Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How can science diet?

Fat lot of drawbacks, not only can cause individuals produce, such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses, but also the resulting increase in public health burden and become social problems. Fat people had to choose a variety of weight loss, but whether persistent focus on a diet or go to weight-loss drugs, weight loss, no obvious side effects, it is highly significant. Often fall into the face of weight loss and slimming of errors frequently committed mistakes, won the "China International Patent and Brand Expo Gold" in Luoyang Kang Ying Yuen Beauty Body Company cautions people to lose weight, losing weight should meet three criteria, that is, no loss of appetite, no diarrhea, not weakness.

Kang Ying, according to company sources, said Mr. Chen, the traditional hunger, weight loss diet and drugs can not reach the standard green and healthy weight loss, need to use psychology, science, nutrition, exercise, conditioning and other systems of scientific theory to lose weight, you can develop for their own Scientific weight loss program, such as drug treatment programs, diet plans, exercise plans and time plans. There are a number of specific small weight loss methods, such as vinegar, alcohol, eat snacks, etc., but the key is to adhere to and develop good habits. If you're worried that their willpower, you can join the video source to lose weight health club, under the guidance of experts, scientific weight loss.