Friday, November 13, 2009

Five Kinds of The Worst Ways to Lose Weight

Weight loss was rampant, and there are too many miraculous weight loss meals are labeled as people in the shortest time to reach the most unexpected results. Grapefruit diet meal, a lot of detox diet meals. However, it is difficult figuring out which diet is suitable for their own meals, can not deny that there are many can be seen in the initial results, but in the long run be detrimental. Do not have blind faith in the magic weight loss food, weight-loss drugs, weight reduction, the true principle is: intake of calories less than the calories consumed. Nutrition, diet is not balanced meals, can lose weight because of the low calorie reason. Meals to lose weight in a few weeks later, many people will give up, because he insisted on not go. Fanatical diet not only can not a long time, even worse is that once stopped, could rebound even stronger. Following is a weight-loss experts say the worst law:

1. Advocates eating only a few or a certain type of food diet meals (like cabbage soup diet, vegetarian diet, low carbohydrate diet, etc.)
People should eat a variety of foods can provide adequate nutrition to the human body. Yale University, Dr. David said: diet in a certain food or certain types of food can indeed people in the weight-loss program begun when the slim down, but the key question is to adhere to how long a person can insist on more than just drink cabbage soup a long time? soon after the body reached its limit, but will be very fervently want to eat other food.
Remember: No matter what food, as long as adequate diet, is also a healthy diet.
Funny is this: Some people give themselves "Treat Day" to lose weight too hard, and has wronged his own too long, Monday to Friday upheld so long, to the weekend would give himself an excuse to not eat normally to eat, and so there is no regular diet, with predictable results.

2. Detoxification diet (what to the intestines take a bath, giving the liver detoxification, etc.)
These so-called detox diet has no scientific basis. Human organs, like liver, kidney, immune system, the body will spontaneously emit toxins, so these so-called detox diet is not necessary.

3. A magic weight loss such as food meals (bitter orange, green tea, apple vinegar)
Weight loss are hoping to find some magic food or diet pills can easily lose weight, unfortunately, there is no one food can have such a magical effect. Do not spend money to buy any drugs, and these drugs are almost always contains the so-called consumption of enzymes that can help the body itself needs to metabolism, can produce enzymes that the body really need. Do not self-defeating.

4. A hunger strike, or low-calorie diet (Vegetarian France ......)
Hunger strike 12 days also does not matter, but wanted to lose weight by fasting is definitely not feasible. If they suffer from inadequate intake of calories, then the body will spontaneously adjust the metabolic system will store more energy to spare, so wait until the resumption of normal diet, the metabolism does not adjust over, the energy continue to be in the form of fat storage.
Low-calorie diet meals is said to be able to relieve people from 0.5 to 1 pounds a week, which is totally unrealistic. At any time be able to see people in a short time to reduce 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 15 pounds or even more often, are suspicious.

5. It sounds too good to be true weight loss meals
Many say there's a secret weight loss meals, are pseudo-science.
In fact the best meals to lose weight should be no recipes. Think about how to meet their own, while a minimum intake of calories. Eat more vegetables and fruits, whole wheat foods can improve people's appetite.

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