Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Three kinds of food can accelerate to burn fat

As we all know, sports is not the only way to lose weight, we can also eat fast food to help burn fat, lose weight. You have to pay attention to his usual diet, because they may not help to lose weight, it also means the importance of a balanced diet.

To lose weight, should also be away from the rapid accumulation of fatty foods. For example, fast food, fried foods, pizza, candy, desserts are all easily lead to obesity, food. Also, try to avoid eating high-sugar foods, because the sugar will be retained in the form of fat in the body.

Experts point out that the proper intake of diet rich in protein and fiber foods to help burn fat and lose weight. The following can help to introduce several people to lose weight food.


Some people may be as high cholesterol contained in eggs worry about, because people are constantly being affected by this warning: eggs will lead to excessive body fat. If you worry about the cholesterol content of eggs, then into egg yolk removed it, leaving protein, because protein can help people to break down fat in the body.

Low-fat dairy products

Studies have shown that women who eat low-fat dairy products to reduce fat by 70%, low-fat dairy products is not only beneficial to the bone, but also be able to quickly burn fat.


There are several soy can help to lose weight, such as white kidney beans and broad beans, which are rich in protein and fiber. But to note that, do not ever eat fried food or legumes, because processed foods contain a large number of beans is not conducive to a healthy fat and sugar.

In short, food can quickly burn fat food, with good physical exercise, we can help people lose weight quickly. However, in today's times, people always want instant results, then be able to burn fat, eating more natural foods to lose weight is to speed up the process of a good choice.

3 minutes each brushing
Brushing the teeth in order to put outside the occlusal surface of various dental plaque is removed. When there are about more than 80 brush teeth need cleaning, and a toothbrush at the same time, only to 2-3 brush teeth, brush your teeth three minutes each time to brush all the teeth clean.
Boiling water 3 minutes after the burn
Water through chlorination, the chlorine and organic residues in water interaction will lead to a variety of halogenated hydrocarbons, chloroform and other harmful compounds have carcinogenic effects.
Experiments show that boiling water 3 minutes after the burn is to the safety of these harmful substances down the scope of a good way.
Boiled water tea 3 minutes
3 minutes after tea, tea, the caffeine in order to seepage, this time drinking tea is good for the spirits. If you want to avoid over-excitement, after tea, as long as the first bubble tea in 3 minutes, drained, and then brew tasting.
To eat hot drink cold interval of 3 minutes
Eating hot dishes, drink soup to eat immediately after the cold if the drinks would be a dramatic contraction in blood vessels, so blood pressure and trigger dizziness, nausea and other symptoms. Experts suggest that eating hot to drink cold drinks quench their thirst, the best 3-minute intervals in order to reduce the stimulation of the stomach.
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