Thursday, August 19, 2010

Help you lose weight fast the three methods

1, dietary fat does not make you produce satiety

"Greasy hamburgers produced satiety makes you not feel hungry all day, so we should eat and drink." As the discharge of fat from the stomach the longest, so many years people have been thinking that greasy food can delay the digestion time, gives rise to longer satiety. However, recent studies have reached the opposite conclusion. In the study, researchers will be sugar and fat diet were divided in proportion to compare the results showed that sugar and fat percentage of fullness without any difference.

In fact, compared with carbohydrate and fat and protein to make people more prone to satiety. In addition, fat problem is that it contains a protein or carbohydrate calories twice.

If it does not require a diet, they can lose weight, find a number with a high cellulose (such as fruits and vegetables) and whole grain foods. Cellulose and whole grain foods not only can give one a feeling of fullness, satisfaction can make people eat, does not make you more fat intake, which is the main diet rations. Although we do not fully understand the cellulose food and whole grains can make people lose weight the wonders of food, fiber and whole grain foods, but will affect the secretion of certain hormones, these hormones can convey signals to the brain, the brain suggest that you have eat enough, and should stop eating.

2, skip food is not a good way to lose weight

The so-called skip meals, do not eat breakfast or lunch is even dinner aims to achieve a method of weight loss diet. Research shows that people who maintain the dietary law, and compared to regular diet, the former a more balanced nutrition, think more clearly, emotionally more stable. Irregular diet are more prone to obesity, the reason may be to wait until the next meal to eat when the stomach has been hungry, and then eat a big meal often beggars. This not only makes up a meal on the heat, but also a number of more calories intake. This did not happen, by the weight loss into weight gain.

Those who successfully lose weight and maintain weight loss results to the people, most of them can maintain the habit of three meals a day. Therefore, the time is not only good for eating to lose weight, but also a lot of good for nutrition and health care.

3, food is not good or bad

From the nutritional point of view, there is no good or bad foods, only good or bad diet. In other words, how to eat what is more important than eating, for example, cookies may be a reason why the issue of food, is because holding biscuits as snacks to eat will make people develop the habit of overeating, for two reasons: First, this drying baked foods contain relatively high heat; Second, this food will make people develop a bad eating habits. Occasionally due to eat a little less healthy food has nothing to do, but the kitchen had better reserve some healthy foods (such as various fruits, vegetables and whole wheat flour to make food, etc.).