Monday, August 29, 2011

Rafael's Short Life

Raphael is the Italian Renaissance one of the greatest painters, and Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Renaissance art scene heroes and said, as the superb artistry of Raphael have been deified, on behalf of Artists in the Renaissance ideal of beauty industry can achieve peak.
Rafael's life is very short, only live to 37, related his tale, many of these legends on the one hand confirmed the indisputable to the artist, on the other hand may also hinder our La Feier understanding. Rafael mention its people, we will think of his painting of the Virgin, elegant and beautiful, a sight to behold. To see his paintings, will be immersed in the mysterious and elegant mood. Raphael's work fully embodies the peace, harmony, coordination, symmetry and perfect order and quiet - this sense, his work can indeed be called "the pinnacle of humanism and the Renaissance world." Raphael's first teacher was his father, in his childhood when his father died, after which he went to a painter's studio to learn. He worked diligently to explore the mysteries of painting, can be sensitive to capture the essence of beauty and art.
16 years old, left home Ur Binnuo Raphael came to the North Italian region of Umbria Pei Jiya City, studied in peru keno. One day, peru Rafael Aquino said: "I do not want this little place is holding you, you have to go to the masters gathered in Florence, you can work independently." At this time Raphael was 19 years old. He learned from the teacher a sense of color and perspective principles, drawing skills are quite mature, in order to have more than a teacher.