Friday, November 12, 2010

Few Japanese women generally gain weight

Few Japanese women generally gain weight, she is very petite, this and their eating habits has a close relationship, because the Japanese to be at the coast, usually eating more seafood, but there is a very key part of the Japanese women love to eat tofu, tofu is very popular in Japan, the food, let's take a look at their tofu diets it.

1, Japan Tofu Association will completely resolve the cosmetic effects of tofu!

Why should the tofu as the main ingredients slimming meals? ! Soy contains a variety of reasons and from a wealth of cosmetic ingredients. The strength of its beauty can not be ignored include: "low calorie", another satiety, rich in fat can reduce the "soy lecithin," high quality "protein" can create muscle, promote the body metabolism, prevention of constipation effective "soybean oligosaccharides," translucent skin more moist, "soy isoflavones" to promote metabolism "of vitamin B group", can be blocked by neutral fat "soybean glycosides," that enables complete fat burning " iron "and" features a easy to digest ", does not cause gastrointestinal burden. When in poor physical condition recommended for human consumption.