Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lotus leaf to lose weight effectively

The main ingredient is called lotus lotus leaf base, is a Cellulite role. Ming has a book inside is recorded: the lotus leaf services, is thin inferior. China since ancient times regarded as a weight-loss put a brake on lotus leaves. Because the lotus root, (lotus root) and leaves a simple diuretic, laxative effect.

The medicinal properties of lotus leaf

For the years of aquatic grasses lotus lotus leaf. The chemical ingredients are lotus leaf base, citric acid, malic acid, gluconic acid, oxalic acid, succinic acid and other anti-mitotic effect of alkaline elements. Pharmacological study found, the leaves have antipyretic, antibacterial, antispasmodic effect.

Been fabricated after the lotus leaf taste bitter, salty, sexual Xinliang, with Qingshu dampness, Sun divergence and stasis to stop bleeding and so on effect on many diseases have a certain effect. Full use of lotus leaf tea weight loss, need some tips.

Must be strong tea

There is no effect of the second bubble tea, though as long as the color of bubble out of how many times can be steep. But apart from the first bubble, the other can not have weight loss.

Lotus leaf tea, a packet can be washed a cup

Basically, 3-4 day packages can be washed, divided 3-4 times finish. There were signs of the first week of constipation can be the first one day drink 4 pack, sub-4 finish. Smooth stool, on weight loss helpful. Is best to drink when fasting. Before eating drinking.

Without dieting

After a period of time due to drinking, the natural food of love will change, many people do not eat Hunxing greasy food.

In addition, the leaves of tea do not boil. On a packet of tea pot or large cup, pour boiling water can drink the. Best to stew for 5-6 minutes, so tea will be thicker. And even if the tea cool, its effect will not change, so can be cool in summer after the drink, taste better. Lotus leaf is not expensive, I am here is 2.5 yuan Ten sheets (now this season, the sun do not act, it may be more expensive). I am from February 6 to under 10 now have several kilograms of lean, and of course, still have to do some exercise, diet also do system. Which will lead to weight loss through the lotus leaf, if not to think about what the response would have to drink a day what two days of reaction, which is a psychological anxious, and do not eat what to drink this tea as a medicine, should cultivate a habit , so should we do insist, would be difficult to adhere to your friends.