Friday, September 17, 2010

3 stunning aerobic exercise weight loss

1. Taitun supine with bent knees

Equipment: pillows, cushions

Target effect area: abdominal muscles

A: Sit on a mat, legs bent, feet flat on the floor, arms straight and put your sides, palms down, head on the pillow. Lower back close to the ground.

B: as slowly as possible to the knees toward the chest, the buttocks off the ground. Then slowly return to starting position. Several repeat complete as much as possible, while the back close to the ground.

2. Step toes

Equipment: step, dumbbells

Target effect area: the lower leg

A: standing on one foot on the steps of the forefoot, the heel hanging on the steps outside. One hand clutching the railing, the other holding a dumbbell, in order to warm up, toes first to speed up and down Britain even a few. Then as slowly as possible to bring the body, the body weight of pressure in the toes.

B: super-slow speed down to the heel, until they are below the stage. Body and then bring the center of gravity and then repeat the pressure in the forefoot handheld. Arch body position to remove fat.

3. Arms held

Equipment: chairs, pillows, dumbbell

Target effect area: arm muscle

A: sitting on a chair, shoulders slightly forward, the shoulder pad with a pillow. Grip dumbbells each hand, arms bent, lift dumbbells Zhijian ago.

B: as slowly as possible to open the elbows, arms straight down, keeping hands and elbows close to your sides. Repeat as much as possible. Once you can do it 8 times, that should increase the weight of dumbbells, or they branch a long time. Tightening of the body fat reps.