Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seurat's painting method and its point of life

Seurat's painting of this method an experimental point to the later emergence of geometric abstract art and the development possible, because, Seurat's pen is a very particular about the order of the children have any structure, but the mid-20th century of pure abstract art and Seurat inseparable relationship. Seurat painting in the color segmentation will be pushed to a new level. There is no doubt that Seurat was full of vigor and courage of the work, drawing the world to bring innovation and progress in the development of the significance of the month. Of contemporary art have significant and far-reaching impact.
Seurat (Georges Sceurat, 1859 ---1891), was born in Paris, France, the family exudes a strong religious atmosphere, leading to Seurat small and little contact with the outside world, even with friends has never maintained a close relationship. Academy of Fine Arts in Lyon, he completed studies eggplant, laid the foundation more solid painting, the theory has also been deepened. After the age of 20, Seurat began his real artistic activities, copying many classical works of master drawings and paintings. 1883 pieces of work he took part in the official Salon exhibition of fine arts and received praise, the age of 27 as the "science of Impressionist paintings leader" of the title. Seurat not suited to ordinary life, his desire happiness, but never seem to find. Thus, loneliness and despair. In 1891, Seurat was only 32 years old passed away, his work began to have a significant impact on living people, especially his point color experiments of the 20th century geometric abstract art have a very significant impact.