Monday, November 1, 2010

Sleep diet is by medical evidence that an effective way to lose weight

Sleep diet is by medical evidence that an effective way to lose weight, primarily through the quality of sleep time and sleep to influence the secretion of hormones to break down fat, it burns, promote metabolism to eliminate swelling and stimulate growth hormone, to guide the body to fat into energy.

First, the sleeping body to release "leptin"

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U.S. National Institute of Mental Health new study has found a person during sleep, the body will release a product called "leptin" of chemical substances, the substance can prompt people to have full, in order to control the amount of fat. Experts also pointed out that lack of sleep may affect the consumption of calories during the day to help the secretion of hormones, lack of sleep affects the "leptin" secretion, which is not difficult to see an effective weight loss sleep weight loss.

There is a hormone the body, referred to as hgh, human choice is a natural hormone secreted by the main role is to promote bone and muscle growth, but will also accelerate the burning of body fat. hgh secretion only sleep at night, especially after about 90 minutes to fall asleep "reverse sleep" when the secretion of the most productive. We daily caloric intake far beyond our body consumes calories, more nutrients accumulate and form fat fat, if the body itself is a low basal metabolic rate, calorie consumption can not be timely, it is likely to cause a vicious cycle of obesity. In fact, the burning heat and the growth of the organizations, more than 70% are in the resting state, especially during sleep to.