Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3 deceptive weight loss foods high fever

Deceptive weight-1: cold noodles

Tastes very refreshing cold noodles, often used as a low-calorie food, strictly speaking, cold noodles are not low calories, especially sauces and the use of the most critical surface itself, but also about the noodle heat. Cheng Ya-min said that in order to noodles, the use of whole wheat flour is more than the oil surface heat low, but the pasta itself is still part starch, so there are high-calorie eating too much worry.

Others, like the cold noodles in the sauce, if using a sesame paste, chili oil sauce, were high-oil, heat will be high, eat a whole box, is equal to eating five or six hundred calories, so recommendations can choose to use wind sauce, soy sauce or dried fish and dried fish such as Japanese soy sauce, you can let out a small box of cold noodles, 200 calories.

From the nutritional point of view to consider, cold noodles are not suitable as a "meal", very few side dishes, most only to the intake of starch, it is recommended you can with boiled vegetables or vegetable salad.

Deceptive weight-2: soda crackers

Soda crackers has a simple appearance, the most commonly used as tea weight loss are only hungry alternative snacks, soda crackers, but not because of taste alone, on low heat than other cookies.

Soda crackers need to worry about is that the relatively high fat content, a normal sale of soda crackers, fat content of 30% to 50%, and the amount of fat content, but also the heat around the soda biscuit, before the purchase, may wish to look at carton of food label will contain the fat content of the above. But no matter what kind of soda crackers, Cheng Ya-min reminder, commercially available oils and sugar cookies are both high, is not recommended to eat too much.

Deceptive weight-3: yogurt

When it comes to yogurt, many people will with the "health food" association with, indeed, yogurt has many advantages, such as rich probiotics can reduce the growth of intestinal bacteria bad for the body to add calcium, but yogurt volume is not low fat, fad "diet yogurt," There are many unscrupulous people eat yogurt, how are thin lead for long.

100 grams of yogurt about 90-100 calories, commercial yogurt over a box is 200 grams, the heat is not low.

Yogurt in addition to low fat content is not outside, because its a natural acidity, for the sake of better taste, usually add sugar or jam, it will increase the relative heat, so if like to eat yogurt, then, to remind you, or a good meal to control the total caloric intake, with other foods to replace, for example, eat less rice; if meals outside the "extra" eating yogurt, you want to achieve weight loss goals, will be rather difficult.