncture weight loss in five key points you should know. In the end what does? The following network Xiaobian beauty come to you about.

1. Assessment that he is not able to do acupuncture to lose weight?

The doctor suggested, there are several people do not do acupuncture for weight loss: chronic illness or frail people, people afraid of the pain or the fear of needles, bleeding tendency or a bleeding person.

In addition, pregnant women should not be, because of pregnancy when nutrition does not fit easily acupuncture treatment. And children under the age should not be, because they fear needles, but also more than likely a good move, tamper with will affect the angle and depth of the needle, of course, will also affect the efficacy, resulting in pain.

2. To find qualified practitioners

Fully trained and licensed practitioners, can not bar the wrong needle, causing injury. There will be the wrong needle bar pneumothorax, dyspnea, and getting worse. If binding to the organs such as kidneys, hematuria occurs. If binding to the tendon or nerve, then there will be pain.

In addition, we must look familiar to doctors of acupuncture weight loss, there will be more experienced and skilled medical techniques and acupoints acupuncture treatment experience, to play a good effect.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Elastic rope exercise to lose weight

There are many ways to lose weight, use of elastic rope as support is also a good way to lose weight, so that you fully localized muscle tension, promote blood circulation, fat burning purposes, try to make you slim down with the elastic rope to lose weight more with less exercise it .

1, elastic rope squatting

Efficacy: stovepipe, thin hips

Fold the rope to stretch his legs open and shoulder width, feet slam the elastic rope to the flexure, two hands holding the two ends of elastic rope, do squats, vertical movement

2, sit-ups

Efficacy: thin arms, thin waist

Lying position, legs bent close together, the elastic rope tied to a tree on the flexure, or can be fixed in place, both hands holding the two ends of elastic rope, elastic rope with the strength of the head hard up until the shoulders off the ground

3, triangular stretch-type

Efficacy: thin arms, the United States shoulder

Body was shaped side lunge, left leg bent, right leg Wang Youce straight, stepped off the elastic cord to the office, left hand on left thigh, right hand extended to the overhead

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Three kinds of alternative weight loss

1, Sleeping Beauty diet

Sleeping Beauty meal meaning behind the metaphor, "If do not get up and are unable to enjoy." Sleeping Beauty diet meal is a way for friends in the process of sleep means get rid of fat. Have been sleeping not get up, do not eat there is no chance. "Elvis," Elvis is the meal of the fans of Sleeping Beauty, when he found himself no less than to wear expensive suits, they will lose weight this way.

2, alcoholic diet

William the Conqueror is such as to alcohol as a staple of the meal, his basic three meals a day rely on alcohol to maintain. After 1,000 years, was Forbes magazine as "The gay San Francisco rich" in gold once again with Robert Martini carried forward to this diet.

3, bubble gum diet

Chewing 32 times, do not swallow, then spit the food. This is the San Francisco Art businessman invented in 1903. In this way not only can enjoy the satisfaction of chewing things, but also to avoid excessive intake of calories. However, the followers of this approach, but not much.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Greedy coup for women to lose weight

1. You want to eat meat to lose weight it

If the intake of some protein meal can be the case, their metabolism speeds up. Note, however, the protein levels of control in each meal accounted for 20% -35%, the total level is more appropriate. Because excess protein can cause an excessive burden on the spleen, but cause fat accumulation.

2. Tuna can make people lose weight

We must recognize an important principle: people who regularly eat fish, in the body, "Lai Puting" (a hormone) levels lower, while the high level of "Lai Puting" with slow metabolism, and obesity. Therefore, eat 3-4 times a week salmon, tuna fish, like can significantly increase metabolic rate.

3. To point peanut butter every day

Do you think peanut butter is easy to gain weight? The fact is that so? In fact, the peanut butter content, especially rich in magnesium, and magnesium is an effective way to speed up the metabolism of minerals. Every day, the body needs 320 mg of magnesium involved, but a wipe with eating whole wheat peanut butter sandwich (containing 100 mg magnesium), or 100 grams of spinach (containing 80 mg of magnesium), there will be a day of magnesium required.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Exercise tips about weight loss

1. Exercise to lose weight should adhere to

Want to use exercise to lose weight to achieve their own ends, then the process in motion, do not break the time to exercise longer than, oh this is wrong. In aerobic exercise, the most important thing is not half-way rest, and made less than 20 minutes of aerobic exercise can not eliminate the fat body.

2. Sports equipment do not change too often

Treadmill, climbing machine, indoor cycling and other aerobic exercise are the basic gym equipment. If you choose to change the same few minutes, then your weight loss is to get out, and do not exercise every day for the same equipment, these two approaches will greatly reduce the effect of exercise, you take the time to lose weight also longer.