Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cold treatment for weight loss

Misunderstanding the question we must first clearly understand weight loss:

1. To lose weight every day, reduced, but Yuejianyuefei

I and everyone else, also have weight loss, blind spots, but I am also a weight-loss enthusiasts. Every day to lose weight, but no less than body weight continues to be really worried ah, I know that through their own personal experience of such child to lose weight is wrong. Overnight lose weight, thinking that the child can become thin, but in fact wrong, overnight will lead to physical disorders, the body's own natural metabolism is not normal, metabolism, on the accumulation of material that can not be in the body, slowly evolved into a stomach, thigh large arm of fat on meat, terrible. The longer find, wow. I have not gotten thinner but a little fat. In fact, a good sleep very helpful for weight loss, not only repair the body's own qualities, you can also get out of bed the morning everyone will find both good and spiritual, so also natural to come to power.

2. Crazy to eat fruit, rises faster than the eating!

I had to refrain from eating fruit eating experience, the results still failed! We all love the summer fruits and melons, but most of the melons are considered fruits, cold nature of eating on an empty stomach may easily lead to the wet system, and easier to gain weight. Why eating fruit fat. In fact, the fruit is also a kind of food, but also as cold, warm, hot properties, but can not eat, eat too much, but will play a counter-effect. As a long time ago, a colleague said that Japanese pop bananas diet, have bought a box of a box, I am also a "slim fans", so after listening to also follow the action, but did not buy a box, bought a lot. Began to eat every day to eat 10 Like the above, the result is run belly. Banana can purge, but it can not be a diet food, because the fruit sugar is not low, so eat a lot of will fatten up. Therefore, we should be reasonable diet, especially women, to avoid the cold, cool big, slow body metabolism, they become fat, want to lose weight is also difficult.

How to "cold therapy to lose weight"

1. Thirsty to drink water also

The ancients said, the early morning wake up drink a glass of ordinary put cold water, beneficial to life extension. In fact, boil a cup of ordinary water to cool the house to place the process in which a decrease of nitrogen than the average natural water 1 / 2, the water surface tension, density, etc., has changed, very close to bio-active cells in the water. To learn from static (eg sitting in front of the computer at home, reading ... ...) at intervals of a quarter of an hour on a cup of water, even if not thirsty to drink also go, a long time will become accustomed to , you will find the body becomes a spry, but do not have the same bananas defecation, passage of time will really slim down; would also like to learn the movement of water, 2 hours before exercise drink 1000ml of water, then, in the movement of continued to drink 200ml every 15 minutes, sports drinks, supplementary motor consumption, extend the exercise time, and delay fatigue. After the end of the exercise to continue to add water to know before going to sleep the first 3 ~ 4 hours, you can without water.

2. North of human wet, to remove moisture

Do not know if you like it or not eat cold, anyway I was as cold as life, popsicles, not a stretch to eat 3 to 4 children is not enjoyable, each timber was frozen stiff lips and let it go, but so too will continue to eat again, and in the summer hot. But this is not a reason, female friends should learn to cherish their bodies, too Tanliang it will be inside the body of the disorders, a friend also want to lose weight can only be less effective. I am now as far as possible every day farther away from the cold foods, you can Jieshu mung bean soup and the like. I advocate people to eat a little warm and heat the food, occasionally mixed with a small number of cold foods. I now eat every day, "paste", although the taste strange, but very good with honey to eat, every day will be a small ice, out to eat, that is, antipyretic, but also can adjust the body, but also eat three square meals.

Few people saying that women such as water do? Then let us be a "water woman" through healthy way, a large number of drinking water, away from cold foods, regulating body, to achieve weight loss goals.

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