Friday, August 6, 2010

Weight loss for men's gymnastics fat

Men fat, difficult to find, but always practice the following exercise to lose weight, you can prevent the further development of obesity:

1, knee squat: a strong back, buttocks into the thigh

Separate legs, knees slightly bent, tighten the abdominal muscles and gluteal muscles. Slowly squat knees, to the lowest point in maintaining this position for 2 seconds, then stand up to the start position. Repeated 5 times. The whole process: 30 seconds.

2, puppet actions: abdominal waist arm exercise

Upright, feet apart and his arms flat on the side, elbows slightly bend. Left hand facing up, down right mean, while the body to the left. Then turn right hand up, left hand down to turn, while the body turns to the right. So repeatedly. Time: 30 seconds.

3, back on the arch: to improve the abdominal shape of a curve to the waist

(1) supine, knees, both feet firmly on the ground. Hands after the first set.

(2) lower back arch upward to maintain this position for 2 seconds, then flat, close to the ground 4 seconds and repeat 5 times. The whole process time: 30 seconds.

4, lean control: exercise calf muscles, improving leg flexibility

(1) separate legs, legs straight, hands on hips natural paste. Back straight, bend forward from the hip joints. To maintain this position from 1 to 15.

(2) further pike, two hands, calf. Keeping legs straight, do not hug his knees, and suddenly tried to touch the ground. To maintain this position from 1 to 10. The whole process time: 30 seconds.

5, lateral leg lift: hip adjustment

(1) starting position, her hands support, the right knee knees, his left leg to the lateral extension.

(2) up, down left leg straight, do 4 times. Do for the right leg. Repeated practice of each leg 2 times. The whole process of 30 seconds.

6, back kick: Exercise the buttocks, thighs, abdomen and upper back

(1) hands straight arm support to your knees. Bow. Left knee to the tip movement.

(2) and then looked up at the same time back at the top of the left leg kicked up, and can reach a comfortable level. Turned leg movement to the tip of the nose, and then again after the top of the kick up. Repeated 12 times. For right leg do the same action. The whole process time: 30 seconds.

7, side leg pressing: to improve the inner thigh contour

(1) right hand and forearm supporting the body, right lateral. Left foot on the ground in front of right leg.

(2) lift the right leg 15 times. For one side do. The whole process time: 30 seconds.

8, air pedaling: exercise legs, so that flat stomach

Supine, the lower back, the elbow support the body, right leg bent, move your chest exercise, then reached into his legs, to keep off the ground 15 cm high, and left leg bent, into the chest movement. Do not Arch, so keep alternating flexion and extension, as kicking a bike. The whole process time: 30 seconds.