Monday, September 27, 2010

4 strokes autumn idle exercise weight loss exercise

Autumn, the weather becoming cooler, more and less power to lose weight, exercise resulted in a lot of fat lazy mm breeding. For such a season, do not lose weight means that the other results, fat up. Therefore, it is important to stay in shape, and now teach you the recipe for autumn in the idle exercise to lose weight law allows you to easily stay slim.

1. Friction touch

Friction and heat to promote blood circulation, increase skin elasticity beat these well-known, but the rub flap can lose weight. Principle is the friction and heat to body temperature burn fat to achieve weight loss goals.

With two hands or a soft, dry towel, wipe sweep upward from the ankle to the thigh, and then continue upward in one hand and rub buttocks in one hand and rub belly. Do first on the left, then a right.

2. To mention rubbing method

The thumb and four fingers grasp mention other muscles, such as children, like kneading dough, pinch edges to rub the muscle side. Kneading up from ankle to hip waist. Can be conducted around the turn, but also on both sides of left and right hands at the same time points. Finally, hands Nierou abdomen.

3. Beat France

Five fingers close together, appropriate force, beating rhythmically to the body. The order is bottom up. Avoid using palm real field shot in the body, with the concave palm of your hand tapping, the hand in contact with the skin to form a hollow, issued a "black! Black!" Sound, both to increase the vibration and not feel pain. Muscular action can beat the skin elastic.

4. Walking method

Nordic walking is very respected by people in foreign countries, the reason is very simple walking exercise intensity is small and easy to operate. The right is the upper body upright walking, the pace of large and generally go 60-80 meters per minute. Vary because of physical strength, generally slightly sweating appropriate. As long as we can see that 3 weeks was weight loss.

Replenishment time after exercising to lose weight, weight loss play a supporting role. The absorption of water can help speed up the metabolism and electrolytic balance after exercise should be conducted in an appropriate amount of water, preferably mineral sports drink; and vitamin supplement will make maintaining good health, and vitamins can be a species level to accelerate fat burning.