Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bamboo salt diet

Some friends say that the "Bamboo salt diet," heated up and asked me how this thing Kaopu children. In fact, bamboo salt, there are at least 10 years in China, and was originally in the "high-end toothpaste" appears. Is probably the toothpaste is also still not as good as another high-grade weight loss products are appealing, and the "detox diet" in bamboo salt products entered the people's vision.
In Korea, it probably can be regarded as a "national treasure" of. The ancient monks salt packed in carefully selected bamboo in natural loess sealed, and then a specific pine baking, end up with bamboo salt is a solid powder. This process is often repeated, "good" bamboo salt will conduct nine. Ancient Korean bamboo salt used to treat such a variety of diseases, is said to have "miraculous." This refining process is quite Chinese Taoist alchemy of the means, so promotion of bamboo salt, it is often claimed that focused on the "essence of nature" and "dozens of kinds of trace elements", with "anti-oxidation," "Clear freedom base "," anti-inflammatory, "" sterilization "," detoxification "and" weight loss "and other effects.
Koreans are a natural desire to use modern scientific methods to prove the magic of their ancestors. In the authority of biomedical papers in the database, can be found scattered in several pairs of bamboo salt modern scientific research papers. Basically, these papers is to use bamboo salt to deal with in vitro cultured cells of mice or man-made disease, observed some of the effects of bamboo salt. However, such findings are far not entered for the human experiments, also can not be completely competent authorities of any country recognized. Moreover, these will not be accepted as "bamboo salt effect", there was no one to have anything to do with the detox diet. On the other hand, South Korean scientists have also acknowledged, it is unclear why the bamboo salt and ordinary salt, these different effects.
As for the advertising claims bamboo salt bamboo salt organic matter into the human body to how it is entirely imaginary. Bamboo salt, baking temperatures as high as 1000 ℃ ~ 1300 ℃, at this temperature for organic matter would be burned and the only inorganic substances. There are ads claimed that in this high temperature, salt and molecular structure has transformed to produce a "high energy" foods, with "anti-oxidation", "free radicals" function. If it is true, it is probably for the reformulation of classical chemistry. South Korean scientist's research is more "traditional", pointing out that after refining the bamboo salt may contain a number of other minerals, and these minerals may lead to some special effect. They measured the pure salt, coarse salt and bamboo salt composition, found in bamboo salt of manganese, calcium, zinc, iron, sulfur and other components of pure salt or coarse salt content than the higher. This is also very consistent with the chemical in the material balance - bamboo and loess contains a relatively large number of these components, after baking eventually entered the salt. In other words, bamboo salt is another form of "crude salt." If the difference is that these components bamboo salt so-called "Shen Xiao" (if it exists) the reasons, then no need to try so hard to complete with bamboo, pine repeated loess and baking, it can easily mix up any necessary composition of their.
Bamboo Salt Shenxiao advertising propaganda likes to say in the heat of these substances react with each other to generate a new "magic" substances. Accordance with the chemical theory, such a response in the baking conditions, the types of minerals will not change. Even if the re-curing after the combination of different forms, in the human body will be re-dissociation into individual ions, with a mixture without the high-temperature baking there is no difference.
Therefore, bamboo salt ad claimed that "bamboo salt diet," the theoretical basis, not in keeping with the basic theory of modern science, nor through any modern scientific methods of verification. It's magic can only rely on for the "traditional" and "experience" to support the conviction.

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