Friday, November 13, 2009

Loss Weight with Milk

Introduction words: There is no way to lose weight without suffering? Of course, the answer is yes. That is the use of infant formula to eat the "milk diet." Simply put, is to use powdered milk instead of rice, so that your body is reasonable, easy to slim down, this is a good way to lose weight.

There is no way to lose weight without suffering
Many people have tried many methods, but they all fail, then the bar might try this approach.
Milk diet refers to the use of low-calorie diet of milk powder to replace
Milk diet refers to the use of low-calorie diet of milk to replace basically eat one meal a day formula. Breakfast, lunch, dinner Jie Ke, Ke Yi's own patterns of life may be. As the morning to drink milk, lunch and dinner to eat some low calorie, digestible food, so gastro-intestinal habits. Rice can be reduced to half the usual, vegetables and reduced the amount of the usual 1 / 3. However, the person who usually eat breakfast in the morning to drink milk, they will have the opposite effect. Because no reason an increase of 60 g of milk powder heat.
The most effective way to lose weight, or uses it instead of dinner, to prevent excessive caloric intake. Weight loss formula used for the market to sell infant formula or powdered milk for adults to lose weight. A 60-70 g (4 tbsp curry rice spoon). Into the bigger cup, washed with warm water to open.
Why is eating one meal a day milk obesity do?
This is because the milk in the stomach longer stay low in calories and high nutritional value. 60 grams of milk powder (one volume), about 331 kilocalories, of which half of the milk powder contained in the sugar called lactose. Such lactose, human infants can digest, absorb, but grew up not digestible by. Therefore, we drank the milk, the usual intake of milk contained only half the calories, if we are to milk as the main food, will be able to put a meal calorie restricted to 166 cards. Trophic structure on this point, the milk is a rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients necessary for infant growth element of a complete food, so do not worry about malnutrition. From this point on an empty stomach flu is due to the special formula ingredients, can stay in the stomach for a long time, adults drink after a meal can be eaten like bread like.
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