Thursday, September 9, 2010

The correct way to lose weight: a reasonable diet and exercise science

"To lose weight, do not eat." This is a lot of women "lose weight Declaration." To lose a little bit thin, they often do not eat fruits and vegetables instead of rice or with meals. Blind whim is not conducive to the practice of dieting to lose weight, but also on the health impact of causing unnecessary.

In fact, poor eating habits and unbalanced diet-induced obesity is the main reason. Therefore, the weight loss does not mean blindly deliberately carried out a hunger strike and even diet, but to fundamentally change their bad eating habits and structure, the principle of pursuing a scientific and reasonable diet, including healthy diet, intake of essential nutrients, the law The food habits and cooking methods of science. In short, is "not eating, but eating more reasonable." If the result of diet and reduced quality of life, and even lead to physical, psychological disorders will certainly not worth the candle.

Most weight loss without regular health care products, and its essence is to make patients and diarrhea by extreme discharge way to serve the purpose of weight reduction. If free to take or long-term use those with the role of the purgative laxative products can easily cause dehydration, weakness, malnutrition, flustered shortness of breath, body metabolic disorders, electrolyte imbalance or side effects such as gastrointestinal disease, and many people will be disabled after constipation, weight rebound phenomenon.

Every day to the gym, went to exhaustion on a treadmill until the same time, controlling appetite, try to suppress eating, it is those who want to slim down quickly, the usual "surprise method."

Combination therapy using Chinese medicine, vary in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, ear, cupping therapy on the basis of other with proper diet and exercise, can improve the body function, but also lose weight, but also a number of complications from obesity to a therapeutic effect.