Sunday, November 14, 2010

While jogging to stay healthy and weight-loss benefits

Under the premise of the full warm-up, do not think run faster, the more fat to burn, to the contrary. When you run as fast as when the supply of oxygen to body, the body is doing anaerobic exercise, fat burning can not fully participate in, so can not be consumed. The relatively low intensity aerobic exercise but some more to promote the body's fat burning.

So, how to determine your current running intensity aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise is? The easiest way is if you feel out of breath when running, it means the body during anaerobic exercise, if you run
Coordination of breathing even further, they can even chat with side edges and running around them, and do not feel disordered breathing, it means you are doing the most to promote fat burning aerobic exercise. Jogging 20 minutes or less is rapid energy consumption, the reserves began to mobilize energy for fat burning, if this time to stop movement to reach full burn fat weight-loss purposes. Therefore, experts recommend the running time is 40 minutes.

While jogging to stay healthy and weight-loss benefits, but experts do not recommend to run every day, every day is best to run again.