Saturday, September 25, 2010

Five Americans absurd breakdown diet

Americans are very keen to lose weight, as long as simple and easy but also fast effective way, they are willing to "pay any price" to try. So in recent years, some strange, strange way to lose weight into the American life.

1. Apple cider vinegar

Many people choose to drink before meals three tablespoons apple cider vinegar to suppress appetite, less fat. Medical experts believe that there is no scientific basis for this approach, is able to lose weight, because it undermines people's appetite. In particular, experts warn people not to take apple cider vinegar diet pills, because the concentrated acid will burn the esophagus and gastric mucosa.

2. "Shangri-La" diet

Psychologist Seth - Robert 2006 original "Shangri-La" diet called to find new ways to ward off hunger. According to their experiments in mice, Robert concluded that everyone has a starting point for body weight, food consumption of natural light can reduce body weight. He also recommended that people drink about an hour before a meal of olive oil to control the appetite.

3. Cotton ball

Weight-loss expert, David - Ed Wilson shocking, a lot of models and dancers are eating cotton balls to keep the belly of a sense of fullness and avoid eating. But Cotton is not digested, so the risk of this great way to lose weight, the body will bring great harm. Nutrition experts recommend that people eat high-fiber foods, they also can play a full belly effect, but is unlikely to cause harm.

4. Tapeworm

20 years of last century, many of the sale of diet pills are mixed with tapeworm, the tapeworm diet theory that can be attached to bolt their food on the gastric mucosa of the human body, people can lose weight effortlessly. It sounds like a very reasonable, but in fact it will bring the digestive tract diseases, and tapeworm in humans will reproduce. Tapeworm diet doctors strongly disapprove the way, I hope people do not go try it.

5. Bowel Masters

Some of those sooner or later take laxatives to lose weight, hungry to drink a cup of the lemon juice, syrup and red chilli powder blending drinks. Experts say this drug is very Shang Wei bowel, and can take up to 3-7 days.