Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stay up all night, is to lose weight or fat ?

Many people believe that beauty girl can stay up late to lose weight, this is actually a weight-loss errors. Stay up all night within a short period of weight loss may be able to give you a few catties, but stay up all night to make your endocrine disruption, which lead to endocrine disorders such as obesity, but will you, therefore more fat. Do not know how to lose weight for you not to fall into the weight-loss errors, the following will tell you the correct weight-loss knowledge, stay up all night to see whether it is to lose weight or gain weight.

Many people might think that the long-term reduction in sleep or stay up all night, after gastrointestinal absorption of nutrients will also be a corresponding reduction in the time, it would naturally reduce the weight, but really the case?

Many people Paowan hot bath after the activity was not sleeping, but rather to stay up all night, aim to lose weight. The girls that, according to a variety of activities will consume energy principle, definitely better than staying up late to sleep much more calories consumed, by staying up late to lose weight naturally can speed up the process as soon as possible to achieve. So she began to stay up all night by. Boil all night the first day saw a novel, next morning, red eyes, and face difficulties Italy, and she encouraged themselves, to insist on what can not be undone 呀. Has just upheld the two nights, then a splitting headache, his face haggard, lost a few catties thought would be a weigh-in, meaning there is no change in the slightest. But in the mirror, they are becoming haggard face, eyes retardation, competing on his forehead when the smoke I do not know a lot of acne.

Through late at night may be able to achieve the weight loss effect, but a long time without a break, forcing myself not to sleep, leaving nerve is always in a state of tension and anxiety, this kind of tension and anxiety will make them dizzy and the brain up, and easily cause a headache. Stress and anxiety is also bound to make themselves unable to concentrate to do anything, definitely make the work and learning are affected. And often stay up all night disrupted the normal living habits so easily affected by the endocrine system, faces cropped up acne is very normal. Because the weight to stay up all night, but at the expense of health, worth it?

"Sunrise and sunset", which is the result of human long-term adaptation to the environment. Stay up all night will not only damage their health, but also lead to endocrine disorders, endocrine disorders and thus lead to obesity.