Sunday, March 28, 2010

Local weight loss exercises

Tips: in order to create lines around the waist to the movement focused on posture.

1, knees knees, upper body backward tilt: inspiratory breath at the same time, seize the heel to the heads off. Breathing, circulation redo.

2, tightening the abdominal muscles: feet and shoulder, with the width of the curtain, right foot moved to the upper left, upper body towards the right direction flip-rays. For the left foot forward move in the opposite direction to do the same action.

3, leg flip: sit down, hold down the floor, hand-back, raised his legs and flip to the opposite direction, then back to the initial action. For the other side, in the opposite direction doing the same action.

Lumbar motion carried

1, lying on the ground, hand-hold the floor, for supporting the body. Waist and legs and then slowly lift up. The process must be maintained straight leg.

2, legs 45 degrees to the chest, stretching, and to maintain posture. This time to ensure that the waist does not touch the floor, maintaining a period of time, slowly back to the initial action.

Prone abdominal lift

1, the body lying on the floor, raised above the waist, with arms supporting body, and hold hands, feet toes do erect posture.

2, abdominal energetically at the same time lifted waist, head to toe to keep the status word back to the original position after 30 seconds.

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