Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How do I go to bed only to lose weight

1, How do you know how much sleep they need

There is now a simple way to determine how much sleep you need, you can follow the following steps:

(1) set aside a week or two to focus on the sleep test, do not let this two weeks, interrupted by an unexpected test;

(2) Choose one you usually sleep time, and insisted that at this time to fall asleep;

(3) morning whenever he woke up, do not set alarm clock;

(4) A few days later, you've still owed on the lost sense, this time to continue the time you usually fall asleep in the calculation to you the next day he woke up the time difference is very close to the actual needs of your sleep time.

Know they need time, you can usually fall asleep in accordance with the time and you need time to sleep.

2, How to lose weight when you sleep

Everyone living environment, physical quality, character or occupation and other factors are all very different, thus creating a different type of sleep. The formation of these types, the majority of every day living habits and work up gradually to train. Although the above paragraph we already know how much sleep they need, but there are some times to lose weight you need to pay attention to place:

(1) to ensure the needs of sleep a day, generally not less than 7 hours, not more than 9 hours;

(2) within 1 hour before bedtime can do a small amount of local small movement, but definitely not high-intensity exercise, otherwise it will affect the sleep quality;

(3) 1 hour before going to bed drink a cup of milk will help soothe the nerves and improve sleep quality, attention to warm milk can;

(4) Do not read in bed or watching TV, so as not to affect the bed habits, and strive only to sleep in his bed;

(5) try to go to bed before 23 o'clock, so you can help the body detoxification;

(6) as far as getting up before 7:00, so that is conducive to discharge Supian to reduce the small "belly" po risks;

(7) can take a nap, but no more than 30 minutes, otherwise it might bring about headaches and other issues.