Monday, September 19, 2011

Distinctive Flowers in Opposition Toward

In addition, the painting close to the Italian Manet painting classical layout tendencies, brown background, and strengthen the nude method of gentle colors, to make sure how the complexion of silver, pink and blue in her Feng Yan's creamy flesh seems like existence .
specially in brightness close to the shadow, the method receives a glowing Olympus, just satisfactory to display a impression of female complexion smooth. Screen, she within your woods, a single foot toward the flowing stream within your  handmade painting bush of roses and distinctive flowers in opposition toward the qualifications close to the youthful Susanna additional natural, additional dazzling. Susanna in finest inside of the mirror, Pearl Green, cosmetics, etc. and constitute a quite significantly scaled-down poplar harmonious beauty, dotted with pictures, but also for that display adds an indispensable melody - Andante Cantabile. Tintoretto this scene deliberately poetic, complete strokes, psychological quiet.
However, the picture's lower left corner close to the bush secretly spy bald devil, and standing within your middle close to the frame close to the upper Monet painting spect close to the aged dude was stealthy destruction close to the whole display and remove, so the display with eye-catching naked ladies obtaining desecrated landscape, particularly