Thursday, March 4, 2010

4 super foods help you to loss weight

Say sharpen your fat, the following will introduce you to 4 sharpen thin food. The following is the strongest weight loss food, want to lose weight just by adding them to your menu bar!

1, lettuce

To the loss of low-fat diet supplemented the common market spherical cellulose bag lettuce, butter lettuce fold, as well as Indian lettuce, can be regarded as a kind of lettuce. And another compared to a common vegetable cabbage, lettuce fiber content more, there is the role of eliminating excess fat is a very good diet food. In addition, because of Health lettuce leaves contain elements, as well as hypnotic analgesia, lower cholesterol, treatment efficacy and neurasthenia.

Nutritional highlights: the cellulose-rich diet to supplement the meat in the fibers to absorb deficiencies. 100 grams of lettuce would contain 1.52 grams of dietary fiber.

Additional recommendations: In addition to making the common lettuce salad, you can also store some in the fridge a good clean peeling lettuce, at meal time, or want to eat things that eat out at all times, at any time to add.

2, asparagus

To expand access to low-carbohydrate weight-loss vitamins and trace elements in vegetables, asparagus, but the nobility: Although the price a little expensive than other vegetables, but taste really delicious fragrance. And general than vegetables, asparagus and vegetables contain fiber soft and delicious, but also contains more vitamins and trace elements.

In addition, asparagus is rich in folic acid, about 5 asparagus to contain more than 100 micrograms daily demand of a person has reached 1 / 4.

Nutrition Highlights: eat a plate of asparagus, it is rich in vitamins and trace elements will be able to supplement your lack of vitamin regret.

Additional recommendations: First, asparagus root is best cooked whole, so that can maintain maximum nutrition; In addition, the asparagus tip more in the nutrition, the best to cook asparagus tied together the wrists in order to maintain nutrition.

3, summer squash

An Huang looking after clearing the weight of this bland cheap vegetables, their nutritional value is no less significant. Zucchini contain more vitamin C, glucose and other nutrients, in particular the high content of calcium. Moreover, the squash is rich in moisture, have to moisturize the skin effect.

Nutrition Highlights: Regardless of what diet to follow to lose weight who are usually felt looking yellow skin relaxation. The pumpkin is rich in water can help you lose weight after the Anhuang clear, but also your white complexion.

Additional recommendations: Zucchini should not be eaten raw, cooking time should not be burned Tailan in order to avoid nutrient loss. In addition, the summer squash cold, stomach Deficiency prudent person should eat, or eat.

4, tomato

The maintenance of skin elasticity and moisture, and, like summer squash, tomatoes are also supple beauty favorite. Fresh tomato and tomato juice up to 94% moisture content, and a rich tomato lycopene has a protective effect on cardiovascular, can reduce heart attack.

In addition, the tomato in Niacin, to maintain the normal secretion of gastric juice to promote the formation of red blood cells, blood vessel wall are conducive to maintaining the flexibility and protect the skin.

Nutrition Highlights: want to do both to lose weight while maintaining skin elasticity and moisture? So, the more the better to eat tomatoes when it, it makes you Hydra fresh, beautiful and without limits.

Additional recommendation: the fast-ripening tomatoes Cuihong agent compared to a more natural ripe tomato nutrient-rich, and tastes exceptionally fragrant. So, choose the time, it is best to choose between natural ripe tomato.