Friday, March 19, 2010

Of milk and yogurt to lose weight which is more effective?

Milk can lose weight, yogurt can be Runchang, then what kind of weight loss, the best, most effective weight loss do? Today, a look at the milk and yogurt diet weight loss effects of PK war, let everyone eat well, thin good.

Why do we drink milk?

In the total calorie intake constant, if the increase in the daily diet intake of dairy products, will greatly help lose excess fat, but also can help you healthy weight control.

High-quality whey protein

Whey protein is naturally present in milk, a class of proteins, about the total milk protein content of 20%. Whey protein content of fat and sugar is low, but also rich in the promotion of the rapid synthesis of muscle important nutrients in a healthy and effective weight control, promoting fat utilization and maintain the muscle has a good effect.


Milk intake of calcium through other means than through the role of calcium intake doubled. Calcium can enhance weight loss, the reason may be multi-faceted. The most important is that when the human body calcium content is low, it will secrete a particular hormone that promotes fat formation and storage. The calcium can inhibit the formation of this hormone, thereby reducing fat production, accelerate the speed of burning fat.

In addition, calcium may reduce the intestinal absorption of fat, help the body burn fat, control appetite and so on to help others. Calcium deficiency in the fat women is a common phenomenon in the clinical course of treatment may be weight loss by obese patients with calcium to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The scientists also suggested that women who plan to lose weight, adding an adequate amount of other kinds of minerals and vitamins, because there is evidence that routine to add minerals and vitamins can also play a beneficial effect.

Sour milk good or better?

Yogurt is a probiotic fermented milk, both of the major nutrients is similar to yogurt, but there are probiotics on intestinal health is more beneficial.

Nutrition experts believe that fresh milk a tranquilizer to promote the role of sleep, the best or in the evening or before going to sleep for half an hour to drink. Relatively speaking, the yogurt drink the time is not so clear, but if we want to Suannai in the morning, in addition to prevention of fasting, the best to drink some water.

Yogurt for more effective thin abdominal

Most yogurt contains a number of fungi can promote the health of the digestive system, reduce bloating, constipation, let your belly look even more flat.

But nutritionists are also generally agreed that milk, yogurt higher than the heat, in general, 100 grams of milk containing heat is 57 kcal, while the full-fat yogurt, sugar-free calories per 100 grams 62 calories, sugar fat yogurt calories per 100 grams of about 72 kcal. The main reason is the increased heat processing of yoghurt added a lot of sugar. So you want to drink yogurt to lose weight is not how many times can.

Recommendation: For those who could not bear to women yogurt delicious and Papan recommended option labeled fat and low calorie yogurt words, although the taste is not so rich mellow explicit can of milk is also slightly lower than the number of calories. If you do not trouble, you can also make their own yogurt Oh. You can add some fruit and yogurt on the D to improve the taste.