Monday, November 23, 2009

1, the Health and Chili

Weight loss principle: the pear washed raw skin, increase the fiber capacity and access to a variety of vitamins. A crisp and rich in pear juice, heat is 50 cards.

Thin eat: breakfast a pear plus an egg

The morning to get up and a cup of added salt water, and then eat a pear can add an egg, lunch can be eaten according to their own habits, but only 7 minutes to eat eat, and avoid fried and greasy food. Dinner with vegetables and a pear-based, and then drink a bowl of vegetable soup.

Intimate reminder: Do not eat three meals a day may be outside the snack! Hungry, he would Chili. Persist in both weeks of this method results became clear, especially the trouble and sisters eager to lose weight.

2, carrot diet

1) fresh carrot juice


1, the 2 carrots washed, cut each into a round lump.

2, the cut carrots into the juicer to squeeze until the mud was thick like carrots can be eaten.

Thin eat:

Drinking carrot juice a day to 2 times, before meals drink, do not have to diet, according to its own constitution and physical condition to determine the amount of drinking, as long as there is determination for a month, you can easily lean 10 pounds.

2) boiled carrots

Weight loss principle: elements containing carrots and Vitamin B1, B2, C, D, E, K and folic acid, calcium and dietary fiber and other nutrients than ten, so that the human body to absorb nutrients more comprehensive. Containing plant fibers can improve the body metabolism, to achieve a natural weight loss purposes.


1, the 1,2-roots washed carrots, sliced.

2, in the pot into the bowl of water, then put into a carrot to the carrot in both Simmer until softened.

Thin eat:

Carrot decoction every morning with an empty stomach to drink, eat lunch and dinner as usual. If you want to continue to lose weight, taken every other week and then will be able to achieve the desired goal of MM.

3, Houttuynia diet

Weight loss principle: Houttuynia is "King of Herbs", also known as Zhe Ergen, stinky vegetable grass. Houttuynia slightly cold, there is heat, detoxification, diuretic, reduces swelling, soft it, adjust blood pressure, eliminate toxins and so on. It has a strong diuretic effect, which allows expansion of capillaries to increase blood flow and renal excretion of urine, so used to the quality of the frequency of urinary tract infection urinary astringent pain.

1), Houttuynia + jujube

Material: Houttuynia (dry) 75 grams, jujube cut 15, the water seven big cups

Method: Place all ingredients into the pot, add well water to the fire boil, a small Simmer 20 minutes. Houttuynia, etc. will be filtered out after cooked, leaving the juice on it.

2), Houttuynia cordata flood damage

Material: Houttuynia (dry) 75 grams

Thin eat: Using open blisters into the cup, 5 minutes after the drink can be repeated brewing, adhere to 8 cups per day, more than two weeks, weight-loss effect is remarkable.

Intimate reminder: But we can not think so that you can eat snacks, ah try to eat a light.

4, bitter Artemisia diet

Weight loss principle: bitter Artemisia also known as Artemisia annua, or incense, heat, diuretic.

Weight Loss Methods: In the pot by adding four large bowl of water, placed in 40 grams of bitter Artemisia, boiled 10 minutes, dry 5 minutes after drinking, three times a day, a cup, but also at any time when the beverage to drink.

Disadvantages: a bit bitter, but to lose weight Well, the expense of points which are

Sisters are both 17 pounds lean months, there are half of 7 pounds of lean, there are six pounds of lean month. Pharmacies also sold, we can try to eat 10 million points of light, ah.

5, lemonade diet

Weight loss principle: Lemon is the world's most one of the medicinal value of fruit, which is rich in vitamin C, citric acid, malic acid, high levels of potassium and a low amount of sodium and so on, very useful for the human body. Lemon recipes main purpose is to start the body's self-purification process of dissolving excess fat, clear the body of various organs (liver, kidney, lungs, lymphatic system and skin) of waste and toxins, purify blood, improve blood quality, promote metabolism, cleaning and restoration throughout the digestion and absorption system, enhance digestion, adjust the balance between absorption.

Reminded that some people do not fit this weight loss method:

1, heat dry mouth, irritability, dyspepsia who, vitamin C deficiency, fetal movement anxiety of pregnant women, patients with kidney stones, hypertension, myocardial infarction patients suitable for consumption;

2, gastric ulcer, gastric acid secretion of excessive suffering from dental caries and diabetes Shensi.
Dilute the lemonade will quench your thirst and the desire to want to eat something, so you can effectively inhibit the inappropriate diet, coupled with a total of 15 minutes of exercise a day, the effect will be very significant. The diet is now the most popular in Japan, at home own operation to achieve weight loss can be an effect, known as the "housewife" type of drink diet, very effective.
Weight loss methods:
1, one liter of water with half a tablet of lemon juice, and placed in the refrigerator, the temperature low tend to have a cool and refreshing feeling.
2, daily for at least drink three liters of lemonade, without any special diet or the banning of snacks, but you must always add lemonade.
3, must be with a daily 15-minute movement, not a continuous basis, the diversion of time may also contribute to sweat purpose is to rid the body of harmful substances.