Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The most effective weight loss for women weight-loss campaign

Everyone wants healthy weight loss  and live a healthy beautiful women, then those weight-loss exercise for women, can effectively do to lose weight? Here's announced campaign for women to do thin, so thin you are healthy, effective weight loss, do a healthy beautiful! We all know that exercise can lose weight. But you know what the most effective campaigns which movement is specifically for a friend do? Today we announced this mystery for you.
1. Walking: All exercises come from walking. If walking is your main exercise, a daily walk for one hour. If you want quick results on the speed.

2. Running: running than walking the approximately two-fold or more burning of calories. Gradually increase the running speed, because Paodetaikuai easily lead to joint and muscle pain.

3. Cyclists: This is the best way to exercise, particularly in spring and early summer occasion. Buy a quality bike to meet your requirements.

4. Swimming: This activity does not like running or riding a bike, as can reduce the weight, but it can exercise the muscles and make you feel good.

5. Roller skating: This exercise can burn many calories, and very sexy. Wear helmets and knee pads to prevent uneven road conditions. Roller-skating costumes let you through the streets, and for the bikini season ready. In fact, the skilled skater skating often wear bikinis.

6. Skateboards: When you can not jump out from the airplane, bungee jumping, hang gliding or snowboarding, the skateboard is a good alternative activities.

7. Rowing: Rowing for women is a very exciting sport, but also exercise the body.

8. Wild Desire: "Sex and the City" where the women use sex to exercise - just like men. Long, passionate love like the Olympics women's gymnastics as to body sculpting and combustion.

9. Riding: The English-style saddle horse than in any other activities will exercise the leg muscles. Riding is a fun skill, but Do not take it as your primary means of movement.

10. Hiking: Hiking allow you to be calm and exercise.

11. Backpack travel: put in the backpack sleeping bags and food, and then spend a few days in a nearby field. To stay a few days in remote areas, make you relax and rejuvenate. Backpack travel, you had to eat anything his back, they are able to stimulate in order to little things and eat things back. 12. Basketball: Women Basketball is very popular in foreign countries, dunk is a good way to exercise and lose weight.

13. Tennis: Whether you are playing in the team, and friends, forehand, backhand play, or a person facing the tailgate volley, tennis can be strengthen your heart and lung function, muscle tension, but also a good regulator .

14. Volleyball: In the room, on the grass or on the beach playing volleyball. Beach volleyball in the sun you burn fat legs.

15. Golf: Professional Golf persons with learning a few lessons, you will soon be able to enjoy the golf course where Sunny has. Onto a circle on the pitch will burn over 500 calories.

16. Water Skiing: This is a luxury sport, but even rich people also need to guard the boat and the boat a few people, they were invited to water-skiing is more difficult.

17. Windsurfing Sports: boards and sails be relatively cheap, plus wind and shallow water, you will soon be able to learn this exciting sport.

18. Badminton: Badminton is a need for speed, skill and agility of hard exercise.

19. Ultimate Frisbee: This is a new era of the game is football, football game between the. It is carried out in football, including a defensive team to score with the Frisbee. Is often mixed team.

20. Bowling: If you recently moved in, try bowling. Bowling is a skills need a lot of interesting movement will not burn too much of your calories, but to stay at home than you watch TV much better.

21. Surfing: Technology maid performance of exposure to surf in this sport. Today you do not even need the sea, artificial wave park a lot.

22. Dance: Dance allows you to get exercise arbitrary. And social life is the perfect combination of sports. These campaigns targeted at women to lose weight ultra-efficient, slim of you may want to try, but must adhere to the campaign!