Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Two simple weight-loss diet poor economy

For weight loss, some friends righteous, no money, not so good health condition, in fact, wrong Oh, we list the nine poor special weight loss methods, come take a look!


Effective point: calf, thigh, hip

Up and down stairs for three to four times per week, each time for 30 minutes, will consume about 400 calories, but also a strong leg, thigh and thigh muscles.

Implementation method: Repeat steps 1 to step 4 of the action, a group of 20, left and right feet each do 2 groups.

Step1 put the body on the right of small steps, right foot on the steps, left foot on the ground;

Step2 micro to the squat body, knees bent, not more than toes.

Description: This two-step effect is to beautify the legs, reducing cellulite legs.


Focus on the right foot, to support the body weight, will raise the left leg to the outside, a short stay at the highest point

Step4 count to 5, the left foot back to the ground, so that when a certain number of feet and back to do.

Note: This step can help eliminate the accumulation of fat and tight buttocks real hip muscle, lose fat on the buttocks.


Effective point: the legs, waist

In the hustle and bustle of the city between the bustling, day after day, how many beautiful fitness program again ran aground. It really can not have a beautiful shape their own time? NO! Look at these "runaway" crush their slim body and spirit radiant head, to tell you, as long as more insist on hard work, inspiration and give up, all OK!

About 45 minutes after a meal, the speed of 4.8 kilometers per hour walk, the heat consumption soon, if 2-3 hours after a meal walk a better result.