Monday, March 1, 2010

Healthy and quick weight loss methods

Lose weight, not you ever noticed how many girls have to eliminate the Iraqi people languish. A good body, good complexion, and rapid enough healthy! This is a recipe for all girls to lose weight in the choice of the reference standard. But, with a broad array of methods, how to choose your own recipe then? Let me save you the trouble of a blanket search page and the time to tell you the most suitable for everyone's a way to lose weight!


First introduce myself, 160CM, weight loss began at 120 pounds for a period of 2 months, 95 pounds. See that the number should not feel surprised by the speed of a few catties 10 a month, pull the bar too! So, looking at figures do not say what the problem, with emphasis on how the two months I spent.

Here's Jiemi Recipe: Early: protein essential for afternoon: fruit and vegetable as a staple for evening: the romantic red wine that is now said to me how to eat. As the saying goes: eat early, eat lunch, dinner to eat less. Then, according to these words in the morning must not neglect their own, whether it is weight loss or healthy way of life of people, a breakfast in both protein intake must be certain. Eggs, heat is low, then a high protein content, it became necessary to lose weight high quality goods. European and American countries but also the scientific data shows that an egg every morning, you can significantly reduce the risk of obesity 10% to 20%. Some people may worry that one might have enough to eat, do not worry, it would eat a chant in the morning make sure your stomach is not aggrieved, the genius can reduce appetite, it is important that the effort began only a day's work and learning ah! Some girls might be "carnivorous", this time can also choose your favorite meat consumption, such as chicken and beef is a good choice.