Thursday, March 25, 2010

Exercise weight loss, common causes of poor

It is well established, movement is an effective means of weight loss, but this is found in many obese people do not bear fruit, or unsatisfactory effect. So blame the movement of the weight loss was "useless." In fact, the reasons for poor weight loss, exercise is not so simple, It may be a simple analysis. Common causes of failure to lose weight include:

1.Did not insist weight Movement:

Some people start to lose weight, feel more tired and not accustomed to. Did not practice long, wanted to rest a few days. They never understand, this impossible to achieve the effect of energy consumption. Because the Games so that to enhance gastrointestinal motility, increased appetite, digestion and absorption to increase. Many people appetites after exercise, but because he insisted on training so that heat is not to accumulate only. If you suddenly stop exercising, their appetite is not reduced, but chronic can reduce the heat like, this is not only difficult to drop weight, and may even rise. Therefore, the weight loss exercise Guizaijianchi, and the process of adhering to cultivate interest in their potential. Insisted on the need to ensure two conditions: First, select the appropriate sports, and second, the daily amount of exercise should be appropriate. Inappropriate choice of sports, or exercise excessively will lead to premature fatigue the body, and even may damage the joints, ligaments or bone, sports are often forced to stop, how can we talk about "adhere to the" word?

2.A good diet does not control:

In addition to training issues, we look at the same time, the movement is in line with the dietary treatment? In terms of diet, exercise and diet control as an effective means inseparable, are indispensable. During the weight loss due to metabolism, gastrointestinal motility increased, often greatly increased appetite, to the diet caused difficulties. But the control diet is the only way to lose weight, if not control diet, weight loss, are often not satisfactory, or even weight gain. So, come back to check the implementation of their own diet plan, look for loopholes, it is necessary.

Although the accumulation of waste in the intestines can be removed to achieve the purpose of a flat stomach, but if the improper operation, or repeated, are likely to damage health. If in order to thin and frequent enema, it will break the normal rhythm of intestinal function, triggering chronic digestive diseases. Therefore, a need for detailed consultation doctor and carefully carried out.