Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Do four things you will undoubtedly thin in the moring

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Many times want to lose weight, but not not have the time, that is not in the mood, especially for office workers. However, Xiao Bian tell you to do it every morning as long as the four things you will undoubtedly thin. Also, do not worry, it is very easy to do four things, you just need to get up 30 minutes ahead of schedule can be.
7:00 early morning cup of boiled water
After getting up drink a glass of water, not only will help quick urination, but also to add cellular water. Lower blood viscosity. Usually drink boiled water for half an hour later, the body will be discharged before the night's metabolites. In addition, the drinking water does not contain protein, fat, carbohydrate, weight loss will not affect the results, but also make your skin change Hao E!
7:05 slimming yoga, a significant effect
The day the best time to practice yoga is: two hours before sunrise early morning and afternoon for two hours before sunset. Get up and practice yoga is also a good choice, not only thin, but also added that the body energy, make you energetic and feel happy.
Wake-up muscle
In the beginning, doing a two-day three-minute take a deep breath. When inhaled, so that abdominal contraction. When exhaled breath was taken will have a backbone of vertebrae feel. Of the body benefits: exercise in preparation for the process, can promote the flow of oxygen in the muscles. Mental benefits: get calm and peaceful state of mind.
Body Yang Shen
Standing, arms on the move, such as stretching, but to increase substantially. If lying in bed, can be used both hands to seize the head side edge of the bed (or the arms hold the body on both sides of the bed), followed by one leg (or legs at the same time) straight leg raise knee up. When leg raise slightly faster, to drop slower. Do 20 times. Helps to reduce excess fat in the lower abdomen, strengthen abdominal muscles, increasing flexibility of abdominal muscles.
Side waist stretch
Put your right hand on your right shin or ankle, the left hand on your ribs on the left. Then turn left and start your body, so you and your left shoulder on the right shoulder in the same straight line, and turn your left foot so that your left toes toward the front on the right toes towards the lateral. If you feel able to maintain a stable point, and lift your left arm straight stretch direction of the ceiling, so that your right shoulder in a straight line on the. Keep your spine straight, and then look to your left arm, if it would hinder the activities of your neck, you can look to the future. Breathing, then change to the other side.
This action to reduce waist, and hip fat and fat, increased waist, hip muscle strength, strong lumbar Gushen very effective.
End of the relaxation exercises
Lying or sitting quietly and listen to your breathing. Then smile. This is the "mouth on Yoga", which can help you enhance the facial muscles so that you become a happy mood.
Morning, do four things you will undoubtedly thin
7:20 Shower
Yoga at the end of the 5-10 minutes after the break, and then a simple shower, your body will feel very comfortable. And when your body temperature increase, metabolism will increase, will be part of the calories consumed, the water temperature to 38-39 ℃ is the best.
7:30 fasting to eat 15 dried red dates
Jujube and warm sweet, contains protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, is not only able to promote gastrointestinal motility, Yiqi spleen, but also can enhance the physical fitness, anti-aging, promoting blood circulation beauty.
If you do not like to eat dried red dates, you can also drink red dates tea or soup. Jujube black fungus soup taste good again Oh, another beauty!
Jujube black fungus soup
Ingredients: 10 red dates, black fungus 15 grams, amount of crystal sugar.
1, will clean the red dates, soaked with water about 2 hours after the fish out, Tiquzaohe.
2, black fungus with water bubble hair, picking clean.
3, the red dates, black fungus soup into the basin, adding an appropriate amount of water, rock sugar, cage steam about 1 hour Serve.
Morning, generally do not have time to cook, MM can advance cooked a big pot, placed in the refrigerator in the morning heat what can drink!
This morning, do four things you will not only thin is no doubt, but also as a very healthy lifestyle, so you thin and healthy beauty.
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