Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Expressed Repin on the Outdated Planet Program of Exploitation

In particular, appear handmade painting bleak image on the sky color, hence enhancing the surface area on the tragic sense, to make sure that those people struggling with heavy labor torture trackers branch was distinctive, although not drastically the efficiency of the display 7 resistance force, but a superb a similar deep energy reserves in your picture, appears being a hair-trigger feel. qualities of the art, just expressed Repin on the outdated planet Van Gogh painting program of exploitation of loathe and need for any much better existence of equality.
Russia's Post-Critical Realism Painting the primary Representative on the Repin. We then returned towards collection of sight about the screen, in your warm summer time noon, a party of trackers dressed in rags walked tough and heavy pace, holding heavy cargo shoulders walking about the beach, sad and stubborn they face: they not just could be the fate of those that succumb towards fate on the rebels. in the forefront can be an outdated man, below the warm sunshine on his mind wrapped inside a scarf,
Decor painting  total patch sewn on clothes, his eye balls filled with helplessness and despair. everybody close to him, even although physically fit, but all display a stressed out state, our actions and expressions from them may be a meat dish, they would have lengthy been tired of the heavy actual physical labor.