Sunday, February 28, 2010

Must know to lose weight so do not get fat eating absolutely delicious

Peach blossoming in spring opening and what you want to stretch their muscles and put on the most beautiful clothes and showed off a good build it? Spring, summer weight loss, but in order to meet the required course Oh, how can you find a way to enjoy fine dining at the same time lose weight approach? Life at home caring for you now Xiaobian recommend a series of recipes to lose weight from the weight-loss method useful information. Let you in this spring with the most lithe gestures and flowers dancing!

In life there are always unfair things happen, for example, some people very rich, some people very poor, some people are very slim, and some people are everywhere, long Rourou; some people died not to eat fat, Some people are fat is to drink water.

I'll tell you what to eat is not easy to gain weight before, let's talk about why people gain weight it:

Fat and lean body mass MM physical MM is one of the major differences between the metabolic oh. If your metabolism is slow, then you will be very little consumption of calories, eat the small number of calories as fat accumulation will be; if your metabolism is very strong, even to eat more, you will bring energy consumption finished, while reserving to no less than fat. If you are unfortunate enough to have a easy to fat body mass, then do not complain, and still honestly lose weight, think of ways to improve your metabolic rate bar.

How to improve metabolism?

Is generally believed that regular exercise, adequate sleep, eat more alkaline food, etc. can increase metabolic rate. Especially the movement, a small dumbbell exercises three times a week, each 15 minutes, will let you have an unexpected pick up.

What foods to eat no fat or dead?

Calories from carbohydrates, fats, protein, carbohydrate production of heat = 4 kcal / g of protein heat = 4 kcal / g, fat produces heat = 9 kcal / gram.

They are able to lose weight of food necessary to meet the following basic requirements: rich in dietary fiber; sugar points; low-fat; low-starch. In addition, as weight loss food, but also a little bit better detoxification diuretic effect and can increase metabolic rate.