Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How can we drink milk to lose weight then health

Dairy products containing high fat and calories, so many people to lose weight but do not eat dairy products. In fact, the body will gain weight more than fat problem, but also fat metabolism and energy balance-related.

Reason One:

Research shows that when dietary calcium is insufficient, the body will automatically raise the level of activity of vitamin D, while the activity of vitamin D will increase the intracellular calcium concentration caused increased release of insulin, promoting fat synthesis, reduced fat breakdown, so weight gain. Calcium-rich dairy products can help the body burn fat, promote the body to produce more enzymes to break down fat.

Reason Two:

In addition to calcium other than dairy products also contain other ingredients weight loss play a key role, for example, Leucine amino acids in the role of a stable blood sugar, thereby reducing appetite, to weight loss.

Weight Loss Mistakes:

Dairy intake of calcium through other means than through the role of calcium intake twice, because the milk contains the amino acids to promote muscle growth. Under normal circumstances, to lose weight by one-third of the weight lost is muscle. The amino acid helps build muscle, eat dairy products, you can lose more fat than muscle. With the same degree of reduction in caloric intake alone, compared to minus twice the weight and fat. Although dairy products can provide calcium, to help obese people reduce weight, but it will not affect the fat outside the muscle, viscera and other body composition, between meals and at night if the yogurt drinks, but also to help people of low birthweight to improve nutrition absorption, so that body weight increased. Therefore, normal or low weight who have no adverse effects.

Issue requiring attention are: dairy products is not a weight-loss drug that itself contains a certain amount calories, eat a lot of extra milk if the same may lead to weight gain. If you use dairy products to replace a number of low calcium foods, maintaining the same total calories day, you can receive good results. Of course, the body sculpting slimming entirely in the hands of the great cause of drinking milk is not guaranteed, but insist on low-calorie diet and physical activity is still thin everlasting truth.

Chinese medicine, milk, sweet and slightly cold, with Shengjinzhike, moisturizing intestine, heat laxative, tonic spleen and other effects. Appropriate to process the milk or other food together, and deployment can be made into a variety of therapeutic prescriptions.

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