Friday, August 13, 2010

How you can do the 4 things every morning, you will undoubtedly thin

All women will dream of becoming the eyes of the most dazzling star, when you have a charming figure, every angle is looked perfect, of course, became the focus of everyone attention. Xiao Bian family life special for you to create the perfect weight-loss program 360, will be all kinds of health, lose weight together information to help you have the perfect body!

Many times to lose weight, but not without time, is not in the mood, especially for office workers. But Xiao Bian how you can do the 4 things every morning, you will undoubtedly thin. Also, do not worry, it is very easy to do four things, you just need to get up 30 minutes ahead of time can be.

Weight loss - 7:00 early morning cup of boiled water

After getting up drink a glass of water, not only will help quick urination, but also to add cellular water. Lower blood viscosity. Usually drink boiled water for half an hour later, the body will be discharged before the night of the metabolites. In addition, the boiled water does not contain protein, fat, carbohydrate, weight loss will not affect the results, but also let your skin become Haoo.

Weight loss - 7:05 thin yoga and significant effect

The day the best time to practice yoga: morning and afternoon two hours before sunrise and two hours before sunset. Get up and yoga is a good choice, not only thin, the body can also add energy to your energy, ease of mind.

Wake-up muscle

In the beginning, to do two days, three minutes of deep breathing. When inhaled, so abdominal contraction. Exhaled breath when you feel a sense of being taken to the vertebral spine. Benefits of the body: the process of preparing to practice, to promote the flow of oxygen in the muscles. Mental benefits: access to a quiet and peaceful state of mind.

Body Yang Shen

Standing, arms on the move, like a stretch, but to increase substantially. If lying in bed, the bed can be used both hands on the head (or arms hold the body on both sides of the bed), single leg order (or legs at the same time) straight leg raise knee up. Leg raise slightly faster time, to drop slower. Do 20 times. Help to reduce excess abdominal fat, strengthening abdominal muscles, increasing flexibility of the abdominal muscles.

Side waist stretch

Put your right hand on your right shin or ankle, left hand on your left ribs. Then turn left and start your body, so you and your left shoulder to right shoulder in the same line, and turn your left foot, so that your left toes toward the front of the toes toward the right side of the square. If then you feel able to maintain stability, and lift your left arm straight toward the ceiling and direction, so that your right shoulder in a straight line on the. Keep your spine straight, and then look to your left arm, if it would hinder the activities of your neck, you can look ahead. Breathing, and then for the other side.

This action on the reduction of waist, hip fat, and fat, increased waist and hip muscle strength, strong lumbar Gushen very effective.