Monday, March 15, 2010

30 minutes determines the success or failure to lose weight

Why is it always to lose weight is not successful, many people is simply summarized the reasons: weight loss results are poor, the old eating habits did not completely changed, their willpower is not strong, physical fitness is very poor ...... every one of the reasons right, may be a reason for the failure, but you have not noticed how the upper body fat? Some people usually sports a lot, but still by no less than body weight, in fact, there is a detail you note that this is what you may be the culprit of obesity! This detail is a 30-minute meal dynamic and static!

Actually, the most critical 30 minutes after a meal is a dinner and the 30-minute treatment, because the three meals a day, the breakfast on the way to work after eating, after eating lunch to work, more or less have to make some movement, that is terrible dinner, most people like to sit down after dinner, watching TV, reading newspapers or lie down and rest quietly at this time of fat accumulation on the up! Therefore, to lose weight, must not ignore this important 30-minute, the best program of activities to develop a small meal!

After dinner in general can not do strenuous exercise, so after dinner the choice of movement must be appropriate, can not play sports are too intense, so as not to affect gastrointestinal health. If the house with a balcony or courtyard, or standing on the balcony after dinner stroll Alice Wang is a good choice. Without these, you can go downstairs, walk downstairs to do a minor; clean room is also a good choice, fighting for the chance to do housework is to achieve both a good thing, why not? Both husband and wife sat together after dinner to talk with each other, or massage, is a comfortable massage party is experience, massage is actually a very good course of the campaign, if you take a bath for 30 minutes after meals, the effect better ...... can be seen that the movement is still Manduo meal can do for.

Many weight loss process ignores the importance of this 30-minute meal before so failure to lose weight, so weight-loss process must pay attention to these 30 minutes, just do not lose weight, take note of this meal for 30 minutes on health is also a great benefits!