Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Refreshing water aerobic exercise to lose weight in summer

In the summer, many people like to play pool or water park water swim. If you can not swim are afraid of, the following invited fitness expert teaches you five strokes and water aerobic exercise to lose weight, using the water buoyancy and water pressure to do a simple aerobic exercise, allows you to immerse themselves in water in the pool refreshing the same time sculpture perfect lines!

Fitness coach, said Chen Mei-zhen, water aerobics start against seniors, joint exercise designed to injured patients, due to operations covered by water on all sides who can defy gravity, it is more difficult because the reaction The injured, mostly on land and the general forward movement, but in the water can be changed before and after various moves to the left or to the usual multidimensional movement on the ground, do not need to head submerged in water, as long as fear avoidance water, almost anyone can do. But to be reminded that, although the summer heats up the body quickly, still need to warm up first to prevent cramping, can be ground in water or slightly smaller running 5-10 minutes, and keep hydrated.


For water aerobics, they can swim wear gloves to increase the water frog palm resistance, no frog palm may also directly operate the fingers close together.



Walking forward in water about 20 to 30 steps, then step back to go 20 to 30, the body used to water.


Brisk walking, palm upwards when the arm forward, palm down when put back, the arm can be sculpture lines, before and after taking 20 to 30 steps.


Walk a little fast degrees, each step will be the body vertical knee raise, lift right leg erected when the forward left hand, lift the left leg is changing hands, no progress can be 20 to 30 steps or walking.


Water walking, to be careful not to hand with the same foot, upper body not to lean forward, keep straight.